The Song Stuck In My Head: “MAYBE BABY” by BUDDY HOLLY & THE CRICKETS (1957)

“…Well You Are The One That Makes Me Glad

And You Are The One That Makes Me Sad

When Someday, You Want Me

Well, I’ll Be There

Wait And See…”

Buddy_holly_maybe_baby_45 (via Wikipedia)



I’ll Have You


You’ll Be True


I’ll Have You For Me. …”

… … …

The Subject Of Love Has Always Been ULTRA Touchy.

Not Just For Me, But For Most People.

In Regard To MYSELF…

…There Are Some Whom Believe I Don’t Really Love At All…

…Nor Do I Honestly Feel It Like Others Do.

Then, There Are Those Whom Think I Love Waaaaay Tooooo Much.

And THEN, There Are Those Who Couldn’t Honestly Care Either Way.

The Truth?

Maybe I Don’t Know How To Truly Express Love…

…But I Know I’m Capable Of Feeling It.

That’s Why Songs Like This One…



…Stick With Me As They Do.

It’s Because I Feel I Understand Them.

I Feel I Understand The Point Of The Song…

…Or At Least What The Songwriter Is Trying To Push As His/Her Point.

The Important Part, However, Is What Point I Take Away From The Song When It’s Over.

What Does It Personally Mean To ME?

That’s The Question.

Everyone Is Different.

Everyone Has Their Own Mind About Things.

What One Song Means To ME May Not Be Exactly What The Same Song Means To YOU.

And I Like That Part.

That Part Makes Me Feel Exceptionally Human.

A Lot Of The Time, I Don’t Feel Human At All.

I Know I AM Human.

I Just Don’t Feel The Same Way As Most People.

At Least, Not The Bulk of The People I’ve Come Across In My Worldly Travels.

To ME…

BUDDY HOLLY Is Singing About The Unobtainable Love Interest That We’ve All Come Across In Our Lives.

Well, A Lot Of Us Have.

The One That You Want Without Question, Even Though You Know You’ll Probably Never Have Them.

But, You’re Patient.

You’re Willing To Wait Them Out.

To See What Happens.

You Already Know Patience Is Not A Virtue.

It’s A Learned AND Honed Skill.

Some Of Us Are Just Better At Waiting Than Others.

I’m Patient…

…But NOT Because I WANT To Be.

It’s Because I Know I HAVE To Be.

And So I Wait.


Meaning, I’m OUTWARDLY Patient…

…And INWARDLY I’m Absolutely Freaking-Out.

But Still…





😉       😀       😉

“The Only Victory Over Love Is Flight.” –NAPOLEON BONAPARTE

Napoleon Bonaparte (via






Holy Hell I’m Tired… …But I Want To Write.

The Days Continue To Seem Longer And Longer.

I Can’t Sleep.

I Can’t Properly Express Myself.

In Day To Day Life, My People Skills Are Failing…

…Though I Never Really Had Any To Begin With.

I Can Talk Myself A Blue Streak, But I Just Don’t Seem To Make Sense.

Nor Do I Honestly Ever, The Bulk Of The Time.

I Continue To Flounder In An Endless Circle.

I Simply Don’t Understand Myself A Lot Of The Time.

Why Must I Just Tinker And Putter With Things I Find Important?

I Want To Write.

Write Like I Used To.

Like I Liked To.

Reckless-Abandoned In Full-Force-Mode.

The Rest Be Damned, Ya Know?!

I’m Just Thinking Toooo Much.

Therefore, I Feel Like I Accomplish Very Little.

It Just Doesn’t Look Right.

It Just Doesn’t Feel Right.

When I Read Things Aloud, They Just Don’t Say What I’m Wanting It To Really Say.

Like Really REALLY Say.


…I’m Going To Re-Start Something That I Used To Do Constantly.

I’m Going To Start Keeping A Journal Again.

I Feel I Must.

When You Can’t Stop Thinking, You Eventually Realize That’s No Way To Think At All, Fo SHO.

Everything Gets Muddled.

You Have To Just Put It ALL Down.

Pen To Paper.

If I Don’t…



…I Don’t Know.

So, What Do I Know?

I Do Know I’ll Never Say Everything Exactly Right.

I Do Know Most Things Lose Something With Repeats.

I Do Know STAR TREK: DEEP SPACE NINE Is Honestly The Superior TREK Series, Though STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION Will Always Be My Favorite.

I Do Know At One Point I Wanted To Have BURT REYNOLDS Baby.

I Do Know I’m A Total Hack At Most Things In Life.

What Else Do I Know?!

In The Words Of Mr. GROUCHO MARX

“…And East Is East, And West Is West, And If You Take Cranberries And Stew Them Like Applesauce It Tastes Much More Like Prunes Than Rhubarb Does…”

Everybody Got That?!?


‘Cause I Sure As Shit Don’t!!!

I Just Want To Write.

And Now…

…As I Sit Here, Writing In The Dark…

…I’ve Just Written Myself Into Another Circle.