“DAMMIT.”: Just A Quickie ;)

I Sat Down To Write And That’s The First Thing That Came Out.


Kinda Says It All Sometimes, Doesn’t It?

It’s Actually A Rather Brilliant Word, Encompassing A Very Broad Swath Of Human Existence.

I Just Don’t Know How Wonderful It Is To Honestly Want To Write And All You Can Think Of To Say Is


So What Is It?

What’s Holding Me Back?

Why Am I Not Making Quality Progress?


I Spend Time Writing Things Like This.

This Interests Me.


It Interests Me More.

More Than My Other Projects.

At Least, At This Moment.

That Really Doesn’t Feel Like A Great Sign In Regard To Said Other Projects.

If I’M Disinterested In My Work, How Are Other Peeps Going To Respond?



So... Are YOU Jivin Me -questionmark-😦