When I Feel The Love, I Have To Share The Love! An Excellent Friday Night Read!! I Especially LOVE The Inclusion Of “UNCLE SAM” On This List!!! Talk About A Link To Some Wonderfully Fun Memories!!!! hahahaha -B.


Here is some more gory goodness for you Horror Hounds out there! You all know who you are, too. My buddy, Dave from Last Road Reviews has contributed this very cool post of his Top 5 Underrated Horror Flicks of the 1990’s. Dave and I go way back and his great horror reviews are not to be missed.
His Lobby Card and Poster Galleries which showcase awesome movie artwork are the best. His site is entertaining and informative. I always end up learning something about the film he writes about which is no easy feat but Dave makes it look simple. Here is one post of his I really enjoyed – www.lastroadreviews.wordpress.com/category/escape-from-new-york-poster-gallery/
Here is the link to Dave’s awesome Horror Movie Site, enjoy! – www.lastroadreviews.wordpress.com/
So here are 5 movies from the 90s I find very underrated. I only picked 5 to make it more…

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A Relevant Quotation That’s Sticking With Me, Today…


Lying To Ourselves Is MORE Deeply Ingrained Than Lying To Others.”

192px-Vasily_Perov_-_Портрет_Ф.М.Достоевского_-_Google_Art_Project (via Wikipedia)

How’s ’bout Them Apples, My Peeps?



True To Truth?


What Do YOU Think?

To ME…

…This Quote Is Like A MEGA-SCREAM In The Silent Stillness Of The Night.

I’ve Had It Rollin’ ’round My Brain Since Last Night…

…And I’m Still Thinking About It.


Because, It’s So True, My Peeps.

It’s So Very VERY True.

Lying To Others Sucks, But It Can Be Even Worse When We Can’t Remember Exactly Which Lie We Told To Which Person.

Lying To One’s Self, However, Is A Totally Different Animal.

You’ve Got Time To Play With It.

To Mull It Over.

To Utter It Over AND Over Again.

Eventually, Correct OR Not…

…Right OR Wrong…

…Lie OR Truth…

…It Sticks.

Once That Happens, You’re Personally Fu*ked.

Once It’s In There, It’s Nearly Impossible To Remove It.

You’ll Remember It All Right.

You’ll Remember It Well.

You’ll Remember It Waaaaaaaay Tooooooooo Well.

Suddenly, The Lie You Told Yourself Has Become Personal Scripture.

It’s A Part Of You, Now.

Part Of Your Mental AND Emotional Make-Up.

Your Chances Of Forgetting About It Just Went To ZERO.

Or, At Least, As Close To ZERO As One Can Muster.

I’ve Lied A Lot In My Life.

I’d Be A Liar If I Didn’t Admit That.

((Huh??? What???))


…I Find It Harder, As The Years Pass Me By, To Maintain Those Lies.

I Hate Lying.

It’s Simply A Necessary Evil, Sometimes.

And At Other Times, It’s Simply Used As A Personal Out.

An Escape.

It Also Becomes A Gut Reaction.

A Lot Of Times, We’re Much More Inclined To Lie Than To Even Consider Facing-Up To The Truth.

I Don’t Like It Anymore Than You Do, My Peeps, But You Know I’m Very Correct.

Lying Becomes Second-Nature.

One Lie Perpetuates Another…

…Perpetuates Another…

…Perpetuates Another.

Pretty Soon, You Find You’re Living A Lie.

I Don’t Want That For Myself.

I Don’t Want To Live A Lie.

The Reality Of My Situation, However, Does Make Me Think AND Reflect.

How Much Of My Life Is A Lie?

How Much Isn’t?

Do I Even Know, Anymore?


So... Are YOU Jivin Me -questionmark-

“It Is A Good Thing To Be Rich, And A Good Thing To Be Strong…”

“…But It Is A Better Thing To Be Loved By Many Friends.”


360px-Euripides_Pio-Clementino_Inv302 (via Wikipedia)

{{{c. 480 B.C. – c. 406 B.C.}}}




Me & “Mr. Negative” Over Here…

…Wanted To Apologize For All The Negativity I’ve Spewed Of Late, My Peeps.

When Things Start Going Wrong For A Person, They Usually Do So In Rather LARGE Clumps.


…Some Have Said I’ve Been Waaaaay Too Harsh On Myself.

Maybe I Have.

Maybe I Haven’t.

Who’s To Say???

Exactly, My Peeps.

But, That’s Not My Current Point.

I’m Talking About My Negative Approach To…


…99.993% Of My Recent Life?!

(((Give Or Take A % Or Two.)))

That Part Is Totally MY BAD.

It Hasn’t Always Been That Way, As You’re Well Award.

I Can BE Negative.

I Am NOT Always This “MR. NEGATIVE” Creature.


…”MR. NEGATIVE” Is All I’ve Been, Though.

It Hasn’t Mattered What It Was…

…Chances Are It PISSED ME OFF.

It’s For THAT, And Mainly That Alone, I’m Really Sorry.

I Can’t Be Sorry For What I Said.

They Were Honest Expressions Of The Moment’s Emotions.

I Can Regret Them…

…But I Can’t Truly Be Sorry For Them.

I Meant Them.


What Have I Learned From This???

Well, I Hate Exterior Drama And How It Perpetuates Itself.

I Create Enough Drama For Myself.

I’m Evidence Of That.

Ain’t That A BIG FO SHO.

: /

It’s Just Life, Kids.

I Know You Understand My Jive.

It’s Not Set.

Sometimes, I Fu*k-It-Up.

You Do It.


You Could Slow Life Down To The Millisecond, And You’d Still Find A Way To Fu*k-It-Up!


That’s How Life Works.

Goin’ Good…

…Goin’ Good…


…Goin’ Good…

…Goin’ Good…




It Never Fails.

Since I Had The Option, I Blogged During My Issues.

Smart Idea?


The Jury Is Still Out On This One, Judge(s).

BUT, I Remain Hopeful.


I Often Refer To My Blog As An Evolution.

It Is.

I’m Constantly Growing As A Blogger…

…And I Try To Learn More From BOTH My Successes AND My Failures.

Needless To Say…

(((Though I'm Going To Say It)))

…I’m Still Learning.

I’m Finding More And More Folks Seem To Care About My Work When I’m Cranking Out Quotes, Or I’m Discussing Personal Drama.

I’m Not Really Sure How To Take That.

Not YET, Anyway.

So... Are YOU Jivin Me -questionmark-