I’m Simply IN LOVE With This Song!!! I Honestly DO Think ADELE Totally NAILED This One!!! One Of The Best Bond Themes In A VERY Long Time!!!
Love It LOVE IT!!!

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 It was announced this week that Adele would sing the title track for the new James Bond movie Skyfall, but lets be honest who didn’t already know, it is officially the worst-kept secret in the history of secrets. Last month Mark Kermode & Simon Mayo from the BBC 5live radio movie show “Wittertainment” joined forces with BBC Philharmonic for a James Bond special where viewers were asked to vote for their favourite Bond themes.

The top three were:

  1. Live And Let Die from Live And Let Die, Paul McCartney and Wings
  2. Nobody Does It Better from The Spy Who Loved Me, Carly Simon
  3.  Goldfinger from Goldfinger, Shirley Bassey

Its hard to argue with the top three as classic Bond themes, but along with Tom Jones they are a little predicable and lets be honest the classics aren’t always as good as we remember them. Shirley Bassey’s Moonraker was a…

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When The Pain Gets Bad Enough, It’s Time For The Ole E.R. :(

And So…

…I Went There.



I Was Simply In Too Much Agony To Avoid It.


The Doctor I Ended-Up Seeing Was Very Sympathetic To My Plight.

I Suppose He’s Broken Teeth Before, At Some Point.

One Really Has No Idea How Bad It Hurts Until It Happens To Them.

I’m A Fairly Tough Guy.

I Don’t Let Much Of Anything Get To Me.

But When I’m In Pain Beyond My Limits Of Personal Tolerance


It’s Time For The E.R.

It Turned-Out To Be The Fastest E.R. Trip I’ve EVER Gone Through.

They Had Me In And Out.

One Hour After I Signed In, I Was Headed Home.

Swift Service, Fo SHO, Kiddies.

And Now…

…I’m On Pain Meds Through Tuesday.


I Hate Pills.


…When They’re What You’ve Got To Handle Whatever You’re Dealing With…

…I Say Go For It.

I Think It’s Time For A Nap, Though.

I’m Utterly EXHAUSTED.

T’Was An Early Morning…

…And I’m Already Starting To Fade-Out.

I Sincerely Hope Y’all Are Okie The Dokie AND Coolio.

Please Be Good

Take Care

See Me Soon


Talk To Me Sooner!

Much Love To Ya, My Peeps!


Ever Break A Tooth On A Friday, After Everything Is Closed, And Can’t Even Speak To Your Dentist Until Tuesday Morning?!

MEEE TOOO, My Peeps.

MEEE TOOO, Indeed.

And It Sucks.

It Really…


Why Must Things Always Work-Out For Me In Such A Manner?

I Know My Karma Is Bad…

…My Luck Is Bad…

…My Bad Luck Is Bad…

…I’m Simply The Poster-Child For All Things BAD.


…Of Course…

…There’s Nothing I Can Do About It.

I’m Stuck.


Held Tightly In The Grip Of Things Of Which I Have No Control Over.


And I’m In Pain.


And LOTS Of Pain.

Damned Tooth.

So I Break The Bastard Friday Afternoon…

…The Dentist Is Closed Saturday And Sunday…

…And This Coming Monday IS…


A Frickin’ Frackin’ HOLIDAY!


So I’m Right.

I. Am. Stuck.


Nowhere To Go.

No-One To See.

Just Me

My Broken Tooth

And My Pain.


What A Fun Weekend This Is Going To Be, Eh?!



Fun Indeed.

I Woke-Up In A Bad’ish Mood…

…And NOW I’m Locked Into A Dreadful Mood Mode.

And It’s Not My Fault.

I Blame The Flippin’ Macadamia-Nut I Chomped Onto To Break The Damned Tooth In The First Place.

Looks Like Young Bradley Is Going To Be Making A Trip To The E.R. Before The Weekend Is Over.


I Hate That Place, Also.

Spend Hours And Hours Waiting Around…

…All To Spend 30-Seconds With A Doctor Who Doesn’t Honestly Give A Shit In The First Place.

Nice, Eh?!

Nice, Indeed.


Here’s To The Beginning Of A Dreadful Weekend.

(*clinks glass with self*)

Let Us Hope For Something Better…

…But Continue To Expect The Worst.

Then We’re Either Right…

…Or Pleasantly Surprised.

I’d Call That A Win Win…

…But Either Way It Goes I Don’t Think A Win Is Possible.

As They Say…



The Song Stuck In My Head: “BITTER SWEET SYMPHONY” by THE VERVE (1997)

‘Cause It’s A Bitter Sweet Symphony

This Life

Try To Make Ends Meet

You’re A Slave To Money

Then You Die

I’ll Take You Down The Only Road

I’ve Ever Been Down

You Know The One That Takes You To The Places

Where All The Veins Meet


*** *** ***

BITTER SWEET SYMPHONY Is The Key Song To The Band THE VERVE As It Was/Is Their Biggest Hit EVER, Released In 1997 On The AlbumURBAN HYMNS!!!

