When The Pain Gets Bad Enough, It’s Time For The Ole E.R. :(

And So…

…I Went There.



I Was Simply In Too Much Agony To Avoid It.


The Doctor I Ended-Up Seeing Was Very Sympathetic To My Plight.

I Suppose He’s Broken Teeth Before, At Some Point.

One Really Has No Idea How Bad It Hurts Until It Happens To Them.

I’m A Fairly Tough Guy.

I Don’t Let Much Of Anything Get To Me.

But When I’m In Pain Beyond My Limits Of Personal Tolerance


It’s Time For The E.R.

It Turned-Out To Be The Fastest E.R. Trip I’ve EVER Gone Through.

They Had Me In And Out.

One Hour After I Signed In, I Was Headed Home.

Swift Service, Fo SHO, Kiddies.

And Now…

…I’m On Pain Meds Through Tuesday.


I Hate Pills.


…When They’re What You’ve Got To Handle Whatever You’re Dealing With…

…I Say Go For It.

I Think It’s Time For A Nap, Though.

I’m Utterly EXHAUSTED.

T’Was An Early Morning…

…And I’m Already Starting To Fade-Out.

I Sincerely Hope Y’all Are Okie The Dokie AND Coolio.

Please Be Good

Take Care

See Me Soon


Talk To Me Sooner!

Much Love To Ya, My Peeps!