In The Hangar: Part 4: A Personal Favorite Hangar Photo

Original Photos By Bradley Alan

This Photo Shows An F-18 HORNET Being Pushed Into Position As It’s Taken Up From The Hangar Deck On The Hangar Elevator Up To The Flight Deck.

It Was Taken In Such A Way As To Illustrate Just How Massive The Hangar Deck, And Therefore The Ship, Actually Is.

It’s Freakin’ HUGE, My Peeps.

Fo Sho FO SHO!!!


In The Hangar: Part 1: Sardines

Packed In Like Sardines, Aren’t They.

That’s How You Travel Aboard A Ship Like The U.S.S. Abraham Lincoln.

With Over 5,000 People On-Board When The Air-Wing Is Tagging Along…

…Space Is VERY Limited.

As I Said…


…Alllll The Way!!!


An Aircraft Carrier Carrying Some Aircraft!!!

Original Photos By Bradley Alan

Ole ABE With A Full-Load.

Original Photos By Bradley Alan

F-14 Tomcat Being Serviced On The Hangar Deck.

Original Photos By Bradley Alan

NO, It’s NOT A Pride Flag… …It’s A Squadron Insignia… …That Looks Like A Pride Flag. πŸ˜‰

Original Photos By Bradley Alan

F-18 Hornet On The Hangar Deck.

Fun Stuff, My Peeps, Fo SHO!

I’ve Got So Many Photos Of So Many Neato Things/People/Places/Etc/Etc That I Sincerely Didn’t Know What I Was Ever Going To Do With Them.

I’m Glad I’m Getting The Chance To Now Show Them Off.

Why Not, Right?!?