A VERY HAPPY HEADLINE: “Cards’ Wainwright’s return to mound a success”

(Some Of The Article) From The Associated-Press (AP) –

FORT MYERS, Fla. (AP)—Adam Wainwright couldn’t help but flash a big grin. He had plenty of reason to be happy.

Starting for the first time in over a year, Wainwright pitched two scoreless innings for the St. Louis Cardinals in a 3-2 win over the Minnesota Twins on Friday.

“Usually, I am real serious before a game,” said Wainwright, who won 19 and 20 games in he two seasons before having elbow ligament replacement surgery last February. “Once I get kind of locked in, usually I don’t have much emotion to show for guys saying, `Let’s go,’ or anything like that.

“Today, when they said … on the mound today, pitcher Adam Wainwright, the crowd kind of applauded, I was out there cheering in the outfield for sure.”

Wainwright struck out two and walked one in his first outing since Sept. 24, 2010.

“I haven’t accomplished anything yet, but there’s a sense that my rehab process is coming to an end,” Wainwright said. “I’m a normal pitcher again.” …-

(Link To Full Article Here->  http://sports.yahoo.com/mlb/recap?gid=320309109)

 … … …

Honestly, My Peeps, This Is WONDERFUL NEWS, Fo SHO!

Can’t WAIT To Watch WAIN’O Work This Season!

Like The Article Says…

…He Won 19 Games In 2009…


…He Won 20 Games In 2010…


…He DIDN’T Even PLAY In 2011.




…Is The Modern-Day…


…Minus The TWO (2) CY YOUNG Awards, Of Course.


…As I Used To Get While Watching BRET!

What Can I Say…


Opening Day Is Gettin’ Closer….

…And Closer…


Trust Me, Kiddies…

…It Can’t Get Here Fast Enough.




A HEADLINE THAT CAUSED A “WTF?!?!” MOMENT: “Dallas Braden’s Newest Tattoo Features Rollie Fingers Riding A Dolphin Under A Rainbow”

Okay, So I KNOW The Tattoo Isn't Real, BUT I Didn't Know That When I First SAW THE HEADLINE. Trust Me, It Was A TOTAL "WTF?!?!" Type Of Moment, Fo SHO!!!

(Link To The Article Here–> http://sports.yahoo.com/blogs/mlb-big-league-stew/dallas-braden-newest-tattoo-features-rollie-fingers-riding-003744809.html;_ylt=Ar8102S_BT0.ezPi6kerAyTsYcp_;_ylu=X3oDMTE5ZmMxYWdoBG1pdANCbG9ncyBJbmRleARwb3MDMjIEc2VjA01lZGlhQmxvZ0luZGV4;_ylg=X3oDMTFvcGs0cn)

For Those Of You Who ALSO Didn't Know It Was A Joke... Yeah... DID YOU SAY "WTF?!?!" ALSO ALSO???!?!?!?! EXACTLY!!! I Think It Was A VERY Natural Reaction... right????? RIGHT! 😉

A Very Sad Headline: -Gary Carter’s Brain Cancer Treatment Is “Extremely Grave”-

(Most Of The Article) By Aaron GleemanJan 19, 2012

Gary Carter’s daughter revealed that a recent MRI exam on the Hall of Fame catcher showed “several new spots/tumors on his brain” and Bill Madden of the New York Daily News writes that “Carter’s fight with brain cancer has turned from brave to extremely grave.”

According to Madden, in recent weeks Carter’s “condition was visibly worsening” and the 57-year-old “began complaining of severe headaches, fatigue, and balance problems that resulted in a fall on Christmas Day in which he tore his rotator cuff.”

Carter was unable to attend his annual charity golf tournament earlier this week and a family member told Madden that doctors are now considering stopping treatment. …–

(Link To Full Article –>http://hardballtalk.nbcsports.com/2012/01/19/gary-carters-brain-cancer-treatment-is-extremely-grave/

… … … … …

Since Most of Y’all, My Peeps, Know 1985 Was The First Real-Real Season For Me As A Real-Real Baseball Fan…

…I’m Sure Y’all Can Totally Understand How Sad This Article Made Me.

Cancer Has Run Rampant Within My Family…

…And I’ve Seen Firsthand Just How Horrid It Can Be.

Gary “The Kid” Carter is ONLY 57-Years-Old!!!

