The Song Stuck In My Head??? “I Should Have Learned This Lesson Long Ago… …That Friends And Lovers Always Come And Go…” –QUARTERFLASH’s “FIND ANOTHER FOOL” (1981)

QuarterFlash (1981) (via

FIND ANOTHER FOOLIs A Hot HOT Jam From QUARTERFLASH‘s Self-Titled 1981 Debut Album !!!




“…Now You Claim

That Everythings Okay

Well, Ive Got Just One Thing To Say

Why Dont You

Find Another

((Find Another!))


Find Another

((Find Another!))


Find Another

Find Another


Too Love You

Find Another. …”




Alright, My Peeps…

…Let Me Quickly Say, I Don’t Just Listen To This Song…



…When Someone Has Treated Me Foolishly And I Wanna Vent.


I Also Listen To This Song When I’m Dwelling Upon MY Foolishness.

We’ve All Been Foolish In Matters Of Love At One Point Or Another.

Most Especially In Matters Of Love, Honestly.

In Fact…

…It’s In Matters Of Love Where I’ve Suffered Through Many MANY Bad Experiences In My 30’ish’ish Years.

And, I’ve Done So ((ALMOST)) Totally Because Of MY Personal Foolishness.

Then Again, Isn’t That Generally How It Goes?

Is That How It Always Goes For You?

How About You??

And You, There, In The Back???

Yes, And YOU, Also?!?!?


That’s Kinda What I’d Figured.

Our Favorite Game As Human-Being’s Is LOVE.

Always Has Been.

Some Will Quip, Its Not A Game!”

To Those People, I Say Good On Ya.”

I Also Say, If You Dont Think It’s A Game, Then Youve Likely Been Hurt, Or Have Hurt Someone Else, While Playing And You Are/Were Pissed About It.”

To Be Honest, My Peeps, I Don’t Know What Else To Call LOVE.

It’s Always Felt Like A Game.

It Has Losers.

It Has Winners.

It Has First Time Players.

It Has Umpteenth Time Players.

It Has Unskilled Players.

It Has Highly Skilled Players.

It Has The Sheer Bliss Of A Solid Victory.

It Has The Horrid Dejection Of A Terrible Loss.

In Short…

…If It Ain’t A Game…

…What Is It?!?

That’s A Question I Sincerely Struggle With.

Honestly, As I Said, I Don’t Know What Else To Call It.

I Was Hoping To Get A Hand From Y’all, In That Regard.

That’s What We’re Here For, Correct?!

A Learning Experience.

I Know That’s A Big Reason I’m Here.

It’s Not The Only Reason, But It’s An Important One.

Fo Sho???


๐Ÿ˜‰ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย  ๐Ÿ˜€

LOVE, Whether A Thought OR A Feeling, Perpetuates Foolishness.

We Do So Many Foolish Things Whilst Playing Along.

We Do Things.

Things We Either WANT Or DON’T WANT To Do, All Because Of What We Feel, Or Think We Feel, For Someone, Or Something, Else.

Y’all Know I’m Not Slippin’ You Any Jive.

I’m Callin’ It Like It Is.

The Problem With This Wondrous, Beautiful, Vile, Evil, Amazing Thing We Call Love Is This:

How Do We Know When Were Playing, And How Do We Know When Were Being Played???”


Exactly My Point, My Peeps.

Honestly, You Don’t Know.

You Don’t Know Until Something Eventful Happens.

He Said YES!” ๐Ÿ˜€

He Said NO!” ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

He Said MAYBE SO!” ๐Ÿ˜

Any Way It Goes, You Never Know Until Something Happens.

You Never Know Until The Proof Is There.

You Never Know Until It’s Tangible.

And, Even Then, Do You Really Know?

You Think You Do.

Is That Enough?

Sometimes, That Has To Be Enough.

Sometimes, That’s All We Really Have.



My Advice?

You Kids Just Be Good.

Play Nice.

Try Not To Hurt Anyone, Especially Yourself.

Try Not To Do Anything Toooooooooo Foolish, Ya Hear Me?!?

Now, Go Get ‘Em, Tiger!!!

Good Game… …Good Game.

So... Are YOU Jivin Me -questionmark-

5 responses to “The Song Stuck In My Head??? “I Should Have Learned This Lesson Long Ago… …That Friends And Lovers Always Come And Go…” –QUARTERFLASH’s “FIND ANOTHER FOOL” (1981)

  1. You always take me back to my old life with your music choices my sweet. I need to go tease my hair up, put on my combat boots and slide into to my kick ass trench coat. Mwah!


    • HAHAHA!!! Well, I’m Not Sure If That Was My Goal Or Not, But I’ll Take It As A Positive Reaction! hahaha
      Did You Like The Written Portion Of The Post Following The Lyrics???! Just Curious, My Dear.


      • Ah love. That dreaded and wonderful feeling we all have. I love love Bradley. I need it to survive. I hate that I need so much of it. I don’t think it’s a game for most people. I think it’s a battle. I think it’s a struggle. I think it’s perfect only when the imperfect person comes into your life and makes it better.

        There is love all around me, every day. So many different kinds. The love of my husband. My children. My friends. The written word. The spoken word. Music. And a multitude of other kinds. I give every piece of my heart to every kind of love in my life. Some days it’s exhausting and overwhelming to feel so much. I know you know the feeling. You love as I do.

        Bradley when that perfect imperfect person comes into your life you’ll know it. And you’ll feel it. You’ll wonder why it didn’t happen before. Try not to think too much about that. Revel in the feeling now. Because love can be fleeting.

        As I told my friend L, you gotta put yourself out there. So please my sweet Bradley do just that. You may get hurt, but you may also find the love of your life.

        Love forever and ever, Renee


        • I Was Actually Shooting For More Of A Lighthearted Approach To This One. The Original Piece I’d Written For It Was VERY Serious, And Quite Depressing. But, When I Awoke This Morning, I Decided I Didn’t Want To Depress Everyone So Early In The Day. So, I Sat Down And Completely Rewrote It. This Was The End Result.
          I Felt It Was Much More Smile Inducing This Way, And I Went With It.
          Now I’m Starting To Wonder If I’m The Only One Who Got Smiles Out Of It hahaha
          Oh Well. Missed It By \-/ <-That Much, I Suppose.
          Not A Homerun. Maybe A Ground-Rule-Double?!?! ๐Ÿ˜‰
          Love You, Also, Dear.


          • Oh honey, I got it. I’m just not on my game today. You wrote it beautifully. You did. I guess I’m a sucker for love, even the morose kind. I promise to read it again. I think I need to rest as much as you need to.

            Love, Renee


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