“The World Belongs To The Enthusiast…”

“…Who KEEPS His COOL.”


McFeePortrait (via twainquotes.com)







This Quotation Is Dedicated To THE SPARK.

THE SPARK Who Keeps Me Grounded, By Constantly Reminding Me To Keep My Cool.

THE SPARK Also Knows When I Need To Be Built Up; To Allow My Head And Heart To Soar!

It’s Exceptional Advice, My Peeps.

Especially For Someone Like Myself Whom Always Seems To Leave His Cool In His Other Pants.

Life Is Loaded With Balance, IF One Is Lucky Enough To Find It.

Of Late, I Have Been So Lucky.

So Very, VERY Lucky.

Can Anyone Truly Ask For More?!

Nah.  I Didn’t Think So, Either.

😉       😀

So... Are YOU Jivin Me -questionmark-

“When It Shall Be Said In Any Country In The World…”

“…My Poor Are Happy… Neither Ignorance Nor Distress Is To Be Found Among Them… My Jails Are Empty Of Prisoners… My Streets Of Beggars… The Aged Are Not In Want… The Taxes Are Not Oppressive… The Rational World Is My Friend, Because I Am The Friend Of Its Happiness. When These Things Can Be Said, Then May That Country Boast Its Constitution And It’s Government.”