(Not So) Random (Blu-ray) Movie Mention: “DREDD” (2012)

DREDD (2012)

The Tagline Says…


…And That’s Exactly What’s Happening.

Right Here.

Right Now.



😉       😀

Let Me Truly Begin By Saying That This Flick…


…Is My Favorite Blu-ray Of 2013, Thus Far.

I Can Say That Without Reservation, OR Hesitation.

It Is Simply Wonderful.

To Be Blunt…


As Far As The Film Goes, “DREDD” Is Totally And Easily 142,000-Times BETTER Than The Original Take On The Film, The Campy Cheese-Fest “JUDGE DREDD“, Starring SYLVESTER STALLONE.

In The 2012 Version…


…And He’s So So SO Much Better As The Title Character Than Ole SLY Was.

Don’t Get Me Wrong, My Peeps, I AM A Fan Of Ole SLY STALLONE.

I Always Have Been.

I Just Enjoyed KARL URBAN‘s Take On The Character So So SO Much More.


It’s FUN.



It’s LOADED With Wonderfully Awesome Special F/X, Trashy And Dangerous Characters, The Works!!!

It Has A Simple, But Effective, Plot.

And, Of Course, A Stone-Cold Performance By KARL URBAN.


Honestly, I’m Actually Kinda Sad I Didn’t Make The Time To See This One Up On The Big Screen.


After Seeing It On The Blu-ray, I Can Totally Tell Y’all I Would Have Happily Shelled Out My $10 To Catch It At The Theater.

This Blu-ray Is Rather Stunning.

The Sound Quality May Be The Best I’ve Yet Heard.

The Picture Quality Was Spot-On.

The Flick Simply LOOKED And SOUNDED Wonderfully Wonderful!!!




LENA HEADEY As The Ruthless Drug Kingpin “MA-MA”

…This Version Of The Classic “JUDGE DREDD” Comics Is Vastly Superior To The Original Film Adaptation, And I Had An Absolute Blast Checking-It-Out!!!

I Recommend This One To Anyone Who Enjoys Some Quality Escapist Fun!!!



You Betcha, My Peeps!!!

It’s Coming, And It’s AWESOME!!!

😀       😀       😀

So... Are YOU Jivin Me -questionmark-

So, I’m A Little Late In Posting My “2012 In Review” Thingy. My Bad, Kids. But, It Was Better Than Bad For A First-Full-Year Of Bloggin’ing. ;)

The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2012 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

19,000 people fit into the new Barclays Center to see Jay-Z perform. This blog was viewed about 150,000 times in 2012. If it were a concert at the Barclays Center, it would take about 8 sold-out performances for that many people to see it.

Click here to see the complete report.

A Belated Xmas Quickie That Needs To Be Shared.

My Grandparents…

((aka Maw and Paw))

…Got Me This Book For Xmas:

The Untold Civil War



🙂       🙂

Honestly, I Was Left Kinda Speechless.

It’s An Expensive Ought-Damned Book.

But, I Did Want It.

She (Maw) Was Worried I’d Be Disappointed With It.

But, I Love It AND Her.

You See, My Peeps, She Took Me To See The Flick…


Gettysburg (1993)

…Back During The Winter Of 1993.

Neither She, Nor I, Knew What We Were Getting Into With It.

When The 2-Hour Point Of The Flick Came And Went, She Kept Looking To Me Hoping It Was Going To Be Over Soon.

Little Did We Know We Weren’t Even Half-Way Through The Flick.

The Lights Came-Up, And She Assumed It Was Time To Head Home.

However, The Lights Only Came-Up To Signal The Intermission.

After The Intermission…

…Oh Yeah…

…Another 2+Hours Of The Flick Remained.

But, She Sat Through It.

She Sat Through All 4+Hours And Didn’t Complain About It One Bit.

Maw Knows I Love History.

She Knows I Love Documentaries.

She Knows I Love Historically Relevant Films.

She Knows I Love REAL Books.

She Knows One Of My Favorite Subjects Is The American Civil War.

So, Maw And Paw Totally Got Me The Royal Hook-Up With This Book.

I’m Already Loving It.

