7th Inning Stretch Time

Well, I’m all done tinkering with all the baseballs I could identify. I have about 22 signed baseballs that I will put up for purchase, and all proceeds will go to my charity. You can check out the details here. The charity is called, Snagging Baseballs for Puppies. Some rules that you need to know: I will not accept cash. There is no exception to this rule, whatsoever. Also, all prices are negotiable but understand this; once you donate and receive the baseball, I will not accept the baseball back. It’s yours to do whatever you want with it. And in the event that you do not like what you’ve received, this is a tax-deductible charitable organization. So in other words, if you are unhappy with what you’ve essentially donated for, you can get your money back at the end of the year (most of it, anyway). Or whenever you…

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–The Following Quote Is For US (aka The Bloggin’ing World)–

We Sometimes Experience Sensations To Which Language Is Not Equal. The Conception Is Too Bulky To Be Born Alive, And In The Torture Of Thinking We Stand Dumb. Our Feelings Imprisoned By Their Magnitude, Find No Way Out, And, In The Struggle Of Expression, Every Finger Tries To Be A Tongue.



“Style In Writing Or Speaking Is Formed Very Early In Life While The Imagination Is Warm, And The Impressions Are Permanent.” — THOMAS JEFFERSON

THOMAS JEFFERSON Was Elected As OUR 3RD PRESIDENT Of The UNITED STATES Of AMERICA In 1800, Serving Two-Terms (1801-1809).

He Was The Man Directly Identified As The President Who DOUBLED THE SIZE Of The Country, With The LOUISIANA PURCHASE.

He Made His Mistakes Like Every-Other-President Before AND After Him, So I Don’t Hold Anything Against The Man.

He Would Die JULY 4TH,  1826, Just Hours Before The Passing Of Former President JOHN ADAMS.