The Morning After… …Still Not Great… …But A Few Shades Better.

I Didn’t Get Much Sleep Last Night/This Morning.

Kept Waking-Up.

Was Restless.

But I DID Get A Bit Of Rest…

…And That’s Good Enough, For Now.

Things Could Always Be Worse, Fo SHO…

…So I’m Not Gonna Bitch About It.

I Will Say That My Good Ole 20/20 Hindsight Is Working Overtime.

I’m Still Stuck Thinking About Yesterday Night.

Thinking About What I Could Have Done…

…What I Should Have Done…

…And How I Won’t Let It Happen That Way Again.

We Learn From Our Mistakes…

…And We Carry-On.

Such Is Life.

No One Ever Said Living Life Would Be Easy.

In Fact…

…I Know Of No One Who Could/Would Ever Say That.

Life’s A Tricky Bitch Sometimes.

That’s A BIG FO SHO, My Peeps.

And It’s Something We’re Pretty-Much All Aware Of.

I Still Wish I Had That Damned “DO OVER” Button.

Yesterday Would Have Been Vastly Different If I Had Another Crack-At-It.

Vastly VASTLY Different.



…I Still Applaud My Efforts.

I Tried Very Hard Because I Love My Friends…

…I Missed My Friends…

…And I Wanted To Be With My Friends.

Poor Health AND An Adverse-Reaction To A Medication Totally Ruined Any Potential At Having A Normal, Fun Evening.


…I Just Wasn’t Going To Miss The Opportunity To See Someone Face-To-Face.

Face-To-Face Is Very Important To Me.

Mainly Because It’s Something Very VERY Rare For Me.

I’d Apologize For My State Of Being ’til I Was Blue In The Face…

…But I’m Not Sure I Need To.

My Friends Know How Sorry I Was For The Whole “Disaster” Of The Situation.

They Know Me.

They Get Me.

They Understand Me.

They Know I Just Wanted To Be With Them.

And I Still Do.

After Last Night, I’d Like To See Everyone Again When I’m Totally Over This Goddamn Medication Issue.

I’ll Be Back To Being Me Very Soon, I Hope.

I’m Never Sure That Being Me Is The Best State To Be In…

…But It’s Better Than How I Felt Last Night.

So, This Becomes One Instance Where I’m Very Anxious To Become Myself Again.

I May Have Many Issues With Myself, Sure Sure…

…But I’m Much Better Company When I’m ME.

That’s Kinda Sad, Because I’m Rarely Good Company.

But I Try Hard.

And Occasionally Succeed.

Next Time I Get The Chance To Spend Time With Those I Care About…

…I’m Hoping They Get ME ME To Spend The Time With.

That Would Be Sweet-Ass, Fo SHO, Kiddies.

Fo SHO, Indeed.



Can 10-(GRUELING)-Hours Of Psycho-Analysis Make A Person Feel Better? Maybe?!


…My Peeps…

…I’m Unsure As To Why…

…But The Past Two Days Have Been Much Better For Me.

I’ve Felt A Little Bit Better About A Great Many Things.

I May Not Be Totally Over Anything…

…But I’m A Little More Over A Bundle Of Things…

…Which Is Just Like Shedding Something Rather Large And Suffocating.

I’ve Been In A Better Mood.

I’ve Been Feeling A Touch More Spring In The Ole Step.

And It’s All Been Since I Had My Psychological Evaluation.

I Went Into The Experience Obsessing Over It, And Dreading It.

The Experience Itself Was Horrible.

But These Past Two Days…

…As I’ve Said…

…Have Shown Me A Little Peace.


I Know It May Not Last…

…Though I Can Try To Make It Last As Long As Possible.

Y’all Already Know I’m A Damn Dandy Try-er-er, Fo SHO.

So MAYBE This Is A Good Thing.

Perhaps I’m Riding A Personal High For The First Time In A Long Time.


I Believe It To Be Possible.



…Don’t Go Gettin’ All Excited.

It’s Just Two Days.

Hell, It’s Not Even A Full 48-Hours, Yet.

It’s Been About 39-Hours, Actually.

But I DO Feel Better.

And I AM In A Better Mood.

And I AM I AM Going To Do All I Can To Sustain It For As Long As I Can.



Will BRAD Figure It ALL Out?!

Does BRAD Need MORE Coffee?!




How Will You Know?!


Guess You’ll Have To Tune-In.

Same BRAD-Time.

Same BRAD-Channel.

(hehehe I Just Love Sayin' That!)


I Do Promise Further Updates In The Coming Days.

I Know A Few Of You Are Keeping Up-To-Date With Me On This…

…So I Won’t Leave You Hangin’.

At Least…

…I Won’t Leave You Hangin’ FOREVER.

It’s Just Nice To Be Feeling Like I Would Prefer To Feel…


…How I Always Feel.


…I Can Feel Empathy.

So What If It’s Toward Myself?!

It Still Counts, Doesn’t It?!