What’s On Now?! Gene Hackman in Francis Ford Coppola’s “THE CONVERSATION” (1974)

Filmed In 1974 In-Between…




…It Has Always Been Easy To Consider This Flick…


The Conversation (1974)

…As An Almost Totally Forgotten Classic.

It Was Written, Produced AND Directed By…


And I, Honestly, Don’t Know Too Many People Whom Have, Honestly, Seen It.

I Hadn’t Seen It In Many Years, Until Borrowing It From A BFF ((Whom I Sincerely Need To Be Hanging With More Often, Anyway)).

I Saw It There In His Movie Collection And Immediately Said To Him…

“I Need To Borrow THE CONVERSATION, Dude.”

To Which He Replied…

THE CONVERSATION?! Sure, Sure!! It’s A Good One!!”

And Ya Know What, My Peeps?

It Is.

It’s A Good One.

It’s A Very VERY Good One, Indeed.


…Is Generally Known For Playing…


…Rather Volatile Characters?

(((I.E. "Popeye Doyle", "Reverend Scott", "Lex Luthor", "Little Bill Daggett", "Captain Ramsey", etc etc etc)))

But, In This Flick, He Gives One Of The Most Quiet, Understated Performances You’re Likely To Ever Find.

And It’s Brilliant.

Quiet, Understated Brilliance.


His Performance Is So Spot On Perfect, It’s Almost Tooo Good.

I’ve Known People Like “HARRY CAUL”, The Reserved Wire-Tapper Character He Portrays.

You See, “HARRY CAUL” Is A Professional Surveillance Expert.

He’s Been Hired To Bug A Conversation Between Two People; A Possibly Unfaithful Woman And Her Possible Lover.

Sounds Simple Enough, Right?!

But, Now Those Whom Hired Him Want The Tapes, And It Appears They’re Willing To Kill For Them.

Now “HARRY” Is Listlessly Lost Within A Web Of Deceit, Mystery, Paranoia And Murder.

This Is Very Honest Acting, Writing, AND Directing, My Peeps.

It’s Very Nearly Priceless.

In Short?

I Loved It.

I Still Love It.

I’ve Now Watched “THE CONVERSATION” TWICE This Week, Just To Be Sure I’m Sure Sure Of What I’m Saying.

And NOW…


…I Suppose I Should Get Crackin’ On Viewing Number THREE.

I’ve Gotta Make Sure Sure Sure, Ya Know?!



😉       🙂       😀