Ever Break A Tooth On A Friday, After Everything Is Closed, And Can’t Even Speak To Your Dentist Until Tuesday Morning?!

MEEE TOOO, My Peeps.

MEEE TOOO, Indeed.

And It Sucks.

It Really…


Why Must Things Always Work-Out For Me In Such A Manner?

I Know My Karma Is Bad…

…My Luck Is Bad…

…My Bad Luck Is Bad…

…I’m Simply The Poster-Child For All Things BAD.


…Of Course…

…There’s Nothing I Can Do About It.

I’m Stuck.


Held Tightly In The Grip Of Things Of Which I Have No Control Over.


And I’m In Pain.


And LOTS Of Pain.

Damned Tooth.

So I Break The Bastard Friday Afternoon…

…The Dentist Is Closed Saturday And Sunday…

…And This Coming Monday IS…


A Frickin’ Frackin’ HOLIDAY!


So I’m Right.

I. Am. Stuck.


Nowhere To Go.

No-One To See.

Just Me

My Broken Tooth

And My Pain.


What A Fun Weekend This Is Going To Be, Eh?!



Fun Indeed.

I Woke-Up In A Bad’ish Mood…

…And NOW I’m Locked Into A Dreadful Mood Mode.

And It’s Not My Fault.

I Blame The Flippin’ Macadamia-Nut I Chomped Onto To Break The Damned Tooth In The First Place.

Looks Like Young Bradley Is Going To Be Making A Trip To The E.R. Before The Weekend Is Over.


I Hate That Place, Also.

Spend Hours And Hours Waiting Around…

…All To Spend 30-Seconds With A Doctor Who Doesn’t Honestly Give A Shit In The First Place.

Nice, Eh?!

Nice, Indeed.


Here’s To The Beginning Of A Dreadful Weekend.

(*clinks glass with self*)

Let Us Hope For Something Better…

…But Continue To Expect The Worst.

Then We’re Either Right…

…Or Pleasantly Surprised.

I’d Call That A Win Win…

…But Either Way It Goes I Don’t Think A Win Is Possible.

As They Say…