A Quote And Some Necessary Words… …Ya Know… …Because I Can.

Alright, My Peeps…

…I’m Sure You’ve Noticed A Bit Of A Change AND Change-Back In Regard To My Recent Bloggin’ings.

There, For A Little Bit, I Was Putting Much Much More Of MYSELF Into That Which I’d Written.


…Rather Suddenly…

…I Pulled Myself Back.

I Had Quickly Felt I Was Putting Too Much Of Me-Me Out There To Y’all.

I Know Putting One’s Self Out There Is Generally Considered Part Of The Game Which We Call “Writing”…

…And I Just Wasn’t Sure Where I Was Going With It All.

I’m Still Not Totally Totally Sure.

We Talked About My Sleep (or lack there-of).

We Talked About My Mental State AND The Personal Difficulties Surrounding Said Mental State.

We Talked About A Lot.


…I Talk To Y’all More Than I Talk To My Shrink.

Odd As It May Sound…

I Was A Lot More Comfortable Telling Y’all What Was Up.



…So What’s This Quote Bid-nass I Eluded To In My Headline?

It’s Actually One Of My Faves…

…And I Felt It’s Something I Should Share With Y’all.

*** *** ***



*** *** ***


…I Know For A Fact He’s Pretty Much Right.

You Can Be The Best At What You Do…

…But Without Constantly Working At It….

…You’ll Always Have That Looming Cloud Of “Waning-Skills” On Your Horizon.

With The Bulk Of Things In Life…

…One Must Keep At It.

At Least…

You Do If You Want To Improve And Make Whatever It Is Better And Better.

That’s A Fairly Established Fact, My Peeps.

You Know It.

I Know It.

We Know It.

Do I Have A Gift?!


Not Really.

If I Do Have A Gift, It’s The Gift Of “LOVING TO WRITE”…

…Whether I’m Good At It, Or Not.

Do I Have A Painstakingly Cultivated Skill That’s Taken Me Many MANY Years To Merely Get This Far-Along?


Yes I Do.

Am I Satisfied With The Results Of Said Cultivation?


No I’m Not.


Because That’s The Other Side Of The Coin.

One With This Sort Of Skill Can NEVER Be Totally Satisfied.

Never Never Never Ever Never.

You Can’t Be.

It’s Personal Evolution, My Peeps.

We Keep The Same That Which We Can…

…And We Must Work At Bettering The Rest.

I’ve Been Tinkering With Writing Since The Age Of 3-Years-Old.

I Simply Love Telling Stories.

Whether It Be Fiction, Or Not.

Whether It Be A Review Of Something, Or A Non-Review Review.

Whether It Be (almost) Telling A Humorous Anecdote, Or (almost) Telling A Joke.

Whether It Be Playing Off Of The Quotation Of Another Person.

Each One Requires A Different Type Of Mindset…

…And Therefore A Different Style Of Writing Is Called-For.

If You Do Everything The Same Way, You’re Likely Bound For Eventual Failure.


…Eventual Failure Is Part Of Our Community Called Writing.

Not Every Piece You Write Is Going To Be Widely Accepted, Nor Hailed As A Victory.

And All Of This Comes About Through Hard Work, And Determination.

The Skill Of Writing Is Important.

But There Are Other Skills Involved.

And They’re Different For Each And Every Person.

What Motivates One Doesn’t Necessarily Motivate Another.


…I Want You To Know I DO Plan To Dig A Bit Deeper Inside Myself.

I Want To Be Able To Tackle Any AND Every Topic That Pops Into My Head, Regardless Of How Odd, Or Crazy, It Sounds.

I Want To Be Able To Show-Off My Skills…

…And I Want To Be Able To Continue Evolving My Personal Style.


…In Every Sense Of The Word…

…Is What We’re Chasing Here.

Like They Say…

"Always The Same... ...Always Changing."

That’s How I Feel Abouy This…

…This Writing Bid-nass.

It Can’t Take You Very Far If It’s Just Like Everyone Else’s…

…Nor Can It Take You Very Far If You Don’t Put Yourself Into It.

You Simply Must Must MUST, My Peeps.

And I Will Be.

I Must Must Must.

You Can Win The Hearts And Minds Of A Few Peeps If You Churn-Out The Same-Ole-Same-Ole…

…But I Don’t Want That.

I Want To Win The Hearts And Minds Of A Larger Swath Of Peeps Because They Truly Enjoy What I’m Doing.

And I Sincerely Think People Respect An Artist More-So When Said Artist Is Doing Things A Little Differently Than The Rest Of The Pack.

I Can’t Think About It In Any-Other-Way.

And You Really Shouldn’t, Either.

One MUST To Bring Something New To The Table.


And I Think I Will.