The MRI Is Scheduled…

…So Now I Wait.

I’m A Professional At Waiting.

My Whole Life Has Been A Series Of “Waiting Games” And I’m Sure It Has Been The Same For A Lot Of You.




It Seems Like All We Ever Do Is Wait.

I Hate Waiting.

I Sincerely Do.

I’m Good At It.

But, I Still Hate It.

I Just Don’t Know What To Think.

Or, What I Should Think?

Or Even, What’s Available To Me In Regard To Thinking?

The Whole Time I Was In The Emergency Room…

…The Whole Time I Was Thinking About Someone Else.

The Doctor, Or Nurse, Would Come In To Speak With Me…

…And All I Was Concerned About Was Him.

How He’d Feel.

My Life, As Far As I Was Concerned, Was On The Line…

…And He Was All I Thought About.


Of All Things…


If The Almost “Stroke” I Had Would Have Finished Me, What Would He Think?

Would It Devastate Him?

Would It Momentarily Cripple Him?

Would He Even Give Two-Shits?

And I Thought About Loving Him.

How I’ve Kept Quiet.

How I’ve Left Him Alone Because I Knew Doing More Than That Would Upset Him.

Does That Make Me Pathetic?

Knowing I’ve Accepted My Role On The Sidelines?

I Don’t Want To.

I Really Don’t.

But It’s “THAT” Or “NOTHING”.

And Between The Two…


…I’d Accept “THAT”.


…The Point Of This Was The MRI.

It’s Set.

It’s In The Computer.

We’re Ready.

I’m Hoping It’s Clean…

…Just The Same As I’m Hoping To Find Something.

Either Way…

…At Least I’ll Know SOMETHING.

To Me, That’s A Preference.

Good Or Bad, I Wanna Know What’s Up.

Ya Know?!



UPDATE: Thy “Missy” She Is Mending… …This Time.

Well, My Peeps…

…I Think The Official Word Of “Mending” Is Highly Appropriate Here.

She’s Still A Touch Lethargic…

…And She’s A Touch Touchy…


…She Has Eaten More In The Past TWO-DAYS…

…Than She Ate Over The Previous TWO-WEEKS!

I Have To Keep Telling Her To Slow Down, And To Remember To Breathe!


That’s One VERY Hungry Kitty, Fo Flippin’ SHO!


She Doesn’t Listen, Of Course, But I Know She Knows What The Hell I’m Saying!


So What’s Next For Her?!


Today Is Her Last Day Of Antibiotics…

…And She Has A Few More Days Of Steroid Pills To Pop.

I Sincerely Hate Hate HATE Having To Give Her Meds At All.

I Know How They Screw-Up My Systems While They’re Healing Me…

…And I Imagine What She’s Going Through Is Similar.

Just Gotta Get Through A Couple More Days Before I Give The “ALL CLEAR” Signal.

I Don’t Wanna Jump The Proverbial Gun…

…But I Do Believe She’s Gonna Be Okie-The-Dokie…

…This Time.



…And “MISSY“…

…Both Kindly Thank You.

Let’s Just Hope We’re Not Going Through This Crap Again For A Long While…

…Fo SHO Fo SHO, My Peeps!

πŸ˜€Β Β Β Β Β Β  πŸ˜€