(NOT SO) Random (JAMES BOND BLU-RAY) Movie Mention: “A VIEW TO A KILL” (1985)

A View To A Kill (1985)

Yeah, That’s What’s On.

I Just Happen To Have This Classic JAMES BOND Caper On Ye Ole BLU-RAY, Now!

Exciting, Eh?!


For The Longest Time, I Insisted To My Friends ((and anyone else whom might/might-not care)) That This BOND Adventure…




And, For The Bulk Of My Youth, It Honestly Was.

While It May Not Be MY FAVORITE Any Longer, It Remains A True Joy For Me To Kick-Back And Watch.

A VIEW TO A KILL” And “OCTOPUSSY” Actually Started My Personal Love Affair AND Adventure With Ole –007– And His Amazingly Wonderful World.

I Sincerely Haven’t Looked Back, Since.

I’ve Been Hooked From The Onset.

I Do So So SO Love This Movie, And Think It To Be Very Very VERY Underrated.

Yeah, I’ll Grant That ROGER MOORE Was A Little “Long-In-The-Tooth” At Times During This One.

It Can’t Be Denied, So I Won’t Even Try To Do So.

But, Did It Honestly Bother Me???



I’m A Huge ROGER MOORE Fanboy.

He Shall Always AND Forever Be MY FAVORITE BOND, And It’s Pure Bliss For Me To Watch Him Go On A Mission As The World’s Most Famous Spy.

😀       😀       😀

A VIEW TO A KILL” Co-Stars CHRISTOPHER WALKEN As Our Baddie, The F-in’ Brilliantly Insane “MAX ZORIN“, Whom Is Hell-Bent On Destroying Silicon Valley, California, With A Man-Made MEGA-DISASTER!

He Wants To Corner The World’s Microchip Market, You See.

Honestly, He’s The Icing On The Sweet Sweet Cake That Is A ROGER MOORE Bond-Fest.

And, If CHRISTOPHER WALKEN Is The Icing, Then GRACE JONES As The Evil Henchwoman “MAY-DAY” Is The Strawberry On-Top!

(((I hate raw cherries, so those don't come anywhere near my sweet sweet cakes with icing!)))

Just Sayin’.


This Flick Is Truly PRICELESS.

It’s Over-The-Top At Times, But It’s Totally Worth It, My Peeps.

The Chase Scene Going From The Eiffel Tower, And Ending With A Crashed Wedding On A Barge, Is Simply Wonderful FUN.

And, That’s Exactly What The Whole Flick Is…


Sometimes, That’s Really All I’m Lookin’ For.

I’m Very Happy To Have Now Added This BOND Caper To My Blu-ray Collection, And Now I’m Going To Get Back To Watching It.

I’ve Likely Seen It 412’ish Times…

…BUT It Has Yet To Get Old.

OH, And Don’t Forget About The Film’s Theme Song!

It’s Performed By Another Person Favorite…


!!! !!! !!!

VTAK_-_UK_cinema_poster (via Wikipedia)

It’s STILL My Absolute Favorite BOND Theme Song.

Period Period Period.

Y’all Should Give This BOND Flick Another Chance, My Peeps.

It Is Deserving Of At Least That Much.

Who Knows, Maybe You’ll Encounter A New Found Appreciation For It.

I Know I Did, And I Already Really Enjoyed It.

You Just Can’t Beat JAMES BOND On The BLU-RAY!!!


Happy Movie Watching, Kiddies!!!

😀       😀       😀       😀       😀       😀       😀

So... Are YOU Jivin Me -questionmark-

Does Life Get Any Easier After A Difficult Admission?!?

In Short…


It’s Very New To Me, So I’m Still Trying To Handle It.

I Risked A Lot, I Believe.

I Risked Losing One Of The Very Best People I Know, Simply Because I Found I Cared For Them Much More Than I’d Ever Expected To.

How Do You Tell Someone You Love That You Really Do Love Them, Knowing Ahead Of Time The Best Response You’re Bound To Receive Is I Know???

It’s Not Easy.

Not By Any Stretch Of The Imagination.

In Fact, At The Time, It Was Painful.

I Just Had A Feeling It Wasn’t Going To Go Over Well.

Honestly, I Expected It To Go Over Like A Turd In The Punch-Bowl.

Lucky For Me, The Person I’m Speaking Of Cared More About Our Friendship Than Even I Knew.

I Did Get The I Know But I Also Got An It’s Alright And An I Understand

…Neither Of Which Was I Honestly Expecting.

I Just Knew I Was About To Lose Someone Very Important To Me Because I Cared About Them Way Too Much.

But, I Didn’t.

I Didn’t Lose Them.

In Fact, I Think Our Bond Will Be Even Stronger.

Now That They Know How I Feel, I Don’t Feel The Enormous Weight Pressing Upon Me.

I Don’t Feel The Desperation.

The Want, The Need, To Just Say Something.

I Had Made The Choice To Suffer In Silence For A Long Time Over This.

Perhaps That Part Was A Mistake?


But, Honestly, I Don’t Think So.

I Think The Suffering Part Actually Helped.

Once I Was Finally Able To Work-Up The Courage To Say Something…

…I Went For It.

I Said It.

And I Made Sure I Was Understood.

Now That We’re All Clear On It, I Feel So Much Better.

Well, Better Than I Have For A While.

A Long While.

I’ve Made So Many Mistakes Along The Way.

Mistakes I Can Never Take Back, Nor Ever Be Forgiven For.

I’ve Hurt Some Important People In My Life, While I Was Struggling With My Own Pain And Hurting.

I Suppose One Could Say I Was Projecting My Anguish Onto Others?

I Was Making Others Suffer As I Suffered.

And I Can’t Justify It.

Not. A. Bit. Of. It.

So Now, I’m Left Wondering What The Next Step Is?

Where Do I Go From Here?

In All Honesty, My Peeps, I Haven’t The Foggiest.

I Know Life Will Never Be Easy…

But Perhaps Now It Will Be A Little Easier?


I’ll Take A “Maybe?” At This Point, Fo SHO!

So... Are YOU Jivin Me -questionmark-