“Working Week’s Come To Its End… Party Time Is Here Again… Everyone Can Come If They Want To… If You Want To Be With Me… If You Want To Be With Me… You Can Come With Me If You Want To…” — DEPECHE MODE (“IF YOU WANT”)

DEPECHE MODE Released Their Fourth Album “SOME GREAT REWARD” in 1984. Honestly, My Peeps, THIS Album is THE FIRST Great Album By DEPECHE MODE, MY BAND FAVE-FAVE of ALL-TIME. Their First Three-Albums DID (kinda’ish) SUCK, Having Only A Couple Key Songs Between ALL Three Of Them. “SOME GREAT REWARD” Was TRULY An EXCELLENT Album, Fo SHO!!! The Key Songs (To ME) Are: “SOMETHING TO DO“, “LIE TO ME“, “MASTER AND SERVANT“, “BLASPHEMOUS RUMOURS” And “IF YOU WANT” !!!