He’s YOUNGER Than My Parents!!!

It Honestly Does Take A LOT To “Move Me Emotionally”…

…But This Article Hit-Me-HARD.

So So Sad, Fo Sho, My Peeps.


So I Sincerely Felt This Article Needed Special Attention…

…And That “The Kid” Deserved Special Attention, Also.

Gary Carter (Montreal Expos) and Ozzie Smith (San Diego Padres)

Gary Carter and Lance Parrish (1984 All-Star Game)

Gary Carter Hangs-On At The Plate

Gary Carter with The Headfirst-Slide

I Do HOPE For The Best

…But Like All of You Out There…

…I Also EXPECT The Worst.

Be Strong, Mr. Carter.

And THANK YOU For Some Classic-Baseball-Memories.

“I Was Palm-Read By TWO Different Witches, On TWO Different U.S. Coasts, and BOTH Gave Me The EXACT SAME ANSWER. It Was CREEEEEEEEEEEPY, Fo Sho. After That, I Only Had ONE More Reading. She Refunded My Money And Sent Me On-My-Way (wtf?)…” [Excerpt From “The Bradley Alan Acceptance Bloggin’ing”ing. (CURRENTLY’ish In-Progress.)

Yeah. "THAT Guy"!!! Oohhhhh, No, That's NOT His Quotation. It's Mine. I Promise To Explain, tho 😉 ... ...maybe'ish??!?!?!?!!!!??


Washington bolsters rotation, while Oakland adds young talent

(Most Of The Article) By Bernie PleskoffMLB.com Columnist

–Last week, it was Reds and Padres fans rejoicing over early Christmas presents. This week, Nationals and A’s fans are enjoying the excitement of new, young players being added to their rosters.

Washington gained one of baseball’s brightest pitching stars with its acquisition of 26-year-old left-hander Gio Gonzalez. Gonzalez will be joining a rotation that includes highly regarded right-handers Stephen Strasburg and Jordan Zimmermann. With Gonzalez now in the fold, the Nats have the nucleus of an impact rotation for years to come.

Conversely, the Athletics continued to create a foundation of outstanding young talent by obtaining right-handed pitchers Brad Peacock and A.J. Cole, left-handed pitcher Tom Milone and catcher Derek Norris.—

–Gio Gonzalez–

Gio Gonzalez is Heading to The Washington Nationals from The Oakland Athletics.

–Gonzalez will not be eligible for free agency until 2016 — an attractive feature for a left-handed starter with his type of innings-eating durability. He threw 202 innings for Oakland this past season, compiling a 16-12 record with a 3.12 ERA. If there was any cause for concern, it was the glaring 91 walks Gonzalez issued. This followed on the heels of the 92 hitters he walked in 2010, so it isn’t a new problem. To be fair, his walks were countered by his very good strikeout total of 197. Missing bats is a crucial part of Gonzalez’s game.

The White Sox selected Gonzalez with the 38th pick in the 2004 First-Year Player Draft. He was traded to the Phillies in 2005, back to the White Sox in ’06 and then to Oakland in 2008. Gonzalez spent parts of six seasons in the Minor Leagues before getting a chance to pitch for the A’s in 2008. While Gonzalez is 26 years old, he has less than three seasons of service time with a big league club.

Gonzalez gets the most out of his 6-foot, 205-pound frame. He has an above-average repertoire, with a moving fastball, a very deceptive curveball and a high-quality changeup. Gonzalez has a high leg kick that helps divert the concentration of hitters. He hides the ball very well, and his pitches seem to explode on hitters with late movement. The southpaw has the ability to pitch out of trouble by changing the eye levels of hitters and moving locations. If Gonzalez can improve his command and cut down on the walks, he has the potential to be among the elite pitchers in baseball.

Like the Reds, the Nationals paid a hefty price in prospects for a quality addition to their rotation.

Peacock was an infielder with a very strong arm at Palm Beach Central High School in Wellington, Fla. He asked his coach if he could pitch, and the rest is history. Peacock has pitched well as a member of the Nats organization since being selected in the 41st round of the 2006 Draft. He has thrown 584 1/3 Minor League innings. Last season, Peacock won two games for Washington after pitching in three games. He finished his big league trial with an 0.75 ERA over 12 innings.–

–Brad Peacock–

Brad Peacock is Going From The Washington Nationals TO The Oakland Athletics.

