I Remain Conscious, Even While Dreaming In My Sleep.

—At Least, I’m Pretty Sure I Do.  It Feels Like I Do.  When I Wake-Up Wake-Up, I’m Exhausted. Regardless Of How Long I’ve Laid There, I’m Exhausted.

It Doesn’t Make Sense.

I Remember My Dreams… …All Of My Dreams.

My Dreams Are (put mildly) Simply Fu*ked-Up.


They’re Wild.

They’re Vivid.

They’re Crazy.

They’re Awesome.

They’re Dangerous.

They’re Beautiful.

They’re Horrid.

They’re Amazing.

They’re Disturbing.

All At The Same Time.

If Our Dreams Are A Reflection Of Ourselves, Our True Selves, Then I Sincerely Haven’t A Clue As To What To Say Next.

Perhaps I Sincerely Shouldn’t Have A Clue As To What To Say Next.

I Already Feel Like An “Odd Duck” In Many MANY Ways, So I Just Hope That, In This Instance, I’m No More Odd Than The Rest Of You.

Dreams Are A Very Funny Thing, My Peeps.

Sometimes, I Wish They’d Come True.

Sometimes, I Pray They Don’t Come True.

Sometimes, I Know They’re Going To Come True Whether I Want Them To Or Not.

Sometimes, Sometimes, Sometimes.


Let The Day Begin, Already.

Time, Brother, You’re Holding Me Up.

I’ve A Place To Go…

…A Person To See…

…A Life To Live.

Right, Kids?!


So... Are YOU Jivin Me -questionmark-

“There Is NO Remembrance Which Time Does Not Obliterate…”

“…NOR Pain Which Death Does Not Terminate.”


Miguel_de_Cervantes_at_the_National_Library (via Wikipedia)







Pain + Pleasure = Nope, Still In Pain :(

Can Tuesday PLEASE Hurry The Hell Up?!


It’s Very VERY True What They Say About Time.

It Always Seems To Take Its Sweet-Ass-Self When We Really Need It To Hurry The Hell Up, Ya Know?!

It’s Like…

…I Know Time Is A Constant In Our World…

…But It Just Seems To Be Dragging Its Ass This Weekend.

It’s Just Because I Dislike Physical Pain/Discomfort.

The Meds Help A Bundle, Sure Sure…

…But They Don’t Help Enough For Me To Simply Say…

Eh, Let Time Take Its Time. I Don’t Mind.

Quite The Contrary.

I Desperately NEED Time To Hurry The Hell Up.



As A Human…

…There Are Certain Types Of Pain I ALSO Consider To Be A Bit Of A Pleasure.

I Won’t Get Into The Gory Details…

…But Y’all Know I’m Right.

Alas, Broken-Tooth-Pain Is NOT One Of Those Pleasurable Pains.

It’s Almost Maddening, Honestly.

I’m A Big Girl’s Blouse When It Comes To Pain Like This.


…I Did Spend The Bulk Of My Sunday Asleep.

Thanks To The Meds, Sleeping Was All I Really Wanted To Do.

When In Pain…



Am I Right, Or Am I Right?!


I Know I’m Right.

You Know I’m Right.

WE ALL Know I’m Right.


The Meds Are Kicking My Butt As We Speak.

I Woke-Up At 4:54AM…

…And I’m Already Ready To Go Back To Bed.


…I Do NOT Plan To Spend The Entire Day Sleeping.

I Have A Bundle Of Little Projects I Simply MUST Work On.

Let’s Just Hope Today Goes Swimmingly Well.

I Doubt It Will…

…But There Ain’t Nothin’ Wrong With A Little Hopin’…

…Ya Know Ya Know?!



…I Just Wanna Say THANK YOU, My Peeps.

THANK YOU For All The Kind Words AND Your Heartfelt Sympathies.

Just Gotta Get Through Today.

Tomorrow SHOULD Be A Much Better Day.

SHOULD Being The Key Word There.

I’ve Got My Fingers Crossed!

I Hope You Do, Also!


I Shall Be Hollering At Y’all Throughout The Day, Kiddies.

Until Then…