I Know I’ve Been A Reblog Whore Of Late, But I DO Have My Reasons…

Mainly, Ive Been Out Living My Life.

And, Honestly, It Has Been WILD.

Not WILD As InExotic“…

More LikeChaotic“…’ish.

My Emotional RollerCoaster Continues.

But, Without Some Of Those Emotional Lows, Would I Really Appreciate All Those Emotional Highs So So SO Keenly???


Doubtful, Indeed.

Im Taking The Good With The Bad, But Im Content With The Give And Take.

It Seems Only Fair.

My Head And My Heart Have BOTH Been Working Overtime.

Often, Theyve Been Working Said Overtime In Opposing Manners.

And, While There Are A Few Moments Ive Disliked, I Remain Happy.

Thats The Primary Goal, Right?!

The Happiness?!

The Joy?!

The Good Stuff?!

Thats The Game Im Playing, Right Now.

I Dont Really Know If I’m Winning Or Losing

But I FEEL Like Im Winning.

Maybe Thats The Whole Point?!


I Can Handle AMaybe?!” Alllll Niiiiiiiiight Loooooooong!!!

๐Ÿ™‚ย ย ย ย ย ย  ๐Ÿ˜‰ย ย ย ย ย ย  ๐Ÿ˜€

So... Are YOU Jivin Me -questionmark-

Songs That Make Me Smile: “CHRISTMAS In HEAVEN” by MONTY PYTHON (1983))


The Snow Falls From The Sky

But, Its Nice And Warm

And Everyone Looks Smart, And Wears A Tie…”

…. ….

Monty Python Sings - Monty Python (via Amazon.com)

…. ….


Theres Great Films On TV

The SOUND Of MUSIC, Twice An Hour

And JAWS I, II, And III…”

… … …

.. ..


Ill Just Say It Now

I Don’t Honestly Have Much To Say About This One.

I Just Kinda Figured Everyone Could Use A Good Smile, And A Good Giggle.



Seemed Like The Perfect Solution.

Was I Correct?!


Well, When Have I Ever Turned-Down A Quality MAYBE?” That Yall Know Of?!


Tis A Very Rare Occurrence, Indeed.

Today Is No Different.

Should It Be?!


Not. At. All.

I Sincerely Hope Everyone Has A Mighty Fine Day.

Please Take Care, My Peeps.

Enjoy Your Holidays.

I Know Not Everyone Celebrates The Same One

Nor In The Same Way

So, I’ll Just Content Myself With That.

Fair Enough?!



๐Ÿ˜‰ย ย  ๐Ÿ™‚ย ย  ๐Ÿ˜€

Does Life Get Any Easier After A Difficult Admission?!?

In Short…


It’s Very New To Me, So I’m Still Trying To Handle It.

I Risked A Lot, I Believe.

I Risked Losing One Of The Very Best People I Know, Simply Because I Found I Cared For Them Much More Than I’d Ever Expected To.

How Do You Tell Someone You Love That You Really Do Love Them, Knowing Ahead Of Time The Best Response You’re Bound To Receive Is I Know???

It’s Not Easy.

Not By Any Stretch Of The Imagination.

In Fact, At The Time, It Was Painful.

I Just Had A Feeling It Wasn’t Going To Go Over Well.

Honestly, I Expected It To Go Over Like A Turd In The Punch-Bowl.

Lucky For Me, The Person I’m Speaking Of Cared More About Our Friendship Than Even I Knew.

I Did Get The I Know But I Also Got An It’s Alright And An I Understand

…Neither Of Which Was I Honestly Expecting.

I Just Knew I Was About To Lose Someone Very Important To Me Because I Cared About Them Way Too Much.

But, I Didn’t.

I Didn’t Lose Them.

In Fact, I Think Our Bond Will Be Even Stronger.

Now That They Know How I Feel, I Don’t Feel The Enormous Weight Pressing Upon Me.

I Don’t Feel The Desperation.

The Want, The Need, To Just Say Something.

I Had Made The Choice To Suffer In Silence For A Long Time Over This.

Perhaps That Part Was A Mistake?


But, Honestly, I Don’t Think So.

I Think The Suffering Part Actually Helped.

Once I Was Finally Able To Work-Up The Courage To Say Something…

…I Went For It.

I Said It.

And I Made Sure I Was Understood.

Now That We’re All Clear On It, I Feel So Much Better.

Well, Better Than I Have For A While.

A Long While.

I’ve Made So Many Mistakes Along The Way.

Mistakes I Can Never Take Back, Nor Ever Be Forgiven For.

I’ve Hurt Some Important People In My Life, While I Was Struggling With My Own Pain And Hurting.

I Suppose One Could Say I Was Projecting My Anguish Onto Others?

I Was Making Others Suffer As I Suffered.

And I Can’t Justify It.

Not. A. Bit. Of. It.

So Now, I’m Left Wondering What The Next Step Is?

Where Do I Go From Here?

In All Honesty, My Peeps, I Haven’t The Foggiest.

I Know Life Will Never Be Easy…

But Perhaps Now It Will Be A Little Easier?


I’ll Take A “Maybe?” At This Point, Fo SHO!

