I Know I’ve Been A Reblog Whore Of Late, But I DO Have My Reasons…

Mainly, Ive Been Out Living My Life.

And, Honestly, It Has Been WILD.

Not WILD As InExotic“…

More LikeChaotic“…’ish.

My Emotional RollerCoaster Continues.

But, Without Some Of Those Emotional Lows, Would I Really Appreciate All Those Emotional Highs So So SO Keenly???


Doubtful, Indeed.

Im Taking The Good With The Bad, But Im Content With The Give And Take.

It Seems Only Fair.

My Head And My Heart Have BOTH Been Working Overtime.

Often, Theyve Been Working Said Overtime In Opposing Manners.

And, While There Are A Few Moments Ive Disliked, I Remain Happy.

Thats The Primary Goal, Right?!

The Happiness?!

The Joy?!

The Good Stuff?!

Thats The Game Im Playing, Right Now.

I Dont Really Know If I’m Winning Or Losing

But I FEEL Like Im Winning.

Maybe Thats The Whole Point?!


I Can Handle AMaybe?!” Alllll Niiiiiiiiight Loooooooong!!!

🙂       😉       😀

So... Are YOU Jivin Me -questionmark-

“Those Who Know How To Win…”

“…Are More Numerous Than Those Who Know How To Make Proper Use Of Their Victories.”


Polybios (via Wikipedia)

-<<{c. 200 B.C. – c. 118 B.C.}>>-


Who Else Got “LICENCE TO KILL” On The Blu-ray, On Good Ole Xmas Eve?! HA!! I WIN!!!

My Copy Of "Licence To Kill" (1989)

Timothy Dalton was James Bond 007 in 1989‘s Licence To Kill!!!


((I DO!))

(((I WIN XMAS EVE!!)))



😀       😀       😀       😀       😀       😀       😀