She Was An Admirable Woman.

We Had My Aunt’s Funeral The Other Day.

I Didn’t Get To Go.

Someone Had To Stay With My Grandpa.

I Volunteered.

I Did Care About My Aunt, But Everyone Else Was Closer To Her Than I.

She Was An Admirable Woman.

She’d Led A Very Hard Life.

A Member Of The Greatest Generation And Highly Proud Of It.

She Was Also The MOST Stubborn Woman I’ve Ever Known.

She Could Be Crude

Or Crass

Or Insulting.

BUT, She Was A Good Woman.

Despite Her Glaring Flaws, She Was A Good Woman.

Her Husband…

…My Uncle…

…Blew His Head Off With A Shotgun Long Before I Was Born.

She Mentioned Him Occasionally, But It Was Actually My Grandpa Who Told Me About My Uncle.

Grandpa Didn’t Keep Much From Me.

He And I Spoke Often, And On An Exceptionally Level Plain.

That’s How You Learn.

In That, He Was A Firm Believer.

So, As I’ve Said, Everyone Else Went To My Aunt’s Funeral.

I Did Not.

Will I Regret That Later In Life?

I Honestly Don’t Know.

I Just Know She Lasted Longer Than Anyone Would Have Ever Dreamed Possible.

She Was The Last Of Her Clique.

And, While She’d Led A Very Hard Life…

…She’d Made The Most Of It.

I’m Going To Miss Her Insulting Behavior.

I’m Going To Miss Her Crassness.

I’m Going To Miss Her.

As I’ve Said…

She Was An Admirable Woman.

So... Are YOU Jivin Me -questionmark-

9 responses to “She Was An Admirable Woman.

  1. Brad, I didn’t go to my sister’s funeral…and I still don’t regret it. My condolences, and faceted understanding. I bet she was admirable, but staying with Grandpa was needed, too.


  2. She sounds like she was really something my dear. I’m sorry for your loss. I’m glad you have good memories of her. If you didn’t want to go to her funeral that’s okay. You’ll find closure another way. And Grandpa, he still needs you. Your aunt knew that. She did. Kisses my dear.


    • She Was A Rare On, Alright.
      She Gave A Unique Perspective Into Someone Who Survived The Depression, Saw WWII, Korea, and Vietnam etc etc
      Her Husband, My Uncle, Was Never Able To Adjust To Like Outside The Military.
      He Was A Remarkable Man In His Own Right, So I’ve Been Informed.
      But He Missed The Military Lifestyle.
      Duty. Loyalty, Honor, Respect, All The Shit He Was Used To In The Military…
      …The Outside World Really Doesn’t Care About Any Of Those Things For The Most Part.
      He Just Couldn’t Handle It.
      But My Aunt Kept On Truckin’
      She Was 91 Years Old When She Died This Past Week.
      Talk About A Good Run.
      And Yes, I’ve Lost Friends Over My Devotion To My Grandfather.
      I Even Lost Someone Very Near To My Heart, Because His Mother Died Like 2 Days Before Paw Went Into The Hospital With Chest-Pains. He Turned Out To Have Pneumonia.
      So I Was Forced To Miss The Special Someone’s Mother’s Funeral.
      He Hasn’t Spoke To Me Since, Really.
      Just Enough To Tell Me Off.
      Then Nothing After that.
      That’s The Second Time I Had My Heart Broken By The Same Person.
      That’s The First And Only Time It Ever Happened.
      I Miss Him A Lot.
      He Was The Most UNIQUE Human Being I’d Ever Met Met Met Type Met.
      A True Jewel.
      But He Has Higher Aspirations For What He Needs in Life.
      I Just Need To Be Comfortable.


      • Brad, Obviously I don’t know these people who have been important to you, and I’ve lost friends along the way as well. One thing, though. A person who makes you choose between their family and your family is a selfish dick, and you’re better off without him.
        That’s all I wanted to say on that subject.
        Take care, Bill


      • You know Bradley that’s what I love about you. You seem so complicated, but you really are a simple person. You want a simple life. You want to love and be loved. I find that to be so inspiring. Your devotion to your grandfather astounds me. You will feel good in knowing that you did your very best for him when he moves on. Your aunt knew of your devotion. I do believe that. As for your friend, he should have understood about your grandfather’s health. I’m sorry you two aren’t friends anymore. You have such a good heart Bradley. Someday someone will love you for how well you love and the way you devote yourself to them. Much love my dear. Rest easy in your grief.

        Love, Sparkly Girl


  3. First of all, I’m so sorry for your loss. Crass or not, close or not, it sounds like you loved her. However, as to whether you’ll ever regret not going, I don’t think so. It’s not like you stayed home so that you could play a marathon session of WoW–you stayed home with your grandfather, a dude you obviously ARE close to. The thing that causes regrets is the time we didn’t spend with people when they were alive. Your grandpa is ALIVE–he’s the one you should be spending time with. I think you did right, Brad.


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