Slowly, But Surely, Things Are Starting To Jive With One Another…

And That’s A VERY Grand Feeling.


I’ve Been Revising And Editing The Ending To My Little “B-Movie” Horror/Suspense Adventure…


…And I Think I’m (pretty much) Set To Roll With It.

The Original Ending Was Written Back In 2003…

…And I’ve Spent The Last Couple Days Reworking It.

As I’ve Recently Said To Someone Else…

…On Some Projects, I Prefer Starting From The Middle So I Can Go Both Ways With My Approach To Writing The Rest Of It.


…With This One…

…I’ve Been Writing From Both Ends…

…And Am Trying To Make Them Mesh In The Middle.

The Scene You Read The Other Day For…


…Was The Beginning.

I Felt Plunging Us All Right Into The Action Without Any Sort Of Explanation As To Who These People Are, What They’re Doing, What They’re Running From, Etc Etc Etc, Would Totally Heighten The Experience AND Be The Perfect Way To Draw People Into The Story Right Away.

I Still Have Plenty To Tinker With, That’s A BIG Fo SHO.


…I At Least Wanted Y’all To Know I Am Making Progress With It.


For NOW Now, I Do Believe I’m Going To Lay Back Down.

My Whole Body Is Sore, Today.

And Yet, I Don’t Know Why.

I Have A Low-Grade Fever And My Vision Is Fuzzy.

And Yet, I Don’t Know Why.

I Sincerely Hope This Isn’t The Flu Coming On, Or Something Like That.

That’s Sincerely The Last Thing I Need, Now.

I Have So Much To Do.

So Many Irons In My Fire.

I Can’t Afford To Get Sick!



Oh Well, Right?!


Time To Break-Out The Ole Pen And Paper And Just Go For It That Way.

At Least I Can Do That Sort Of Thing Laying Down.


Alright, My Peeps…

…The TINKERING  Awaits Me.

😀       😉       😀