This Just Hasn’t Been My Week.

Thursday Is Half-Over And Yet I’m Already Ready For Next Week To Arrive.

I’m Hoping To Be Over It All By Then.

Hoping Being The Key Word.

I Know There Are Worse Things Out There, But This Week Has Been Loaded With Major Ups AND Downs.

I’ve Been Writing.

And Re-Writing.

And Re-Re-Writing.

I Have A Piece I’m Working On That Is Simply Destroying Me.

It’s About Something That’s Very Personal To Me, And I Just Can’t Get It Right.

It’s A Story I Think Explains A Lot About A Messy Love-History And The Person It Created.

It’s Just A Hard Story To Tell.

It’s Emotionally Draining.

Once Those Are Depleted, It Then Becomes Physically Draining To A Point Were I’m Ready To Either SCREAM Or COLLAPSE.

Thus Far, I’ve Chosen To Collapse.

I’ve Never Really Been A Good Screamer, Ya Know?!

I’ve Almost Finished The Piece.

I’m Just Copy-Editing It Now.

When It’s Ready, I Have A Good Friend Standing By To Proof-Read It For Me.

I Need To Make Sure The Story I’m Telling Makes The Point I’m Driving At.

I Can’t Half-Ass This One.

It Must Have All The Time, Love And Care I Can Afford To Lend It.

The Subject Demands It.

I Demand It.

And I Think You, My Peeps, Should Demand It, Also.



…Stay Tuned.

Once It’s Ready…

…I’m Going To Lay It All On You.

I’m Already Scared Of The Reaction.

I Don’t Know How My Readers Will Take What I’m Saying.

But It Has To Be Said.

It’s A Story About Life…

…About Love…

…About Loss…

…About Mistakes…

…About Regrets…

…And About Trying To Carry On Afterward.

Again I Say…


…Stay Tuned.

I’m Already Weary Over The Sleepless Nights It’s Causing Me.

Weary Of Crying Myself To Sleep Over It.

Weary Weary Weary.

Just Please Allow Me The Time I Need To Get It Right.

I Must Do So.


And I Know I Will.

A Quote Comes To Mind That I Think Fits This Perfectly.




I Have The Power To Be Exceptionally Patient.

Even When I’m Frothing With Impatience.

Impatiently Patient.

A Lovely Contradiction I’m Happy To Embrace.

One response to “This Just Hasn’t Been My Week.

  1. It’s natural to be worried about people’s reactions to things you say or write. But it sounds like you’re doing a lot of soul-searching over this. I don’t know exactly (or even mostly–I just have your description above) what you’re intending to say, so I can’t address it unequivocally, but I think in most cases people who take the time to read it will also take the time to understand. And sometimes, even when you’ve done something horrible (and I’m not suggesting you have; I’m more thinking of myself here), others can benefit from your experience.


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