“A Truth That’s Told With Bad Intent Beats All The Lies You Can Invent.” –WILLIAM BLAKE

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I. Am. So. So. SO. EXCITED. Period.
Can’t You Tell?!
Thanks To Mr. Bizzam For This One!!!
I’m Supah Dupah STOKED!!!


Star Trek Into Darkness posterHere we have the first teaser trailer for J. J. Abrams (Super 8, Mission Impossible III) upcoming Star Trek Into Darkness.  In the immortal word of Keanu Reeves and Joey Lawrence WOAH!

This is the way to do a teaser trailer.  It tells you nothing at all about the movie, but gets you pumped while watching it.  Without giving anything away plot-wise, it makes you want to plop down your money and get your butt in the theater.  Have a look at the trailer here:

And here we have the Japanese trailer, which has about 10 seconds of addditional footage at the end.  If you have watched Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, the final few seconds should look familiar . . .

Star Trek Into Darkness opens on May 17, 2013.

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Just So Y’all Know…

…I’ve Got A Lot Of Proverbial Irons In My Proverbial Fire.

I Have Multiple Blog Posts I’m Working On, But Haven’t Been Happy With A Single On Of Them.

At Least, Not In Regard To Being Ready To Post Them.

I Know I’ve Been Kinda Lax Of Late With The Blog.

I’ve Just Been Tired.



Mentally, Physically, And Emotionally.

I Continue Hoping To Get Back Into The Swing Of Things, But I Find Myself Pulling The Ole Start’N’Stop Routine.

I Get Going, Then It Just Leaves Me.

So I Leave It.

Then It Takes Me A Bit To Come Back Around And Give It All Another Go.

So I Start Again.

And Then I Leave Again.

I Have So Much To Do, And No Focus Nor Drive To Accomplish Them.

This Morning, I Awoke With A God-Awful Headache From Hell.

Sheesh, I Tell You.

Sheesh, Indeed.

BUT BUT BUT, My Peeps…

…I Do Promise There’s More On The Way.

The Trick Will Be Plowing Through All My Personal Shit And Making Them All Happen.

I’ve Got Plenty To Work On, That’s Fo Damn SHO.

Much Love To You ALL…

…And I’ll See Y’all ’round Campus.


L8r L8r, My Tater-Tots!!!

😀       😀

So... Are YOU Jivin Me -questionmark-

“It Is Not Only Vain, But Wicked In A Legislator To Frame Laws In Opposition To The Laws Of Nature, And To Arm Them With The Terrors Of Death…”

“…This Is Truly Creating Crimes In Order To Punish Them.


Thomas Jefferson (1743-1826)