And, Honestly, I Likely Always Will Love It.

‘Tis An AWESOME Gift, Fo SHO, My Peeps.

And Sooooo…

…I Really Just Wanted To Say Thank You, Again, To Maw And Paw.

I Totally Appreciate How Well They Know Me…

…My Tastes…

…And Where My Personal Joy Lies In Wait.


😀       😀

She Was An Admirable Woman.

We Had My Aunt’s Funeral The Other Day.

I Didn’t Get To Go.

Someone Had To Stay With My Grandpa.

I Volunteered.

I Did Care About My Aunt, But Everyone Else Was Closer To Her Than I.

She Was An Admirable Woman.

She’d Led A Very Hard Life.

A Member Of The Greatest Generation And Highly Proud Of It.

She Was Also The MOST Stubborn Woman I’ve Ever Known.

She Could Be Crude

Or Crass

Or Insulting.

BUT, She Was A Good Woman.

Despite Her Glaring Flaws, She Was A Good Woman.

Her Husband…

…My Uncle…

…Blew His Head Off With A Shotgun Long Before I Was Born.

She Mentioned Him Occasionally, But It Was Actually My Grandpa Who Told Me About My Uncle.

Grandpa Didn’t Keep Much From Me.

He And I Spoke Often, And On An Exceptionally Level Plain.

That’s How You Learn.

In That, He Was A Firm Believer.

So, As I’ve Said, Everyone Else Went To My Aunt’s Funeral.

I Did Not.

Will I Regret That Later In Life?

I Honestly Don’t Know.

I Just Know She Lasted Longer Than Anyone Would Have Ever Dreamed Possible.

She Was The Last Of Her Clique.

And, While She’d Led A Very Hard Life…

…She’d Made The Most Of It.

I’m Going To Miss Her Insulting Behavior.

I’m Going To Miss Her Crassness.

I’m Going To Miss Her.

As I’ve Said…

She Was An Admirable Woman.

So... Are YOU Jivin Me -questionmark-

It Ain’t NEW YEAR’S EVE Without Stuff Wrapped In BACON!!!

Mmmm Stuff Wrapped In Bacon

Mmmm! Stuff Wrapped In BACON!! Om Nom Nom!!! 😀


** **

*** *** ***


Are YOU Wrapping Stuff In BACON, Today?!?



😀       😀       😀




*** *** ***

** **


Howdy Y’all…

…I’m Back From My Personal Mini-Vacation.

I Hadn’t Really Been Feeling It, In Regard To The Ole Blog.

So, I Decided To Take A Couple Days To Think It All Over.

And Now, Today, I’m Baaack!

I’ve Spent The Past Couple Days With My Nephew.

He’s In Town For A Visit, So I’ve Been Happily Enjoying Being Back In “Uncle Brad” Mode.

We’ve Already Had Plenty Of Fun.

We’ve Watched Some Quality Flicks.

We’ve Played Plenty Of Lego.

We’ve Played The Nintendo 3DS.

We’ve Played Outside In The Snow.

Tomorrow Is His Birthday.

I Can’t Believe He’ll Be Entering Into The Double-Digit Ages.

It Doesn’t Seem Possible That He’s Already Been Around For 10 Years!

Good God, It Makes Me Feel Ancient.

That’s A BIG Fo SHO.


…I’m Back Now To Piddle About With Y’all.

I’ve Got A Couple Projects I’ve Been Tinkering With So, Please, Stay Tuned.

Same Brad Time.

Same Brad Channel.



Hope It’s A Good One!!!

So... Are YOU Jivin Me -questionmark-

😀       😀       😀

My Tired Eyes: Or, How Bradley Learned To Continue Worrying And Became Rutger Hauer

Oh, These Winter Blues.

Oh, How They Really Do Love Me.


…It, Honestly, Feels More Like They Really Hate Me.

Like, Really REALLY Hate Me…

…A Lot.

As I Told A Friend The Other Night…

…I Looked At My Eyes And I Said…

I Look Tired.”

Not “Sleepy”

…But Tired.”

There IS A Difference.

A Difference I’m Sure Y’all Would Be Able To Distinguish Between.

