“Rommel… You Magnificent Bastard… I READ YOUR BOOK!” — GEORGE C. SCOTT As “General George S. Patton, Jr.” In “PATTON” (1970)

I'm Kickin'-It-Back This Evening, Enjoying A Personal-Favorite Film Of Mine AND My Grandfather. I First Saw "PATTON" Before I'd Even Reached A Double-Digit Age. In Fact, I Can Remember Saving-Up $30 For The Lone-Purpose Of OWNING The Double-TAPE Special Edition On Good Ole VHS. YES, VHS FILMS DID COST $30 At One Point. That Ain't Even A Joke Or A Jive, My Peeps. BUT, To ME, It Was TOTALLY WORTH IT! It Was A Movie I Sincerely LOVED To Break-Out And Watch EVERY Memorial Day, 4TH Of July, Veteran's Day, Etc Etc. You Name A Military-Themed Holiday, I'd Bet You That $30 "PATTON" Was Watched By Myself On More Than One Occasion. It May Not Be Everyone's Cup-O-Tea, But You Can Bet Your Boots It IS One Of Mine! And As A Minor Side-Note... I Actually Had A Math Teacher Who Used To Call Me GENERAL OMAR BRADLEY (for obvious reasons). It Always Used To Make Me Smile So So Much When He'd Say That. Sheesh. I Hadn't Thought About That For YEARS And YEARS. SEE! I Keep Tellin' People BLOGGING IS VERY THERAPEUTIC!!! πŸ˜‰