*** *** ***

“…No Change

I Can Change

I Can Change

I Can Change

But I’m Here In My Mold

I Am Here In My Mold

But I’m A Million Different People

From One Day To The Next

I Can’t Change My Mold

No, No, No, No, No. …”




What Can I Even Begin To Say About This Song…




This Is One Of Those Songs That Came-Out While I Was In High School…

…And I’ve Owned A Copy Since.

It Actually Carried Me Through My Senior Year.

Until The Song…


by EVE 6

…Came-Out In 1998…


…Was MY JAM.


The Song Is Priceless.

The Music-Video Was Brilliant.

It Simply Spoke To Me, Ya Know?!



I Started Listening To It Again Yesterday Evening…

…And It Has Dominated My Musical Thoughts, Since.

So Why Not Give It A Shout-Out, Ya Know Ya Know?!


I Don’t Honestly Have Much Of A Story To Tell With This One.

Just That It Has Been Part Of My Life For More Than 20-Years…

…And It’s Still Just As Potent To Me As Ever.

I’m Fairly Sure The Bulk Of You Know It/Remember It.

If You Don’t…


…You’re Either Too Young…

…Too Old…

…Or Too Dead.

It Was A Huge Song When Released In 1997…

…And It Continues To Please To This Very Day!



…I Just Felt Talking About This Song Would Be A Nifty Way To Get One’s Saturday Moving.

Trust Me, My Peeps…



Understanding Being “Picked Last”: A Retrospective

Do You Have ANY Idea What It’s Like ALWAYS Being Last?


I’m Talkin’ Dead Last.

Even The Portly Kid With Asthma Gets Picked Ahead Of You.

And You Really Wanted To Play.

He Didn’t.

Why Did You Want To Play, You Ask?!



You Were A Scrapper.

You’d Dive For The Ball.

You Knew How To Score.

But None Of That Mattered.

All Because You’re Just “Odd”ish.


It Was Like That, My Peeps.

No One Was Ever Sure What To Expect…

…So They Chose The…

Maybe If We Ignore Him He’ll Go Away


It Never Worked.

You Always Hung-Around.

So You Were Simply Last.

And You Hated It.

You Seethed At It.

Why Me, You Ask?

Why Not The Heavy Kid Who Couldn’t Run?

Why Wasn’t He The One They Said “Nah, We Can’t Use Him” About???

It Bugged The Shit Out Of You.

Every Time.

Never Failed.

In Youth Basketball…

…You Only Ever Got To Play At The Ends Of The 2ND Quarter…

…And The 4TH Quarter.


So You Could Foul The Other Team’s Players.

I’m F-In Serious, Kiddies.

Your Job Was To Foul.

And Did You Ever FOUL!

You Fouled-Out Of (almost) EVERY GAME YOU EVER PLAYED IN In Youth Basketball.

In Youth Baseball…


…In “T-Ball”…

…You Were…

…The Team’s Catcher.

The Most Useless Job On The Field In “T-Ball” Is The Catcher.

Even With That Slighting…

…You Seethed.

You Were Just 7-Years-Old…

…And Were Already Angry About This Whole…

…This Always Being Last, Thing.

It Hung-On You Like A Goddamn Raincloud.

It Was Always There.

At The Roller-Rink…

…When They’d Do The “Girls Pick Boys” Skate…

…You Always Ended-Up Skating With The Teacher/Guardian/Supervisor Lady.


Because You Wouldn’t Get Picked At All.

Not Because You’re Bad Looking…

…Nor Did You Smell Funny…

…But Because They Knew You.

And You Scared Them, Somehow.

It’s Weird, My Peeps.

But You Were Forced Into Hermithood Way Back When…

…And It’s Just Become You, Anymore.

I Know This Sounds Like A Disconnected Ramble.

But It’s Where My Head Went Tonight.

I Don’t Know Why

But It Did.

There Was No Trigger That I Can Remember…

…Nothing To Draw-Upon In Finding An Answer.

It’s Weird.

I’ve Just Had That On My Mind.

Perhaps Maybe Talking To Y’all About It Will Do Some Good?

Ya Think?!


Maybe Works.


It Just Sucks Always Feeling Like The 5TH Wheel

On A Motorcycle.

Think About That One For A Second.

Not For Too Long.

The Statement Loses Its Bite When You Think About It Tooo Long, Or Tooo Hard.


But It’s True.

They Say “Nice Guys Finish Last” But That’s Totally An Untrue Statement.

“Nice Guys” Finish 2ND Or 3RD Or Something Closer To The Top, Though Not The Tip Tip Tippy Top.

So Who Does “Finish Last” You Ask?

It’s The Strange Kid.

The One That Puzzles Everyone Else.


So What Happens To Said Strange Kid In The Future?


He Becomes A Blogger

…And He Lives (almost but not quite) Happily Ever After.