I Also Told Him That My Eyes Have Seen Enough To Be Worth Four (4) More Pairs Of Them.

I’ve Seen Things With These Eyes That Would Stagger Some People.

I’ve Seen Things I’ll Never Be Able To Forget, No Matter How Hard I Try.

Exceptional Things.

Terrible Things.

Happy Things.

Horrid Things.

Some Of Which I Can Discuss, These Days.

Most Of Which I Could Never Discuss, Regardless Of The Day.

… … …

[[[—Right Now, Honestly, I Feel Like RUTGER HAUER At The End Of “BLADE RUNNER” When He’s On The Building’s Rooftop With HARRISON FORD.

Rutger-Hauer-as-Roy-Batty-blade-runner-19275549-453-290 (via fanpop.com)

I’ve Seen Things You People Wouldn’t Believe

Ya Know It?!

The One RUTGER Eventually Closes Out By Saying:

“…All Those Moments Will Be Lost In Time, Like Tears In Rain. Time To Die.”

EXCEPT, I’m Not Dying.

AND, I Don’t I Have A Bird To Play With And Fondle.

AND, I’m Not A Replicant.

BUT, Otherwise, I’m Totally RUTGER HAUER.—]]]

… … …

But, They Are Tired, My Peeps.

They’re So SO Tired.

And, The More They See, The More They Experience, The More Tired They Make The Rest Of Me.

The Eyes Are Very Powerful.

Windows Into The Soul, And What-Not.

Winter Days, Like The Past Few, Really Do Bring Out My Mopey, Down-Trodden Self.

While My Very First Memory Is Of A Smell…

…Most Of My Memories Are Of That Which I’ve Witnessed.

Of Which I’ve Seen, Up-Close, In Person, Nothing Edited.



Yes, I’ve Seen AND Remember So Much In-Between…

…But, Like Most People, The Wonders AND The Horrors Stand-Out The Most.

I Remember So Much That Does Make Me Happy.

But, It All Blurs Much Easier AND Faster Than I Could’ve/Would’ve/Should’ve Expected.

It Blurs Much Easier AND Faster Than The Horrors.

The Horrors Dont Blur.

If Anything, They Shine More So.

Theyre More Vivid These Days Than Theyve Ever Been.

I Close My Eyes, I See Them.

I Open My Eyes, I See Them.

Damn You, Eyes, Why Did You Ever Look?

Why Did You Ever See?

Why Did You Burn These Images Into My Mind?

They’re There Forever, Now.

To Be Recalled Over And Over Again.

Recalled For The Rest Of My Life, However Long Or Short It May Be.

Damn These Tired, Tired Eyes.

Have They Betrayed Me?

Have They Failed Me?


If Anything, They’ve Worked Tooooo Well.

They’ve Picked-Up Details Most People Would Never Even Consider.

But, Damn Them Anyway.

Damn Them.

When I Sat Down To Write This, I Sincerely Didn’t Know To What End I Was Writing Toward, Nor For.

Maybe I Still Don’t.

It’s Not Finished.

At Least, It Doesn’t Feel Finished.

Not. At. All.

Not. At. All. At. All.


Whats The Cure For Tired Eyes?

And No, I Don’t Mean Plastic Surgery On Them To Make Them Appear More Life-Like.

In Fact, I Know Of No Surgery That Could Ever Reverse The Damage.


One Could Always Get Lobotomized.


So... Are YOU Jivin Me -questionmark-

Who Else Got “LICENCE TO KILL” On The Blu-ray, On Good Ole Xmas Eve?! HA!! I WIN!!!

My Copy Of "Licence To Kill" (1989)

Timothy Dalton was James Bond 007 in 1989‘s Licence To Kill!!!


((I DO!))

(((I WIN XMAS EVE!!)))



😀       😀       😀       😀       😀       😀       😀

“Thinking? THINKING?! ME?! Nope. Never. What?! Are You Kidding?!? …”

“…You’d Better Be!!!”


So... Are YOU Jivin Me -questionmark-

(Said Kinda Mean'ish'like To Someone Whom Basically Told Him He Thinks Too Much)


(((MY BAD)))