“The Best Way to Make Your Dreams Come True…”

“…Is to WAKE UP!”


Muhammad Ali - Heavyweight Boxing for SEGA Genesis

Muhammad Ali is most often referred to as “The GREATEST” and was a

ThreeTime HeavyweightBoxing Champion of The World

Musical slasher Stage Fright gets first red-band trailer

O>M>F>G!!! I Sooooooooooooo MUST See This One!!! 😀
And I’m VERY Sure I’ll Have Plenty Of Friends Who Wanna See It, Also!!!
YAY!!! 😀


Jerome Sable’s musical slasher Stage Fright has quickly topped the lists of many at this weekends SXSW Festival, and it’s easy to see why. A red band trailer for the horror-comedy has just been revealed and it looks like a ton of old school fun. I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not a big fan of musicals. Actually, I kind of hate them. Their is no better way to take me completely out of a film then to have 30 people randomly start singing with fake smiles lighting up their faces. That being said, Stage Fright looks like a blood splattered blast!

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A Song To Make ANYONE Smile: “SHOUT IT OUT LOUD” by KISS (1976)

Going to be seeing a KISS Tribute Band Concert, tonight, in good ole St. Louis!!! Should be a helluva lot of fun Fun FUN!!! 😀
So, ya know, why not share a little bit of that hot KISS action with y’all???
Why not, indeed!!! 😀

"You Jivin' Me, Turkey?"

“…If You Don’t Feel Good

There’s A Way You Could

Don’t Sit There Broken-Hearted

(…Sit There Broken-Hearted…)

Call All Your Friends In The Neighborhood

And Get The Party Started

(…Get The Party Started…)

Don’t Let’em Tell You That There’s Too Much Noise

They’re Too Old To Really Understand

You’ll Still Get Rowdy With The Girls And Boys

‘Cause It’s Time For You To Take A Stand


SHOUT IT OUT LOUDIs A Regular Crackerjack Of A Tune From The 1976 AlbumDESTROYERBy Rock-GodsKISS!!!











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Movie Music Mega Madness: Disney’s Robin Hood

One of my allllll-time faves of faves, also!
I just got the 40th Anniversary Edition on the Blu-ray!
Gooooooood Stuff!!! 😀

Hard Ticket to Home Video



Disney’s Robin Hood (1973)

Robinhood_1973_posterProbably my favorite Disney feature and the one I’ve seen the most. Besides the fact that I loved the Robin Hood legend I rewatched this recently on Netflix and I still enjoyed the hell out it. But as an adult now I found a much greater appreciation for the Roger Miller songs. About a decade and a half ago I was introduced to Roger Miller by a music-savvy co-worker and fell madly in love with his zany and colorful (country/folk) music. At first I didn’t realize it was the same feller who did the Robin Hood songs! So now I love the soundtrack even more.

If “Whistle Stop” doesn’t instantly make you smile and happy then I’m sorry my friend, you are a lost cause. Seriously, if a rottweiler was biting off my ball sack while a swarm of killer bees attacked my mother and…

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