Pissed-ON!?! Pissed-OFF?!? In This Instance, It Felt Like BOTH!!!

Ever Has One Of Those Moments When You Awaken In The Morning (the wee wee hours of said morning), And Something Doesn’t Feel Quite Right??

You Feel Around Lightly, And Are Quickly Able To Notice You’re Soaked.

You’re Laying In Your Own Bed, And The Physical Sensations Are Telling You One Thing…


At That Moment, A Touch Of A Giggle Is Met With The Horrifying Power Of Anger.

“Yes, I’m Now Completely DRENCHED And Exceptionally PISSED-OFF!!”

So, I Slowly Try To Roll Out Of What I’m Sure Is A Large Puddle In The Center Of My Bed.

Suddenly, As I Slowly turn…

…I Here A *crumple* *crumple* *crunch* Noises.

So I Quickly Make The Decision And Say, “TO HELL WITH THIS!” As I Jumped Up From My Now Soiled Mattress.

I Check My Clothes First For Conformation.

Sure Enough, My Crotch, My Ass, My Hips, My Sleep-Pants, My Sleep Shirt, All Of Me Is Practically Sopping-Wet.

Then, Upon Further Investigation…

…I Found The Culprit Behind It All.


Open Water Bottle In My Bed

Apparently, Bradley Got Thirsty In His Sleep.

He Reached His Water Bottle, Opened It, Possibly Took A Drink, And Then Proceeded To Roll Back Over Into Sleep.

So, My Peeps, I Was Very VERY Pissed At The Notion That I’d Pissed-Myself…

…And Simply Felt Like An Embarrassed-Fool Upon Realizing I Hadn’t Been PISSED ON.


That Was At 4AM’ish’ish.

It’s Now 5AM’is’ish.

So, Good Morning To You, My Peeps.

May Your Day Be Filed With Enjoyable Moments.

I Won’t. I’m Seeing The Dentist, Today.

I Never Leave There With A Smile, That’s Fo SHO.

Dammit. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

Anyway, You Kids…

…Have A Damned Decent Day Out There. ๐Ÿ˜€

So... Are YOU Jivin Me -questionmark-

So… I Was Informed Last Night That The Only Time I Ramblel Is When I’m Ill…

…And I Suppose I Can Agree With That.

I Do Tend To Ramble And Prattle-On When I Don’t Feel Great.

Sue Me.

My Bad.


…Today Came Rather Early, My Peeps.

I Was Up And At ‘Em Before 3AM’ish.

I HATE Being Awake Whilst The World Sleeps.

Makes Me Feel Odd.

Makes Me Feel Like A Failure At Just One More Thing In Life.

Can’t Do Anything Else Right…

…So Why Should My Sleep/Wake-Cycle Be An Different.

I Remember Working “The Night Shift” While In The Navy.


Of Course, My Hours Were Longer Than Everyone Else’s.

They All Worked 0700 To 1900 (7AM To 7PM).


…Along With My Elder Namesake….

…Worked 1800 To 0900 (6PM To 9AM).

Talk About A Bummer Ofย  A Deal…

…Yet We Were Very VERY Willing To Work The Extra Hours.

You See…

…”The Night Shift” Had One Amazing Quality…


NO BOSSES Standing Over My Shoulder…

…Criticizing Each And Every Thing I Did.

NO BOSSES To Tell Me What To Do…

…When To Do It…

…How To Do It…

…Etc Etc.

It Was Peaceful.

It Was Painless.

It Was Worth The 15-Hour Shifts.

Who Cares How Long You Work Whilst At Sea?!

EXACTLY, Mr Peeps!

Who Gives A Shit!?!

You Can’t Go Anywhere.

You’re Surrounded By The Sea…

…Or The Ocean…

…Or Wherever We Were At The Time.

I Had To Be There One-Hour Before Everyone Else Got Off Work So I Could Get The “Turn-Over” From My Fellow Journalist Shipmates.

And Then I Couldn’t Leave Until 9AM Because Of “Happy Hour” Which Meant We Had To Clean The Ship For An Hour Each Morning.

I Got Yelled-At Many A Time For Ducking-Out Early And Going To Bed.


…I Was Not A Model Sailor.

I Was A Helluva Journalist…

…Just Not A Sailor.

I Think I’ve Discussed That Before, So I Won’t Go Into It.

I Just Remember Being Told And Told Over And Over Again…

Brad, You Do A Great Job At This And That, But You’re Not Being A Team-Player, Nor Are You Fulfilling Your Duties As A Sailor On-Board This Ship. Straighten-Up, Fly Right, Or Get Burned.

Or Something To That Effect.

And Boy Oh Boy Did They Ever Burn Me!


Oh, Memories.

Why Must You Be So Vivid?!



This Is Turning Into A Ramble, Isn’t It?!


I Knew It Would.

I Could Ramble For Days-On-End About The Navy And My Experiences.

Slowly, But Surely, They All Come Back To Me.

They Float To The Surface, So To Speak.

In The End, I Came To Hate Hate HATE My Time In The Navy.

