“DAMMIT.”: Again :(


I Had Another Of Those Moments.

Except, This One Is Of A Different Nature.

Same Result, Though.




…I Decided To Go For A Walk.

It’s The First Time I’ve Attempted A Lengthy Walk-About Since My Latest Medical Scare.

It Started-Off Well Enough.

I Was Moving.

My Left Leg Was A Bit Gimpy, But It Was Functioning.

So I Pressed-On.

I Was Jamming To Some Excellent Tunage.

It’s Pretty Brisk Outside, But It Felt Wonderful To Be Out-&-About.



The Bottom Kinda Fell Out Of The Whole Experience.

My Left Leg Gave-Out…



I Damn Near Fell Flat On My Face.

Thank Jeebus I Wasn’t Around A Bundle Of People, Or I Would Have Felt A Tinge Of Embarrassment.

There Was NOTHING Funny About It.

I Was About 6-Blocks From My Home.


So, I Had To Drag My Leg Back To The House.

It Was NOT Fun.




Granted, I Could Have Called For A Ride Back To My Place.

But, I Didn’t.

I Decided To Fight My Body And Make A Go Of It.

And I DID Make It Home.

I Was Exhausted.

Worn To A Frazzle.

But I DID Make It.

And Now, Here I Am Talking To Y’all.




Now, I’m Unsure Of What To Do.

I Have A Lot I Want To Accomplish, But Don’t Have Much Energy Left In Ye Ole Tank.

So, I Do Believe It’s Time For A Rest.

I Feel Like That’s All I’ve Been Doing, Though.

Resting Gets Pretty Frickin’ Frackin’ BORING.

I Don’t Really Get Bored That Often.

I Can Generally Find Something To Do.

I’m Pretty Resourceful.

Just Not Today.

Not. At. All.

That’s Probably Why I’m Posting This.

I Needed To Flex The Ole Chops AND Find Something Constructive To Do.

I Figure This Counts.

It Does…




So... Are YOU Jivin Me -questionmark-

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