I Sat Down To Write… …And Got Lost In Thought… …AGAIN!

This Is Happening Far Far FAR TOOOOOO OFTEN.


I Think Of Something I Wanna Write About…

…Then Get Muddled-Up Thinking About A Billion Other Things.

What About This?!

What About That?!

How Did I Manage This?!

What The Hell Is This?!

Why The Hell Am I Thinking About This?!

And On…

…And On…

…And On And On And On!


Drives Me Crazy!



I’m Already Carting Enough Crazy Around With Me To Convert A Small City.

I Wish I Were Joking About That…



…I’m Not.

Hell, I’m Certified!

I’ve Got The Paperwork To Prove It!

Do YOU!?


I Win.


Though, I’m Not Sure That’s Something I’d Really Wanna Claim As A Grand Victory, Ya Know?!



…The Past Few Days Have Not Treated Me Well.

Being Ill Is An Understatement.

Goddamn Sinus-Infection.

They’re Bastards From Hell, I Swear!

So Not Only Is My Head Plugged AND Pounding…

…But It Forces Me To Breathe Through My Mouth.

What Does That Amount To?!




Something I Sincerely Can’t Stand.

So I’ve Been Drinking My Weight In Water…

…And Lemonade.

I Simply LOVE Lemonade.

Must Be The Southern Portion Of My Upbringing.

That Side Of The Fam Was ALWAYS Big Into The Lemonade.

And The Sweet-Tea.

Love That Sweet-Tea.


Why Am I Talking About Lemonade And Tea?!



I’m Just Rambling!


Someone Really Needs To Step-In And Stop Me When I Start That Shit.

I Don’t Mind It, But Everyone Else Seems To Hate It.


I’m Long-Winded!



The Point Of All This Was For Me To Tell You WHY I’ve Been In Reblog-Mode.

It’s Simply Because I Haven’t Felt Great.

And Haven’t Felt Up To Writing, As I Am Now.

And NO, I’m Not Feeling Any Better Right Now.

But I Felt I MUST MUST MUST Get Something Out There To Explain My Recent Actions.

I Simply LOVE The Reblog Option.

When I Don’t Feel Quite Right…

…I Reblog.

Plain And Simple.

It Just So Happens People Have Been Talking About Things In Their Blogs That Sincerely Interest Me.


…I Kinda Figure Other Peeps Might Also Be Interested.

Am I Right?!

Are You Interested?!

I Sure As Shit Hope So.

Otherwise, What’s The Point?!

I Don’t Want To Post Things Peeps Don’t Care About…

…But Sometimes That’s An Impossible Task.


I’m Doing It Again.

I’m Rambling.

I Really Should Get That Part Of My Brain Checked-Out.

There Must Be A “Rambling OFF Button” Somewhere.

No One Has Been Able To Find Mine…


Maybe One Day?!

Maybe, Indeed.


Anyway, Kiddies…

…I’m Tired.

I Need A Rest.

I Haven’t Been Sleeping Very Well During My Current Ills.

It’s Hard To Sleep When You Can’t Breathe Through Your Nose.

This Is Something I’m VERY SURE Y’all Can Identify With.

It’s A Pisser, Fo SHO, My Peeps.


…I’m Going To Put On A Movie…

…I’m Going To Put My Feet Up…

…I’m Going To Relax To The Max…

…And I’m Going To Try My Best To NOT Do Anything Of Mention.

I Figure If I’m Not Doing Anything Worth Mentioning…


…Ya Know…

…Perhaps I Won’t Mention It.


What Movie Shall I Watch?!

I’m Thinking…







!!! !!!


Sound Good To You?!


Sounds Good To Me, Also!!

So Let’s Chill, My Peeps.

Let’s Put Up Our Feet.

Let’s Relax.

Let’s Get Lost In The World That Is Cinema.





This Is Totally Fantastically FUN!!! Something For The Whole Horror Family To Enjoy!!! hahaha

Davy and Kristin McGuire have created this phenomenal homage to Alfred Hitchcock’s masterpiece Psycho using paper crafts. The amount of detail and work that went into this project must have taken them a very long time as they’ve made this amazing video that recreates a scene from the classic film.

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Timothy Dalton IS The Most Underrated BOND Of Them All. I Loved “The Living Daylights” But It Was “Licence To Kill” That Totally Sold Me.
It’s Just Sad We Didn’t Get More Timothy Dalton In The 1990s. I Understand The Production Company’s Want For A Change, And I Do Like Pierce Brosnan… …I Just Liked Timothy Dalton’s Much Darker BOND. That’s Life, Though. We Don’t Always Get What We Want, Even When We Really Should!!! 😉
EXCELLENT Blog Post, And VERY Reblog Worthy!!!

Fandango Groovers Movie Blog

I started writing a review of The Living Daylights (1987) for my Groovers Video Vault, it quickly became clear that I was not writing about the movie but about its star, Timothy Dalton. He probably isn’t the best James Bond, but he is certainly the most underrated, probably the closest to the character Ian Fleming wrote, and possibly the most influential since Sean Connery. The review of The Living Daylights will have to wait for another day.

In 1985 a 58 year old actor played James Bond, the actor Roger Moore was playing the part for the seventh and final time in his twelve year tenure. An older Bond could have made an interesting character as it did when (the younger) Sean Connery reprised the role for the unofficial Never Say Never Again (1983), but thanks to lazy writing, Moore still playing the part as if he were a much younger man…

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The Second Best BOND ADVENTURE Of Them ALL!!!
Love It LOVE IT!!!

The MN Movie Man

The James Bond franchise is celebrating its 50th birthday this year and with the release of Skyfall I wanted to take a look back at the 22 (23 if you count the rogue Never Say Never Again, 24 if you count the 1967 spoof of Casino Royale) films that have come before it.  So sit back, grab your shaken-not-stirred martini and follow me on a trip down Bond memory lane.

The Facts:

Synopsis: James Bond investigates the hijacking of British and Russian submarines carrying nuclear warheads with the help of a KGB agent whose lover he killed.

Stars: Roger Moore, Barbara Bach, Curd Jürgens, Richard Kiel

Director: Lewis Gilbert

Rated: PG

Running Length: 125 minutes

TMMM Score: (9/10)

Review:  You know that old adage that “The third time’s the charm”?  Well, it couldn’t be more true for Moore’s third…

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An Excellent Bloggin’ing Of An Excellent Question! Check-Out What Dear Fogs Has To Say On The Subject, And Then Vote On Whom YOU Think Is “THE BEST BOND” 😀

Fogs' Movie Reviews

The big question. For years, Sean Connery was the pat answer, but lately, Daniel Craig has been making a serious run at the throne. Will the strength of the modern movie-making in his films help him unseat the King? How many fans of the campy Roger Moore era are out there? Dalton has his supporters, but just how many? Can people forgive Brosnan for the movies he was in and judge him as the Bond he was? Will anyone vote Lazenby?

Click through to read the tale of the tape!!

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“Equal Rights For All…”

“…Special Privileges For None.




“To Live Anywhere In The World Today And Be Against EQUALITY Because Of Race Or Color Is Like Living In Alaska And Being Against Snow.” –WILLIAM FAULKNER