And That’s Sad To Me.

I LOVED The Navy.

I LOVED My Peers And Especially My Friends.

It Was My “Superiors” That Were Intolerable.

Little People Trying To Fill Big Shoes, Ya Know?!

People Whom Were Only In-Charged Because Of Their Time And Rank.

Had They Not Hated Me So Much…


…I’d Likely Still Be In The Navy.

I Could Have Handled Anything Thrown At Me Had I Had Bosses Whom Were Worth A Shit.

But They Weren’t.

So I’m Not.

Plain And Simple.


…I Shall End This Ramble, Here.

Y’all Take Care, Please.

And Be Good When Possible.

I Know…

…It Ain’t Easy.


…What In Life Ever Is?

Exactly, My Peeps, Exactly.

Have A Damned Decent Day, Kiddies.

I’m Going To Try Doing The Same.

PEACE, Y’all!!!

๐Ÿ˜€ย ย ย ย ย ย  ๐Ÿ˜€ย ย ย ย ย ย  ๐Ÿ˜€

I Think My Internal Clock Has Gone To Shite!

And I’m Not Even Joking, My Peeps.

Used To Be, I’d Get FOUR (4) Hours, And That Would Be That.

Go To Bed At Midnight, Or Later…

…Up At At ‘Em By 4’ish’A.M.


…That Hasn’t Been The Case, Of Late.

This Past Evening/This Morning…

I Slept For Over NINE (9) Hours.


…Perhaps This Is My Body Playing Catch-Up…

…I Honestly Don’t Know.

What I DO Know…


…Is That It’s Totally Screwing With The Rest Of My Day.

I’m Used To Getting-Up At 4AM.

I’m Used To Having Plenty Of Work Done By This Point In The Morning.

But No Longer.

I’ve Slept So So Long, I Don’t Honestly Know What To Do With Myself.

I Never Ever Ever Ever Never Sleep For 9’Frickin’HOURS!!!

I Mean…

…I Suppose My Body Needed The Rest…

…But Still.

This Is Simply Unheard-Of.

It’s Been A Decade Since I’ve Slept This Long…

…This Hard…

…Dead To The World.

My Phone Was Going Off…

…Yet Didn’t Wake Me.

My Alarm Was Going Off…

…Yet Didn’t Budge Me.

The Aroma Of Fresh Coffee Was In The Air…

…Yet I Didn’t Notice.

Not Sure What The Deal Is…

…But I Sure As Shit Don’t Like It.


I Know I May Piss And Moan About How Early I Awaken…

…Yet I’d Give Anything To Feel THAT Focused And THAT Alert.

This Morning…

…I’m In A Haze.

I Feel Muddled…

…I Can’t Seem To Focus My Thoughts…

…Nor My Energy.

I’m Simply Here.



More Tired Than When I Went To Bed.

More Lethargic.

More Confused.

Unsure Of What To Do Next.

It’s Taking Every Ounce Of Focus I Have Just To Keep Myself From Striking The Wrong Keys.

Perhaps I Just Need More Coffee.

Something To Awaken Me From My Waking Slumber.

Awake, I Am, But Not Truly Awake.

It’s An Odd Feeling, My Peeps.

Something I’m Not Used To In The Slightest.


…More Coffee Is Required.

And, Perhaps, Some Breakfast.

I Can Already Hear The “Honey Smacks” Calling To Me.

They Want Me To Eat Them.

They Must Have Me Eat Them.

I Shall Eat Them.

And I Shall Eat Them All.


…And Smacks.

Sounds Like A Winner To Y’all, Doesn’t It?



I Thought So, Also.

Perhaps THEY Will Wake Me Up?!

One Can Only Hope.

Until Then…


I Shall Endeavor To Do The Same.

‘Tis The Weekend, After-All.

‘Tis A Time Of Fun…

…And Larks…

…And All Sorts Of Fun And Tricks And Whatnot.

Time For This Young Lad To Do What He Can To Wake The F Up!!!

This Is Generally The Best Time To Write From Within…

…As There’s No Room For Editing.

For Now…

…I’m Just ME.



Unabridged Me.

No Thinking…

…Just Writing.

Please Be Good To One Another.

I Shall Pester Y’all Later Today.

Ya Know…

…After I’m Actually AWAKE!!!

Much Love To Y’all, My Peeps.

Much Love, Indeed.

๐Ÿ˜€ย ย ย ย ย ย  ๐Ÿ˜€

A Song To Make ANYONE Smile: “SHOUT IT OUT LOUD” by KISS (1976)

“…If You Don’t Feel Good

There’s A Way You Could

Don’t Sit There Broken-Hearted

(…Sit There Broken-Hearted…)

Call All Your Friends In The Neighborhood

And Get The Party Started

(…Get The Party Started…)

Don’t Let’em Tell You That There’s Too Much Noise

They’re Too Old To Really Understand

You’ll Still Get Rowdy With The Girls And Boys

‘Cause It’s Time For You To Take A Stand


SHOUT IT OUT LOUDIs A Regular Crackerjack Of A Tune From The 1976 AlbumDESTROYERBy Rock-Gods KISS !!!











