I Felt Like Warmed-Over-Arse…

…So I Spent The Bulk Of My Saturday In Bed.

I Simply Couldn’t Function.


I Felt Tired…

…I Felt Lethargic…

…I Felt Mopy And Draggy…

…I Simply Couldn’t Operate Up To Factory Specs.

And I Don’t Even Know What Was Wrong With Me.

It’s Very VERY Unusual For Me To Spend So Much Time Sleeping.

Some Folks Get Away With It…

…But Not I.

And Upon Awaking…

…I Found That I Had Silly Hands.

Silly Hands Means My Hands Are Twitchy.

I Can’t Get Them To Do Exactly As I’d Like…

…Or Exactly As They Would Normally Work.

I Mean, Come On Hands, Work For Me, Dammit, And Work NOW!

It’s Taken Me Forever And A Day Just To Type This Much.

It Sucks.

It Blows HARD, And Not In A Good Way.

There’s Nothing Pleasant About Having Silly Hands.

They Plague Me.

They Are The Bane Of My Existence.

They Cause So Many Issues.

As I Type Onward, They Don’t Improve.

They Only Get Worse.

You Try Typing With Silly Hands.

Or Try Pouring, AND Carrying, A Cup Of Coffee With Them.

Silly Hands Are What Have Kept Me From Doing Any Type Of Technical Work.

Hard To Work On Someone’s Computer When Your Hands Don’t Want To Operate Like They Should.

It’s Maddening.

It’s Frustrating.

It’s A Whole Bunch Of Horseshit, Is What It Is.

And There’s Nothing I Can Do About It.

I Simply Have To Let Them Pass.

Eventually, My Hands Will Go Back To Normal.

Or, As Normal As They’ll Get.

Which Ain’t So Normal.

And NOW I’m Realizing I’ve Spent This Much Time Talking About My Hands.



Get Me On A Roll About Something, And I’ll Just Babble On And On About It.

My Bad.

What I Meant To Be Talking About Was My Health.

I Don’t Feel Right.

I Don’t Feel Well.

I Feel…


…How Do I Feel?

I Feel…


Does Crappy Fit Here?

Crappy SHOULD Fit Here.

I’m Just Not Me.

I Haven’t Been Me All Damned Day.

I Wasn’t Me All Of Yesterday.

Hell, I Wasn’t Even Me This Past Friday.

Just Tired.

Just Draggy.

Just Mopy.

I’d Say I Need To Get Out-N-About And Do Something.

I Would Do So.

But I Sincerely Don’t Know If I’ve Come-Down With Something.

My Temp Was Up A Touch Friday.

I Didn’t Take It Saturday, As I Knew I Didn’t Feel Good.

Perhaps I Should Take It Today?!

Perhaps, Indeed.

I’m Gonna Stop This, Now.

I’m Talking Way Too Much, And For No Good Reason.

As I Said, When I Don’t Feel Good, And I Get On A Topic, I Have The Tendency To Babble.

So I Shall Leave You Be, My Peeps.

I Promise To Work More, Today.

Working Generally Quells My Ill-Feelings.

Let’s Just Hope It Works In This Instance.

I Think I’ll Pop-On A JAMES BOND Flick On The Ole Blu-ray.

That Usually Helps Me Relax.

I’m Thinking…


…How About…


…The Flick That Has Become My Favorite Of The ROGER MOORE Bond Adventures.


That Sounds Good.

Some I’m Gonna Go For That.

Why Not, Eh?!

Why Not, Indeed.


Y’all Take Care.

Y’all Be Good.

Y’all See Me Soon.

Y’all Talk To Me Sooner.

I Foresee Another Day In Bed.

Nothing Wrong With That When You’re Sickly, Right?!