MLB Reports

Saturday April 28, 2012

MLB reports:  A new day bring a new baseball book to our world. Bob Weintraub, author has recently published his book “Painting the Corners:  A Collection of Off-Center Baseball Stories.”  Not the typical biography or instructional book – Painting the Corners is a breath of fresh air. A big part of loving baseball is sharing the stories and experiences that are a part of the game for us. As fans. Writers. Viewers. Each of us has our baseball “stories” to tell, those first-hand experiences that stuck with us during key games/moments. Now imagine these tales told by the various personnel within the game. Here is a sneak peek into the world of Painting the Corners:

Bob Weintraub’s marvelous collection of baseball stories goes directly to the core of what the game does for us when we watch it being played on the field, and shows how…

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