Howdy Y’all…

…I’m Back From My Personal Mini-Vacation.

I Hadn’t Really Been Feeling It, In Regard To The Ole Blog.

So, I Decided To Take A Couple Days To Think It All Over.

And Now, Today, I’m Baaack!

I’ve Spent The Past Couple Days With My Nephew.

He’s In Town For A Visit, So I’ve Been Happily Enjoying Being Back In “Uncle Brad” Mode.

We’ve Already Had Plenty Of Fun.

We’ve Watched Some Quality Flicks.

We’ve Played Plenty Of Lego.

We’ve Played The Nintendo 3DS.

We’ve Played Outside In The Snow.

Tomorrow Is His Birthday.

I Can’t Believe He’ll Be Entering Into The Double-Digit Ages.

It Doesn’t Seem Possible That He’s Already Been Around For 10 Years!

Good God, It Makes Me Feel Ancient.

That’s A BIG Fo SHO.


…I’m Back Now To Piddle About With Y’all.

I’ve Got A Couple Projects I’ve Been Tinkering With So, Please, Stay Tuned.

Same Brad Time.

Same Brad Channel.



Hope It’s A Good One!!!

So... Are YOU Jivin Me -questionmark-

😀       😀       😀