When A Line Of Lyrics Stands-Up And Screams “NOTICE ME!”

Here Is The House

Where It All Happens

Those Tender Moments

Under This Roof

Body And Soul Come Together

As We Come Closer Together

And As It Happens

It Happens Here In This House…”

… …

HERE IS THE HOUSEIs One Of My All-Time Favorite (Lesser Known) Jams From DEPECHE MODE, And It’s Off Of Their Hit 1986 AlbumBLACK CELEBRATION!!!

… …

“…And I Feel Your Warmth

And It Feels Like Home

And There’s Someone

Calling On The Telephone

Let’s Say Home

It’s Cold Outside

And I Have So Much To Confide To You

With Or Without Words, I’ll Confide Everything. …”

… … … … … …

… …

The Biggest Reason I Love This Song…

…Odd As This May Seem…

…Is The Final Line Of Lyrics I’ve Presented Here To Y’all.

With Those Words Alone…


…I Was Sold On This Particular Song…



πŸ™‚Β Β Β Β Β Β  πŸ™‚


Y’all Know Me.

Y’all Know I’m A Huge DEPECHE MODE Fanboy.

Y’all Have Seen Me Post Something Of Their Music Many A Time Before Now.

But I’ve Never Really Talked About One Simple Line Of Lyrical Brilliance (at least to me) Before.


…Honestly Says So Much.

It Resonates With Me.

Very Much So In Fact.

It’s The Basic Gist Of A Personal Life.

To ME…


…Is A Key Factor In The Game/Art Of Life.

It’s Something I’m Handily Horrible At, To Be Honest.

I Don’t Really Confide Much Of Anything…

…In Anyone…


I Have A Couple Key People In My World Who Know Enough About Me To Sink My Proverbial Ship.

And Those Are People I’d Trust…

…Not Only With My Words…

…But With My Life.

With A Couple Other People…

…I’d Confide A Few Things.

Things That Others Don’t Know…

…Or Couldn’t Know…

…But That Sincerely Couldn’t Harm Me Toooo Much If They Came To Light.

And That’s It.

The Rest Of My World Honestly Doesn’t Know Very Much About Me.

They Think They Do…

…But They’re Handily Mistaken.

I’ve Made Sure Of That.

But When It Comes To Life…

…There Are Other Ways To Confide In Someone.

And It Truly Does NOT Have To Be With Words.

It’s Done With Actions…

…Or, More Often, Inaction.

And I Think It’s That Way For The Bulk Of Civilization.


So I Think It Makes That Simple (yet brilliant) Line Of Lyrics Even More Special.

More Profound.

More Tangible.

Most Everyone Has Someone, Or Multiple Someones, They Confide In.

And They Do So In Their Own Ways.

Others Have No One They Truly Confide In.


…It Doesn’t Take Away The Power Contained In One Simple Line Of Lyrics.

It’s With Lines Such As These That Have Truly Made Me Love AND Appreciate A Band Like DEPECHE MODE.

Their Songs Are Loaded With Lyrical Bullets Such As This.

So Don’t Scoff At My Music, Kids.

I Don’t Just Enjoy The Pleasant/Pounding/Quirky/Odd’ish/Rhythmic Beats.

For ME…

…The Lyrics Are THE Important Part.

They Are What I’m Listening To.


…The Beats Are Important…

…But It’s The Words That Sway Me…

…And Sell Me.

And So…



πŸ˜€Β Β Β Β Β Β  πŸ˜€

30 responses to “When A Line Of Lyrics Stands-Up And Screams “NOTICE ME!”

  1. It’s always the lyrics for me, Brad. They have to resonate; they have to have great meaning; the great ones do….
    Yeah; I like that – With or without words I’ll confide everything – gotta have absolute trust to be able to do that…! πŸ˜‰


  2. You are absolutely right about the last line Bradley. When you love, there is no reason to speak. It’s not necessary. A touch, a sigh, a gesture is all that’s needed to convey what is felt in the heart and mind. It is is the silent confiding that lets you know you are safe and you are home.


  3. Lyrics are important to me. I love how a great lyric can have such personal meaning. Good song. The song on that album that is dearest to me, and which lights me up whenever I hear it (I’m listening to it now, in fact) is “But Not Tonight.”


    • “But Not Tonight” Is My Favorite Song On The “Black Celebration” Album. You’re Not Just Saying That Because The Video Takes Place In L.A….Right?!?!?! hehehe πŸ˜‰


      • Believe it or not, I’d never seen the video for that song until about five seconds ago–I didn’t even know one existed.

        Now that I’ve seen it–Daphne Dezuniga! The guys in DM look like they’re 12 in this video; they look very similar to the way they looked in the “Just Can’t Get Enough” video,only blond Alan Wilder has replaced blond Vince Clarke.


        • HAHAHA! YAY!
          I OWN The Video!
          It Came Along On The “Depeche Mode Video Collection 86-98”!!!
          My Dad Got It For Me For Xmas About 7 Years Ago!
          It’s PRICELESS!
          I Think You Should Talk Mrs.RK Into Getting It For You For Xmas… Or Bday… Or Just Because It Exists!!! hahahaha


              • It’s a black & white video by Anton Corbin that came out during “Music For The Masses.” It’s got videos for Strangelove, A Question of Time (from B.C.), and some other songs for M4TM. I haven’t seen it in over 20 years, but I remember it being very good. The “Strangelove” video may be from that film (if the video is in B&W)


                  • That’s it, then! I remember one of the videos featuring Dave Gahan with a pencil-thin gambler’s mustache and a roulette wheel. I have the video for “A Question of Time,” and that’s DEFINITELY from “Strange.”
                    It’s a no-brainer that you’d love “Strange.”


                    • “Behind the Wheel” is my favorite adult song off that album, but my VERY favorite (and will be for life) is “Little 15.” Most people I know HATE that song, and you may be no different. But consider my age when that album came out.


                    • No Worries, Dude.
                      The Only DM I Dislike Was The Bulk Of “Construction Time Again” hahahaha And A Lot Of “Speak & Spell” But I Give ‘Em A Break On That One Since It’s Their First Crack At An Album πŸ˜‰ hehehe


                    • Speak & Spell is a good album for it’s time. I didn’t hear it when it came out, but it still sounded pretty fresh when I first heard it (unlike now). You just don’t like it because you have yet to embrace the Clarke. You will. Oh yes, you will.
                      So do you not even like the Martin Gore songs on that album? As a Navy dude, I’d think you’d appreciate “Tora Tora Tora.”
                      That album features one of my top ten DM songs–Photographic.


                    • “Photographic” Is The Best Song On Speak & Spell. Period.
                      I Know “Just Can’t Get Enough” Is The Song Most People Remember, But “Photographic” Is F-in Amazingly Wonderful! I Like Going For Walks With “Photographic” In My Ear!
                      RK, If Your Wife Ever Leaves You, I Want A Civil Union With You HAHAHAHA
                      You’re The Shit, Dude!!!
                      Love It LOVE IT!!!


                    • Flatterer! Start saving your quarters, bro–because I expect to be maintained in a certain style!

                      Have you heard any of the live versions of Photographic? If not, I will try to send you one, because they will take your walks to a new level.


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