“It Is A Black-Art, And I, HARU, Am The Blackest Of The Black. Or, Rather, The Great White Black-Art…Blackest…Master.” –HARU (Chris Farley in “BEVERLY HILLS NINJA” (1997))

The Nephew Wanted To Stay Up Late, So I Decided We Should Watch A Movie.

Since It Was My Idea, It Also Became My Responsibility To Select The Flick We’d Be Kickin’-Back With.

I Wanted Something That Would Make Him Laugh.

I Also Wanted Something That Was Appropriate For Staying-Up-Late And Actually Staying Awake.

My Decision Was More Like Instinct Than A Thought-Out-Reaction.

I Immediately Said

Holy Shit, I Know Where That Old Copy Of Beverly Hills Ninja Is!!! SWISH!!!”

And It Was Done.

Here It Is.

Beverly Hills Ninja (1997)


I Know, Right.


Uncle Brad Shoots

Uncle Brad Hits Paydirt!!!



Whatever You Wanna Call It.

It Went Over Great.

And Now, He’s In Bed Sleeping Away.

And I’m Awake.

Writing This.

For You.

Because I Care, And So Should You.



😀          😀

Sleep Sweet, My Peeps.

I’m Going To Be Trying To Very Soon, I Promise.


Only When I Cease To Breathe Will I Be Dead, Tanley!” —HARU

😀       😛       😉       🙂