Do You OVER Apologize?!?

Why Do I Always Feel The Need To Apologize So Much?

I Mean, I Do It A Lot.

Like, A Lot A Lot.

I Apologize For Things I Do.

I Apologize For Things I Say.

I Apologize For Things I Did Long Ago.

I Apologize For Things I Said Long Ago.

Apologize. Apologize. Apologize.

I Apologize For Things People Have Done To Themselves.

I Apologize For Things That Others Have Done To Others.

Is It Because I’m Sorry?

Or, Is It Just A Reflex Action?

Do I Do It Because I Really Care?

Or, Do I Do It So I’ll Appear To Care?

OR, Do I Do It Because I Care AND Want To Appear To Care?


…I Don’t Know.

At Least, Not Always.

I Think I’m Just Scared Of NOT Appearing That I’m Sorry, Whether I’m Really Sorry Or Not.

But Sometimes, I’m Dreadfully Sorry And Find It Difficult To Keep From Apologizing.

I Do It Once.

I Do It Twice.

Oops, There Goes A Third Time.

All Of A Sudden, The Person I’m Apologizing To Is Pissed About My String Of Apologies.

Now I’ve Got Someone Upset With Me Because I Was Simply Tooooo Sorry.


I’m Sorry.


So... Are YOU Jivin Me -questionmark-