“Millions Long For Immortality Who Do Not Know What To Do With Themselves On A Rainy Sunday Afternoon.” –SUSAN ERTZ

NPG x27062; Susan Ertz (Mrs J.R. McCrindle) by Bassano





14 responses to ““Millions Long For Immortality Who Do Not Know What To Do With Themselves On A Rainy Sunday Afternoon.” –SUSAN ERTZ

    • Ditto, Dude.
      Ditto, Indeed.
      We Got More Than Rain, Today.
      Sleet And An Ice-Storm Were Our Dealings, Today.
      It Sucked.
      I Had Things To Do Outside.
      Ain’t Gonna Happen Now 😦


        • I Think Before I Find Someone To Love Me, And To Love In Return, I’ll Have To Find SOMEONE.
          I May Be A Total Prick At Times, But Even Total Pricks Deserve To Find True Love.
          At The Age Of 32yo, However, My Chances Are Dwindling.
          Gay Death Occurs At 30. So I’ve Got My Work Cut Out For Me. :/


          • Sweetheart, the one that will love you, will love you even when you are a prick. That’s what true love is. Believe me, it’s out there. I want you to find it. I want someone to find you, and love you for everything you are and aren’t. You are not dead, you are only beginning…

            Love, Renee


            • While It’s A Lovely Thought/Feeling, Ms. Renee…
              …I Just Don’t See It Happening.
              In Print, And Even On The Phone, I’m Kind And Loveable.
              In Person…
              …I TRY To Be Kind And Loveable.
              Notice The Difference There???
              It’s A Mighty Big Difference. 😦
              I’m A Work In Progress, I Suppose.


              • Honey we all are a work in progress. None of us are perfect. Love is not just a feeling, it’s an ability. Corny I know. But so true. I’m not very lovable in person either. I’m a brat. I’m mouthy. I’m selfish. I’m a bitch. I’m so many other things too. But I’m loved by a good man. He makes me better by loving me.

                I hope you find yours too. I do.

                Love, Renee


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