Why Can’t I Stop Listening To -“I AM…I SAID” by NEIL DIAMOND (1971)- ???

Since It’s Been Such A Quiet And Lonely Evening, I’m Spent The Bulk Of It Listening To Some Of My Favorite Tunes.
This Particular Song Is Playing Right Now, And I’d Totally Forgotten I’d Already Blogged About It.
Do I Smell A Reblog???
You Betcha!!!
Hope You Enjoy, My Peeps, And I Hope It Helps If You’re Having A Quiet, Lonely Night.
PEACE, Kiddies!

"You Jivin' Me, Turkey?"


/  \


“…But I’ve Got An Emptiness Deep Inside

And I’ve Tried

But It Won’t Let Me Go

And I’m Not A Man Who Likes To Swear

But I Never Cared For The Sound Of Being Alone…”

… …

… …

“…I Am, I Said

To No One There

And No One Heard At All

Not Even The Chair

I Am, I Cried

I Am, Said I

And I Am Lost

And I Can’t Even Say Why. …”






It’s Turned Into One Of THOSE Nights.



Depressingly Depressing.

I Mean, Come On…

…When Do YOU Break-Out The Ole…



This Is The Only Song Of His On My…

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