One Of The Very Best Of ALL-TIME!
So Of Course It Deserves A Reblog!
If I Could Reblog It Twice, I’d Do It In A Heartbeat!!!
Excellent Flick…
…Fantastic Write-Up!!!

“Knowledge Of Mankind Is A Knowledge Of Their Passions.” –BENJAMIN DISRAELI






Of All The Songs To Get Stuck In My Head: “YOU’RE ONLY HUMAN (SECOND WIND)” (1985) By BILLY JOEL


*** ***

“…Just Like A Boxer In A Title-Fight

You’ve Got To Walk In That Ring Alone

You’re Not The Only One Who’s Made Mistakes

But They’re The Only Things That You Can Truly Call Your Own…”

“…Don’t Forget Your Second Wind

Wait In The Corner

Until Our Breeze Blows In…”

“…You’ve Been Keeping To Yourself These Days

‘Cause You’re Thinking Everything’s Gone Wrong

Sometimes You Just Want To Lay Down And Die

That Emotion Can Be So Strong

But Hold On

‘Til That Ole Second Wind Comes Along. …”

*** ***




…What A Way To Begin The Day, Eh?!


I Don’t Know Why I Awoke In The Mood For The Musical Stylings Of…


…But Sure Enough, I Did.

I Couldn’t Help It.

I Needed Something Upbeat…

…But With Lyrics That Were Meaningful.

When In Doubt, My Peeps…



He’s Always Got That Loving Combination Of Quality Beats/Rhythms AND Lyrics That Hold Special Meaning For Those Listening To Him.


…Always Manages To Leave Me In A Better Mood Than When He Found Me, That’s A BIG FO SHO.

Sometimes, I Know Exactly Why…

…While At Other Times, I Honestly Have No Clue As To Why I’m In A Better Mood Following A Couple Of His Jammin’ Tunes, Such As…



I Suppose It’s All Just Linked To My Childhood.


…Was A Constant Fixture Around My Home.

My Mother LOVED Him.

And That May Be An Understatement.

We Had His Music-Video Collection On The Ole VHS.

We Had The Bulk Of His Albums On The Ole CASSETTES.

He Was With Us At Home.

He Was With Us In The Car.

He Was With Us When We Went To Someone Else’s Home.

You Name It…


…Was There.



…At 30’ish’ish Years Of Age…

…I Still Can’t Get Away From The Guy.

I Have His Greatest Hits Both On The CD And On My MP3Player.

Whenever I Need A Fix…

…There He Is.




Just Kickin’-It-Back…

…Waiting For The Time When His Services Are Called To Attention.

And This Morning…

…I Needed Him.

I Awoke Kinda Pissy.

I Went To Bed Super Early, As I Did Not Feel Good.

I Missed A Few Texts And Phone-Calls.

Things I’d Been Waiting On Most Of The Day.

That’s Always Kinda Upsetting.

Nothing I Can Do About It…

…But Still Upsetting.


…I Sincerely Needed A Pick-Me-Up.


…In All His Wisdom…

…Swooped-In And Rescued Me!

Kudos, Man.

Kudos, Indeed.


It’s Now FRIDAY, My Peeps!

The Weekend Is Upon Us!

So Let’s Get This Day Out Of The Way So We Can Kick-It-Back And Enjoy It, Hey Hey!


Y’all Please Take Care Of Yourselves.

If Not For You…

…Do It For Me.

Someone’s Gotta Have A Damned Decent Day…

…And It Might As Well Be YOU!!!

I’ll Be Right Here The Bulk Of The Day…

…And I’ll Try To Keep Y’all Occupied As Best As I Can.


The Three Hardest Tasks In The World Are Neither Physical Feats Nor Intellectual Achievements, But Moral Acts…”

“…To Return LOVE For HATE, To INCLUDE The EXCLUDED, And To Say “I Was Wrong“.






Everyone Needs A Good Laugh, Fo SHO, And This One Should Do The Trick Nicely… Or… Well… Not So Nicely… But It’ll Make You Laugh Just The Same 😉 hehehe Gotta Love Smak’s Headlines, Without A Doubt And Fo SHO! hehehe

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Deaf dolphin rescued in La. will get new home in Miss.  ~ It appears to be the result of a misdiagnosis. Veterinarians originally classified the hearing-impaired cetacean as “retarded,” and Mississippi just seemed the obvious choice.

Waiting till the wedding night – getting married the right way ~ Absolutely. ‘Cause every young man dreams of someday spending his wedding night asking “What does this button do?”

Tigers’ pain: Omar Infante’s wrist broken; so is Alex Avila’s heart ~ Hopefully they’ll be distracted bu the knowledge that in meekly allowing the San Francisco Giants to figuratively bugger them in the course of sweeping the 2012 World Series they have not only brought further shame to an already ignominious and blighted city…

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