Pissed-ON!?! Pissed-OFF?!? In This Instance, It Felt Like BOTH!!!

Ever Has One Of Those Moments When You Awaken In The Morning (the wee wee hours of said morning), And Something Doesn’t Feel Quite Right??

You Feel Around Lightly, And Are Quickly Able To Notice You’re Soaked.

You’re Laying In Your Own Bed, And The Physical Sensations Are Telling You One Thing…


At That Moment, A Touch Of A Giggle Is Met With The Horrifying Power Of Anger.

“Yes, I’m Now Completely DRENCHED And Exceptionally PISSED-OFF!!”

So, I Slowly Try To Roll Out Of What I’m Sure Is A Large Puddle In The Center Of My Bed.

Suddenly, As I Slowly turn…

…I Here A *crumple* *crumple* *crunch* Noises.

So I Quickly Make The Decision And Say, “TO HELL WITH THIS!” As I Jumped Up From My Now Soiled Mattress.

I Check My Clothes First For Conformation.

Sure Enough, My Crotch, My Ass, My Hips, My Sleep-Pants, My Sleep Shirt, All Of Me Is Practically Sopping-Wet.

Then, Upon Further Investigation…

…I Found The Culprit Behind It All.


Open Water Bottle In My Bed

Apparently, Bradley Got Thirsty In His Sleep.

He Reached His Water Bottle, Opened It, Possibly Took A Drink, And Then Proceeded To Roll Back Over Into Sleep.

So, My Peeps, I Was Very VERY Pissed At The Notion That I’d Pissed-Myself…

…And Simply Felt Like An Embarrassed-Fool Upon Realizing I Hadn’t Been PISSED ON.


That Was At 4AM’ish’ish.

It’s Now 5AM’is’ish.

So, Good Morning To You, My Peeps.

May Your Day Be Filed With Enjoyable Moments.

I Won’t. I’m Seeing The Dentist, Today.

I Never Leave There With A Smile, That’s Fo SHO.

Dammit. 😦

Anyway, You Kids…

…Have A Damned Decent Day Out There. πŸ˜€

So... Are YOU Jivin Me -questionmark-

When The World Throws You Lemons… …Cover Your Eyes… …Maybe?

Wouldn’t Ya Just Know It!?!

I Go Outside To Have A Nice Walk-About…

…Get MAYBE 10-Minutes Into Said Nice Walk-About…

…And I Step Off The Curb A Little Funny And Roll My Bad/Weak Left-Ankle!


Par For The Course, I’m Guessin’.

Was Having Such A Damned Decent Morning…

…I Just Knew Knew KNEW Something Was Gonna Go Wrong.

Always Does.

Doesn’t It?!



It Does.


…I Limped On Home…

…Grabbed Some Cold Water And A Couple Aspirin…

…And Now I’m Telling Y’all About It.


Because That’s What I Do.




I Still Think This Could Be A Good Day.

I Know I Know…

…It’s Early.

Isn’t Even Noon Yet.

At Least…

…Not Where I Am.

So There’s Still More Than Half-A-Day Looming Ahead.

What Kind Of Day Shall Proceed To Progress?!


Who The Hell Knows, Really!?

I Sure Don’t.

You Probably Don’t.

So We Collectively Don’t.

I Suppose This Is One Of Those Times Where Being Like Everyone Else Is Acceptable.

I Would LIKE To Know What The Remains Of The Day Have In Store For Me.

I Just Simply…



Don’t Know.

I’m Totally Hoping For Something Grand…

…While I’m Totally Expecting Something Horridly Awful.

It’s Just My Personality.

Once A Pessimist…

…Usually A Pessimist.

But But But I’m Only A Pessimist For One Glaring Reason…

I Like Being RIGHT

…And/Or Pleasantly Surprised.


Are You Any Different?!


Sometimes, Maybe?!

Maybe Not At All?!

Maybe Maybe?!

How’z’bout We Go With “Maybe Maybe” On This One!?

Gives You The Most Wiggle-Room.

Ya Know?!