–Though Peacock is only 23 years old, he could very likely make the back end of the A’s rotation this season. He is a solid prospect with an ability to hit the mid 90s with his fastball. He also throws an average to above-average knuckle-curve and an acceptable changeup. Peacock pitches to contact and doesn’t really count on striking out hitters. He should be very successful in Oakland’s spacious pitcher’s park.–

—Derek Norris—

Derek Norris Leaves Washington for Oakland.

–Norris has the potential to be a good defensive catcher, with an ability to hit for power. Norris is solidly built at 6-foot-0, 210 pounds. He has a very strong arm behind the plate, with quick feet and good mechanics. Norris should continue his pace of throwing out a high percentage of runners trying to steal.

Offensively, Norris has been inconsistent. He had a low batting average this past season, hitting only .210 at Double-A Harrisburg. However, he also hit 20 home runs — and that’s not too shabby.

Norris played in the Arizona Fall League, which is known for being hitter-friendly, and had some difficulty at the plate. He had trouble hitting breaking balls, which was part of his difficulty during the Minor League season. If Norris can improve his plate discipline and lay off bad pitches, he will improve his overall offensive game.–

—A.J. Cole—

A.J. Cole Takes-Off for The A's from The Nats.

–Cole is only 19 years old, selected by the Nats in 2010 out of Oviedo (Fla.) High School. Tall and thin at 6-foot-4 and 180 pounds, Cole has a very loose and easy arm action. He’s the type of pitcher who can bring his fastball at mid-90s velocity and appear to the batter as all arms and legs. Cole also throws a slurve-type breaking ball that buckles the knees of hitters. The pitch has slider action, but it breaks like a curveball and busts hitters in on their hands.

While Cole is still learning how to pitch — and he hasn’t yet faced Major League-quality bats — he might be the secret weapon in this trade. Cole projects future physical maturation that scouts feel may even increase his already above-average velocity. With an eye toward the future, the A’s have likely obtained a very solid rotation starter.

During his first full year in professional baseball at Class A Hagerstown, Cole threw 89 innings, allowing 87 hits and walking only 24, while striking out 108.–

—Tom Milone—

And Tom Milone Completes The Nationals To The Athletics Shuffle.

–The final piece of the A’s bounty is 24-year-old Milone. A control pitcher out of the University of Southern California, Milone gave up only 16 walks in 148 1/3 innings pitched for Triple-A Syracuse this past season. That’s an incredible statistic, but he’s been doing it consistently.

Milone has the ability to throw his cut fastball for strikes. That’s the key to his success. He doesn’t overpower hitters, but he is around the plate and he knows how to pitch. Milone throws his fastball in the high 80s, at best, but his curve is in the mid 70s, and it works well for him. Scouts like Milone’s changeup as an “out” pitch that he can use at any point in the count.

As a contact pitcher, Milone has to continue with sharp control and a full repertoire. He has to use good pitch sequencing that keeps hitters off balance, looking for that other pitch. If Milone continues to do that, the lefty can find success as a starter with three solid pitches. This past season, Milone went 12-6 with a 3.22 ERA and 1.03 WHIP at Syracuse. He also made his Major League debut for Washington, pitching in five games and throwing very well in 26 solid innings. …–

… … … … …

(Click For

Full Article –>)  http://oakland.athletics.mlb.com/news/article.jsp?ymd=20111222&content_id=26230302&vkey=news_oak&c_id=oak

… … … … …


I Look At It This Way, My Peeps…

The Nationals HAVE The Guys They EXPECT To WIN With.

They’re Already In-Place.

They Just Needed Something Else.

Something Was Missing.

Another DAMN FINE Starter.

Gio FILLS The 3rd-Spot In The Nats Rotation.

That’s What THEY FELT Would Make Them WINNERS.




Perhaps Two OR Three Times Over

…BUT With…

…His Decent Strike-Out Totals…


…His Talent-Level…


…His Durability?


…I See Him Doing JUST FINE In The NL East.


As For The Nationals’ Pick-Ups From The Elephants…


…The Athletics?


…All FOUR of THOSE Kids…


…A FINE-SHOT To Prove-Themselves.

The Oakland A’s ARE NOT…

 …The Texas Rangers


The L.A. Angels Of Anaheim


The San Francisco Giants

…nor even…

The L.A. Dodgers.