So... Are YOU Jivin Me -questionmark-


“How Old Would You Be If You Didn’t Know How Old You Was?” –SATCHEL PAIGE





When The World Throws You Lemons… …Cover Your Eyes… …Maybe?

Wouldn’t Ya Just Know It!?!

I Go Outside To Have A Nice Walk-About…

…Get MAYBE 10-Minutes Into Said Nice Walk-About…

…And I Step Off The Curb A Little Funny And Roll My Bad/Weak Left-Ankle!


Par For The Course, I’m Guessin’.

Was Having Such A Damned Decent Morning…

…I Just Knew Knew KNEW Something Was Gonna Go Wrong.

Always Does.

Doesn’t It?!



It Does.


…I Limped On Home…

…Grabbed Some Cold Water And A Couple Aspirin…

…And Now I’m Telling Y’all About It.


Because That’s What I Do.




I Still Think This Could Be A Good Day.

I Know I Know…

…It’s Early.

Isn’t Even Noon Yet.

At Least…

…Not Where I Am.

So There’s Still More Than Half-A-Day Looming Ahead.

What Kind Of Day Shall Proceed To Progress?!


Who The Hell Knows, Really!?

I Sure Don’t.

You Probably Don’t.

So We Collectively Don’t.

I Suppose This Is One Of Those Times Where Being Like Everyone Else Is Acceptable.

I Would LIKE To Know What The Remains Of The Day Have In Store For Me.

I Just Simply…



Don’t Know.

I’m Totally Hoping For Something Grand…

…While I’m Totally Expecting Something Horridly Awful.

It’s Just My Personality.

Once A Pessimist…

…Usually A Pessimist.

But But But I’m Only A Pessimist For One Glaring Reason…

I Like Being RIGHT

…And/Or Pleasantly Surprised.


Are You Any Different?!


Sometimes, Maybe?!

Maybe Not At All?!

Maybe Maybe?!

How’z’bout We Go With “Maybe Maybe” On This One!?

Gives You The Most Wiggle-Room.

Ya Know?!




Can 10-(GRUELING)-Hours Of Psycho-Analysis Make A Person Feel Better? Maybe?!


…My Peeps…

…I’m Unsure As To Why…

…But The Past Two Days Have Been Much Better For Me.

I’ve Felt A Little Bit Better About A Great Many Things.

I May Not Be Totally Over Anything…

…But I’m A Little More Over A Bundle Of Things…

…Which Is Just Like Shedding Something Rather Large And Suffocating.

I’ve Been In A Better Mood.

I’ve Been Feeling A Touch More Spring In The Ole Step.

And It’s All Been Since I Had My Psychological Evaluation.

I Went Into The Experience Obsessing Over It, And Dreading It.

The Experience Itself Was Horrible.

But These Past Two Days…

…As I’ve Said…

…Have Shown Me A Little Peace.


I Know It May Not Last…

…Though I Can Try To Make It Last As Long As Possible.

Y’all Already Know I’m A Damn Dandy Try-er-er, Fo SHO.

So MAYBE This Is A Good Thing.

Perhaps I’m Riding A Personal High For The First Time In A Long Time.


I Believe It To Be Possible.



…Don’t Go Gettin’ All Excited.

It’s Just Two Days.

Hell, It’s Not Even A Full 48-Hours, Yet.

It’s Been About 39-Hours, Actually.

But I DO Feel Better.

And I AM In A Better Mood.

And I AM I AM Going To Do All I Can To Sustain It For As Long As I Can.



Will BRAD Figure It ALL Out?!

Does BRAD Need MORE Coffee?!




How Will You Know?!


Guess You’ll Have To Tune-In.

Same BRAD-Time.

Same BRAD-Channel.

(hehehe I Just Love Sayin' That!)


I Do Promise Further Updates In The Coming Days.

I Know A Few Of You Are Keeping Up-To-Date With Me On This…

…So I Won’t Leave You Hangin’.

At Least…

…I Won’t Leave You Hangin’ FOREVER.

It’s Just Nice To Be Feeling Like I Would Prefer To Feel…


…How I Always Feel.


…I Can Feel Empathy.

So What If It’s Toward Myself?!

It Still Counts, Doesn’t It?!





Follow-Up to My Prior-Bloggin’ing… of sorts… “Maybe?”…


It’s been The General Answer…

…thus far.

I Can Work With “Maybe?”, Though.

— At a Few Past “Occupations” I’ve had The Misfortune/Fortune to…

“Last In (for a bit)”…

…yeah… Lots and Lots of “Maybe?”.

“Maybe?” Upon “Maybe?” Upon… blah blah blah and so-on ย and so-forth.

“Maybe?” Is Very Powerful On Human Beings.

“Maybe?” Can EXCITE YOU Like Nobody’s Business…

“Maybe?” Can Also CRUSH YOU Like Anybody’s Business…

Damn Powerful Word.

Thrown About Very-VERY-Loosely, It Is. —

Sometimes, It’s Like People TOTALLY FORGET How Getting A “Maybe?” Can Play and Play and Play on The Mind Of The Other Person Who’s Catching The “Maybe?”!!