I Really Needed To Begin My Day With Something FAST

…And FUN

…And LOUD!!!

To Me…

…That Simply Screamed…


…And So I DID!!!



…Is One Of The All-Time Classic-Greats From Rock-Bizz-Titans…


…And Is One Of MY Personal Favorites!

When It Popped On Me Ole MP3Player…

…I Knew I’d Found My Wake-Up Jam!

๐Ÿ˜€ ย  ย  ย  ๐Ÿ˜€

Everyone Has To Start Their Day Differently.

Some Folks Just Roll-Out-Of-Bed And Imediately Hit-The-Showers.

Some Folks Require A Double-Shot Espresso…

(...hopefully with a cheese-danish or something tasty like that...)

…From The Local Starbucks.

Some Folks Just Hit-The-Ground-Running And Go For It.

Folks Like Myself, However, Reuqire Something Special To Begin Our Day’s Riggors.

I Didn’t Wanna Make Coffee TOOOO Early…

(...Though I'm Having Some, Now, As We Jive...)

…So I Needed Me Some Quality Jams!

I Popped On My Player And Here We Are!


Nifty, Eh?!



I Awoke In A Pretty Damned Decent Mood This Morning.

I’m Feelin’ Better…

…So I’d Like To Try And Get As Much Work Done As Possible.

I’ve Had A Few Ideas I’d Like To Explore…

…And I’d Like To See If I Can’t Come-Up With A Few More.

That’s Life, Eh?!

Go For One Thing…

…That Thing Turns Into Another Thing…

…That Turns Into, Yet, Another Thing.

And On And On And On.

So We’ll See What I Can Do With This “Damned Decent Mood” I’m Sporting.

Y’all Will Still Be Here When I Get Back, Right?!


Perhaps Some Of You Just Need That Extra Little Jolt To Get Movin’?!

Well, Then…

…May I Suggest To You An Album Like…



It’s A Regular Jim Dandy, Kiddies, Fo SHO!!

I Have The Feeling That Some Of Y’all Could Really Go For Some Of That…




And, If That’s The Case…


…May Just Be The Perfect Song To Awaken You From Your Zombifyed Morning State!!

It Worked For Me This Morning…

…So PERHAPS Is Could Work For You, Also!!

Now Wouldn’t THAT Be NICE!!

YOU BETCHA, My Peeps!!

Fo SHO!!

๐Ÿ˜€ ย  ย  ย  ๐Ÿ˜‰ ย  ย  ย  ๐Ÿ˜€

This Could Become A Very Long Night.

Don’t You Just Hate It When Someone You Don’t Know “Drunk-Dials” Your Phone After Midnight?



Especially When I Was Already Asleep.

I’m One Of Those…

"Once I'm Awake, I'm Awake"

…Types Of People.

Granted, I Did Fall Asleep Tonight Faster Than I Normally Do.

But Who Cares?

I Was Sleeping SOUNDLY.

Then The Random Phone-Call Wakes Me…

…I Spend 20-Minutes Agonizing Over WHOM This Person Might Be…

…And THEN I Shoot The Number A Text.

I Figure…

"If This Person Knows Me, I Should Get A Text In Return Verifying That Fact."

And That Was The Pisser, My Peeps.

It Was Some Random Chick.

She Didn’t Know Me.

She’d Never Met Me.

She Just Screwed-Up Her Dialing While Having A Couple Drinks.

It Happens.

I’ve Done It In My Personal History.

Most Folks Have.

But That Doesn’t Make Me Like It Any More So.


…I Am Now AWAKE.

I’m Staring At This Computer Monitor…

…Knowing Good And Hell Well It’s Only Going To Make The Headache Worse…

…And Make Sleeping Just That Much More Difficult.

I’m Thinking I’m Hungry, But Hate I Eating This Late/Early In The Day.

It’s Too Late To Go Walking…

…So The Stuff Would Just Sit There In My Stomach…

…All The While Slowly Dissolving There And Becoming Part Of My Ass.




…I Learned (once again) I Shouldn’t TRY To Be Funny.

Every Single Time I TRY To Be Funny, I And/Or The Jokes Always Seem To Be A Bit Off.

I Suck At Telling Jokes.

Funny Things Happen TO Me I Can Then Bring-Up To Others…

…But I Shouldn’t TRY To Be Funny.

I Should Just Be Dry’ish…





I Guess This Post Is Really Just About Simple BS That Has Irritated And/Orย Enlightened Me.

It’s Something To Read, Anyway.

I Guess That’s Good Enough When One Is This Tired.

I’m Going To Give Sleep Another Go-’round, Now.

Wish Me Luck.



…Since I Only Know Bad-Luck…

…Perhaps You Should Wish For Success More So Than Luck.


Wish Me Success.

That’d Be Awesome…

…Which Is Also Awesome.

Just Don’t Gamble On Awesome Success.

That’s A Fools Bet.

Awesome Success Would Be Awesome Awesome…

…But The Odds Ain’t In My Favor.