“DAMMIT.”: Read This Dude’s Blog. You’ll Thank Me. Fo SHO. 😉

“DAMMIT.”: Read This Dude’s Blog. You’ll Thank Me. Fo SHO. 😉

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“No Man Should Part With His Own Individuality And Become That Of Another.” –WILLIAM ELLERY CHANNING

William_Ellery_Channing,_poet;_nephew_of_the_preacher (via Wikipedia)






I’ve Been Jamming To Music For The Bulk Of The Day, And I’ve Been Unable To Get This One Out Of My Head. One Of The Very Best From The Very VERY Best!
Good God Do I Ever Love My DEPECHE MODE! hehehe 😉

"You Jivin' Me, Turkey?"

…Takin’ Hold Of The Hem Of Your Dress…

…Cleanliness Only Comes In Small Doses…

…Bodily Whole…

…But My Head’s In A Mess…

…Fueling Obsession That Borders Psychosis…

…It’s A Sad Disease…

…Creeping Through My Mind…

…Causing Disabilities…

…Of The Strangest Kind…

…Gettin’ Lost In The Folds Of Your Skirt…

…There’s A Price That I Pay For My Mission…

…A Body In Heaven…

…And A Mind Full Of Dirt…


…Taken In By The Delicate Noise…

…Knocked To The Ground By The Subtle Thunder…

…Shackled And Bound By The Sound Of Your Voice…

…Wanderin’ Around In Silent Wonder.







Well, My Peeps…

…I Really Wanted To Showcase This Song…



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“DAMMIT.”: Again :(


I Had Another Of Those Moments.

Except, This One Is Of A Different Nature.

Same Result, Though.




…I Decided To Go For A Walk.

It’s The First Time I’ve Attempted A Lengthy Walk-About Since My Latest Medical Scare.

It Started-Off Well Enough.

I Was Moving.

My Left Leg Was A Bit Gimpy, But It Was Functioning.

So I Pressed-On.

I Was Jamming To Some Excellent Tunage.

It’s Pretty Brisk Outside, But It Felt Wonderful To Be Out-&-About.



The Bottom Kinda Fell Out Of The Whole Experience.

My Left Leg Gave-Out…



I Damn Near Fell Flat On My Face.

Thank Jeebus I Wasn’t Around A Bundle Of People, Or I Would Have Felt A Tinge Of Embarrassment.

There Was NOTHING Funny About It.

I Was About 6-Blocks From My Home.


So, I Had To Drag My Leg Back To The House.

It Was NOT Fun.




Granted, I Could Have Called For A Ride Back To My Place.

But, I Didn’t.

I Decided To Fight My Body And Make A Go Of It.

And I DID Make It Home.

I Was Exhausted.

Worn To A Frazzle.

But I DID Make It.

And Now, Here I Am Talking To Y’all.




Now, I’m Unsure Of What To Do.

I Have A Lot I Want To Accomplish, But Don’t Have Much Energy Left In Ye Ole Tank.

So, I Do Believe It’s Time For A Rest.

I Feel Like That’s All I’ve Been Doing, Though.

Resting Gets Pretty Frickin’ Frackin’ BORING.

I Don’t Really Get Bored That Often.

I Can Generally Find Something To Do.

I’m Pretty Resourceful.

Just Not Today.

Not. At. All.

That’s Probably Why I’m Posting This.

I Needed To Flex The Ole Chops AND Find Something Constructive To Do.

I Figure This Counts.

It Does…




So... Are YOU Jivin Me -questionmark-

“What Are You Now, Afraid Of A Little Insanity?! Since When Have We Been Sane?!” –BORGOFF MARKUS (“Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust” (2000))

Vampire Hunter D - BLOODLUST (2000)

VAMPIRE HUNTER D:BLOODLUSTIs Simply The Very VERY Best Of The Best In Terms Of Coolness! It’s My Favorite Anime Of The 2000s, And Possibly My Very Favorite Anime Of All-Time! What A Way To Wake-Up, Eh?! Good Stuff, My Peeps, Fo SHO!!! 😀