Honestly, I Do Tryย ANDย Try NOT To Leave ANYTHING Open To A “Maybe?”.


— While Some People Say So Simply…

“Plan For The Worst, Hope For The Best.”

I’m Sure They’ve “Maybe?” Never Met Me Before.

I Find “Maybe?” (nearly) “Maybe?” Insulting At Times, whether It’s about something “Up Lifting!” or “Devastating!”.

Other Times…

“Maybe?” is All You’ve Got.


Since Those Who Know Me Well Enough Already Know…

“Maybe?” RARELY Goes Over Well…


I Suck-HARD at “Maybe?”.

“Maybe?” and Bradley Struggle To Co-Exist.




Exactly My Point.

The “Maybe?” is for stuff like…

…”Is There A God?”…

…”Are We Alone?”…

…”Did You Hear That?”…

…”Is This Meat Bad?”…

…”Did You See That?”…

…”Am I Talking Too Much Again?”…

…”Are Those My Pants?”…

…”Did YOU Do This!?”…

…”Is That Chief O’Brien…er… uh… Colm Meaney?”…

I Was SO Glad When THAT “Maybe?” Was Answered With… … …


— I Got a Colm Meaney Fix… for a bit… with The Film “Law Abiding Citizen”.

I Was Damn Happy To See HIM Then, Also.

I Just Hate “Jamie Foxx” as a “Serious” “Actor”.

He Acts Like He’s Trying To Win An Oscar EVERY TIME Now…

He Sucks At “Serious”.

His “Ray” Oscar was for Something He Used To DO AS A JOKE.


Don’t Get Me Started…


Another Subject For Another Time.





Colm Meaney Was ALWAYS Fun To Watch.

He ALWAYS Did A Good Job…

And He ALWAYS Got Decent Parts in Indi-Flicks…

…and not much else.

After “Deep Space Nine” went Off…

He Didn’t Really Resurface with Anything “Major” Happening.

It Made Me Sad.

I Did/DO/Always-Will Enjoy Watching Him Work.

I Felt He Deserved Better. —

From What I’ve Seen Thus Far…



Could Be Something VERY Special…

…for You AND Me.

…”Are You Feeling Me Yet?”…


--- (Side-Note) Thank Jeebus Harry I Always COPY-EDIT My Work!
Had I Not...
I Would Have Never Noticed How That "Maybe?" Could Have Been Taken as EITHER...
An Exciting "Maybe?"...
Or A Horridly-Soul-Crushing "Maybe?"...
Or Just An Awkwardly-Humorous "Maybe?".
It Did, However, Make Me Giggle (a tad more than it should have).
Good Eye...
Good Eye...
... (End-Of-Side-Note) ---

— — — —





The Blogin’ing…



Back-On-Track, Bradley.

What, My Peeps?

It Happens!


Some Peeps…

— — — —

— Yeah…

“Hell On Wheels” Could Be A Regular Pant-Load of Exciting Fun!

I’ve Checked-Out the “Pilot Episode” Multiple-Times Already (thank you DVR)…



I’m Coming Back For More.


“Pilot Episode”s Are Simply…


The Headline (if you will) for The Coming (if it get’s picked up) Episodes .

So You ALWAYS Have To Watch Them With an…

…”I’m Cuttin’ It Some Slack” Mentality.


You Know It.

I Know It.

We ALL Know It.

Some People Just Seem To Forget said Fact from Time-To-Time.


If said “Pilot Episode” has Just Enough To Make You Say…

…as I Said…


…”TOTALLY “Maybe?”“…

You Can Be Pretty Sure I’ll Be Breaking-Out My…

“I’m Coming Back For More.” —

— So What’s The Quickie-Skinny On The Plot?

Damn Fine Question.

So Here’s The Quickie-Skinny Of It…

It Begins in 1865…

…America is now in the Post-Civil War Era

…President Abraham Lincoln has already been Assassinated.

In This Setting…

…They’re Going To Tell You a Little Story…

…about a Man

…a former Rebel Soldier.

As The Official Website (http://www.amctv.com/shows/hell-on-wheels) Says…

…Our ExRebel

“…sets out to exact revenge…”

“…on the Union soldiers who have killed his wife.


His journey takes him west toย Hell on Wheels…”

“…a dangerous, raucous, lawless melting pot of a town…”

“…that travels with and services the construction of the first transcontinental railroad, an engineering feat unprecedented for its time.

It Goes On To Say…

The series documents the railroad’s engineering and construction…”

“…as well as institutionalized greed and corruption…”

“…the immigrant experience…”

“…and the plight of newly emancipated African-Americans…”

“…during Reconstruction.”

Hell on Wheelsย chronicles this potent turning point in our nation’s history…”

“…and how uncivilized the business of civilization can be.

…So Ends The Quickie-Skinny. —

— Yeah…

Could “Maybe?” Be Some Good’Chit, Man!

Time Will Tell.



…and ratings…

…and the money-supply for more episodes…

…but mainly Time. —

As Luck Would Have It, My Peeps…

…I Have All The Time In The World.

Sunday Night’s Just Got More Interesting…