Me & “Mr. Negative” Over Here…

…Wanted To Apologize For All The Negativity I’ve Spewed Of Late, My Peeps.

When Things Start Going Wrong For A Person, They Usually Do So In Rather LARGE Clumps.


…Some Have Said I’ve Been Waaaaay Too Harsh On Myself.

Maybe I Have.

Maybe I Haven’t.

Who’s To Say???

Exactly, My Peeps.

But, That’s Not My Current Point.

I’m Talking About My Negative Approach To…


…99.993% Of My Recent Life?!

(((Give Or Take A % Or Two.)))

That Part Is Totally MY BAD.

It Hasn’t Always Been That Way, As You’re Well Award.

I Can BE Negative.

I Am NOT Always This “MR. NEGATIVE” Creature.


…”MR. NEGATIVE” Is All I’ve Been, Though.

It Hasn’t Mattered What It Was…

…Chances Are It PISSED ME OFF.

It’s For THAT, And Mainly That Alone, I’m Really Sorry.

I Can’t Be Sorry For What I Said.

They Were Honest Expressions Of The Moment’s Emotions.

I Can Regret Them…

…But I Can’t Truly Be Sorry For Them.

I Meant Them.


What Have I Learned From This???

Well, I Hate Exterior Drama And How It Perpetuates Itself.

I Create Enough Drama For Myself.

I’m Evidence Of That.

Ain’t That A BIG FO SHO.

: /

It’s Just Life, Kids.

I Know You Understand My Jive.

It’s Not Set.

Sometimes, I Fu*k-It-Up.

You Do It.


You Could Slow Life Down To The Millisecond, And You’d Still Find A Way To Fu*k-It-Up!


That’s How Life Works.

Goin’ Good…

…Goin’ Good…


…Goin’ Good…

…Goin’ Good…




It Never Fails.

Since I Had The Option, I Blogged During My Issues.

Smart Idea?


The Jury Is Still Out On This One, Judge(s).

BUT, I Remain Hopeful.


I Often Refer To My Blog As An Evolution.

It Is.

I’m Constantly Growing As A Blogger…

…And I Try To Learn More From BOTH My Successes AND My Failures.

Needless To Say…

(((Though I'm Going To Say It)))

…I’m Still Learning.

I’m Finding More And More Folks Seem To Care About My Work When I’m Cranking Out Quotes, Or I’m Discussing Personal Drama.

I’m Not Really Sure How To Take That.

Not YET, Anyway.

So... Are YOU Jivin Me -questionmark-

Do You OVER Apologize?!?

Why Do I Always Feel The Need To Apologize So Much?

I Mean, I Do It A Lot.

Like, A Lot A Lot.

I Apologize For Things I Do.

I Apologize For Things I Say.

I Apologize For Things I Did Long Ago.

I Apologize For Things I Said Long Ago.

Apologize. Apologize. Apologize.

I Apologize For Things People Have Done To Themselves.

I Apologize For Things That Others Have Done To Others.

Is It Because I’m Sorry?

Or, Is It Just A Reflex Action?

Do I Do It Because I Really Care?

Or, Do I Do It So I’ll Appear To Care?

OR, Do I Do It Because I Care AND Want To Appear To Care?


…I Don’t Know.

At Least, Not Always.

I Think I’m Just Scared Of NOT Appearing That I’m Sorry, Whether I’m Really Sorry Or Not.

But Sometimes, I’m Dreadfully Sorry And Find It Difficult To Keep From Apologizing.

I Do It Once.

I Do It Twice.

Oops, There Goes A Third Time.

All Of A Sudden, The Person I’m Apologizing To Is Pissed About My String Of Apologies.

Now I’ve Got Someone Upset With Me Because I Was Simply Tooooo Sorry.


I’m Sorry.


So... Are YOU Jivin Me -questionmark-