First Of All, I Apologize…



…I Don’t Know What Secondly Is.

Just Know I’m Sorry.

I’ve Been Laid-Up For The Past Few Days.



…Feeling Like Warmed Over Asshole.

I Tried To Go For A Walk Today…

…The First Time I’d Ventured Out And About Since Thursday.

All It Got Me Was Weaker.

I’ve Dropped 12-Pounds In The The Past 3-Days.

I Can’t Eat.

I Can’t Drink.

I Can’t Anything.

I Just Lay Here.

Feeling Sorry.

The One Time I Get Invited To Spend Time With My Friends…

…I End Up Having To Bow Out Because I Can Hardly Lift Me Head.

And That Just  Makes Me Worse.

I Miss My Friends.

I Miss Them Like You Wouldn’t Believe.

I Talk To Them…

…And Yet…

…I Can’t See Them.

Talk About A Real Pisser.

It’s Very VERY Rare That My Friends Want To Spend Time With Me.

Very Rare Indeed.

Yet They Give Me A Chance…

…And  I Bow It.


I’m Simply Beside Myself.

I Haven’t Blogged In Days.

I Haven’t Seen Anyone In Days.

I Just Wanna Go Back To Bed, But I Felt I Must Get Something Out There.

I Need Something To Motivate Me.

But This Isn’t Doing It.

It’s Taking Me Forever Just To Get This Far.

What’s Wrong With Me?

Why Must I Always Get Sick Around The Holidays?

Happens Every Year.

I’d Writer More, But I Don’t Have The Energy.

I’m Weak.

I’m Tired.

I Feel Useless.

I Don’t Feel Like I Can Continue.

I Just Wanna Lay Down.

Lay Down And Drop Another 5-Pounds Or So.

Help Me, My Peeps.

Help Me Get My Strength Back.

Help Me Get Vitality Back.

Help Me.

Help, Please.

I Need It.

I Want It.

It’s A Must Have.

I Want To Spend Time With My Friends.

I Want To Be Among The World.

I Want To Be Out And About In The World.

I Just Can’t Be.


I Wanna Feel Good, Again.

I Wanna Feel Like I’m Productive, Again.

I Wanna…

…I Wanna…

…I Wanna.

What’s Wrong With Me?