Hell, Kids…

…They’re NOT EVEN…

The Washington Nationals!

So Those FOUR Should ALL Get Their Chances…

…Within The A’s Organization.


Good Deal For BOTH TEAMS???



The Nats Got EXACTLY What THEY FEEL They Need.


I Seriously Call That…




…If I’ve Ever Seen One, That Is.

BOTH Teams Made QUALITY Pick-Ups.

BOTH Teams Were SMART-ABOUT What They Did.

BOTH Teams Are Doing What’s RIGHT…





Some People May Piss-And-Moan…

…Sure Sure…


There Are ALWAYS Two-Sides.




…In MY (humble yet not so humble) OPINION…

…BOTH Clubs…



…I’M Feelin’ CONTENT.




… … … … …

The Drama of The Major League Baseball OFF-Season…

…Continues Onward!

-TWO Months Until Pitchers AND Catchers Report (come ooo0n February)!!-

HEADLINE:!!!: “Cardinals Agree To Two-Year Deal With Carlos Beltran”

(Some Of The Article) By Mark Polishuk [December 22, 2011 at 6:49pm CST]–

The Cardinals have addressed the Albert Pujols-sized void in their lineup by agreeing to terms with free agent outfielder Carlos Beltran.  The contract is a two-year, $26MM deal that includes a full no-trade clause and will be finalized once Beltran passes a physical.  Beltran is represented by Dan Lozano.

Beltran, who turns 35 in April, hit .300/.385/.525 in 598 plate appearances for the Mets and Giants in 2011.  It was a solid return to good fitness for the six-time All-Star, who was plagued by knee injuries over the previous two seasons and made only 612 plate appearances combined in 2009-10.  Beltran is slated to play right field in St. Louis until Allen Craig returns from injury, and then Beltran will shift to center field (with Jon Jay still receiving significant playing time).  Beltran is also likely the Cardinals’ top DH option during interleague games in American League ballparks. …–

(Full Article Link

Here –>http://www.mlbtraderumors.com/2011/12/cardinals-agree-to-two-year-deal-with-carlos-beltran.html

— — —

This Is How I PREFER To Remember Carlos Beltran. I Sincerely HOPE He Can Keep HIMSELF Together In St. Louis!!!



…I’m Glad The Cardinals DID Snag Another “Big-Bat”…

…I Just Hope He Doesn’t FALL-APART-AND-DIE In St. Louis!

It’s Only a TWO-YEAR Contract


The Baseball Off-Season CONTINUES ONWARD!!!

Here’s A Headline You Can Be (both) HAPPY For The Guy, and SAD For Your Team: -Sox Sign Nick Punto to Replace Lowrie- :) :(

(Part of The Article) by Maureen Mullen, CSNEE.com Reporter — BOSTON –

Just a few hours after shipping infielder Jed Lowrie to Houston, the Red Sox signed free agent infielder Nick Punto to a reported two-year, $3 million contract with a possible $500,000 in incentives. CBS Sports’ Jon Heyman was first to report the deal.

“It’s a good pickup for them,” said a major league scout. “Punto’s a good defensive player. He can play around the infield. He plays hard.” —

(Full Article Here –>) http://www.csnne.com/blog/redsox-talk/post/Sox-sign-Nick-Punto-to-replace-Lowrie?blockID=612090&feedID=3947

Nick Punto Moonlights as Tommy Herr during the Cards 2011 World Series Title Run!

Punto Was A NEATO-TORPEDO Option for The St. Louis Cardinals, a Team That ALWAYS Values The BENCH! (that's a compliment, btw... just sayin'...)


…We Lose Albert…

…We RE-Sign Furcal…

…We Dump Theriot…

…We RE-Sign Skippy…

…We Lose Punto…

…We Lose Craig (to surgery tho hopefully he’ll be playing by May)…

…We’re Getting Back WAIN-O…

…I Predict An INTERESTING’ISH’ish 2012 Season.

How’z About THAT For A “Wishy-Washy” Prediction?!?!?!?!!!

I Know.

I RawwwwwwK.

Nick Punto Should Be VERY Useful To The BoSOX, That's Fer Dayuum Shurrr! I Love Scutaro, but He Can't Be-In-There 162 Games Per-Year. Punto Will Earn His Money With Boston. Oh, and LOVE The Glasses, Kid! PERFECT!!! 😉