“Too Many Teardrops… For One Heart… To Be Cryin’… Too Many Teardrops… For One Heart… To Carry On…” –QUESTION MARK And THE MYSTERIANS (“96 Tears” (1966))

Just A Little Something For The Sunday Crowd. A Classic Jam I Love Dearly, And I’m Always Happy To Share With People Whom Have Never Even Heard Of It.
It’s Good Stuff, Dammit!
Give ‘Er A Listen, Why Don’t Ya?!
You Should Really Just Trust Me On This One. 😉

"You Jivin' Me, Turkey?"

…You’re Way On Top Now.

.Since You Left Me.

.You’re Always Laughin’.

.Way Down At Me.

.But Watch Out Now.

.I’m Gonna Get There.

.We’ll Be Together.

.For Just A Little While.

.And Then I’m Gonna Put You.

.Way Down Here.

.And You’ll Start Cryin’.

.96 Tears

… … …



… … …

…And When The Sun Comes Up.

.I’ll Be On Top.

.You’ll Be Right Down There.

.Lookin’ Up.

.And I Might Wave.

.Come Up Here.

.But I Don’t See You.

.Wavin’ Now.

.I’m Way Down Here.

.Wonderin’ How.

.I’m Gonna Get You.

.But I Know Now.

.I’ll Just Cry.


.I’ll Just Cry…

… … …

…Too Many Teardrops.

.For One Heart.

.To Be Cryin’.

.Too Many Teardrops.

.For One Heart.

.To Carry On.

.You’re Gonna Cry.

.96 Tears


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