“The End Of Passion Is The Beginning Of Repentance.” –BENJAMIN FRANKLIN

Ben Franklin


-[akaThe First American“]-



An Amazing Song That’s Eating Me Alive: “JEZEBEL (Unplugged)” by 10,000 MANIACS (1993)

“…I Know Your Feelings Are Tender

I Know Inside You The Embers Still Glow

But I’m A Shadow

I’m Only A Bed Of Blackened Coal

And Call Myself JEZEBEL

For Wanting To Leave…”

"JEZEBEL" Is My All-Time Favorite Jam From The Band 10,000 MANIACS Off Of Their 1993 "10,000 MANIACS: MTV UNPLUGGED" Album !!!

JEZEBELIs My All-Time Favorite Jam From The Band 10,000 MANIACS Off Of Their 199310,000 MANIACS: MTV UNPLUGGEDAlbum !!!

“…I’m Not Saying I’m Replacing Love With Some Other Word

To Describe The Sacred Tie That Bound

Me To You

I’m Just Saying We’ve Mistaken One For Thousands Of Words

And For That Mistake

I’ve Caused You Such Pain

That I Damn That Word

I’ve No More Ways To Hide

That I’m A Desolate And Empty, Hollow Place Inside. …”






What More Is there To Say About This Song…


by 10,000 MANIACS

…That The Lyrics Don’t Already Say?

It’s A Pretty Powerful Jam, My Peeps.

The Melody And Rhythm Are Pleasant…


…But It’s The Lyrics That Will Get Ya.

Until A Few Weeks Ago, I Hadn’t Heard This Song In A Few Years.

Upon Hearing It Again, I Almost Cried.

It Really Hit Me Hard.

And Then, Most Recently, It’s Really Been Stuck With Me.

But That’s More A Testament As To Just How Powerful A Jam It Truly Is.

I Think If I Keep Talking About It, I Could End-Up Taking Away From What I’m Trying To Convey.

So I Think I’ll Just Shut-Up.

I’ll Shut-Up And Let The Song Speak For Itself.

I Sincerely Hope You Dig It’s Jive, My Peeps.

I Sincerely Do.

This Is One Of My Favorite Songs Ever.

And It’s A Song That Deserves To Be Heard, Fo SHO Fo SHO, Kiddies.

Fo SHO Fo SHO, Indeed.