Me & “Mr. Negative” Over Here…

…Wanted To Apologize For All The Negativity I’ve Spewed Of Late, My Peeps.

When Things Start Going Wrong For A Person, They Usually Do So In Rather LARGE Clumps.


…Some Have Said I’ve Been Waaaaay Too Harsh On Myself.

Maybe I Have.

Maybe I Haven’t.

Who’s To Say???

Exactly, My Peeps.

But, That’s Not My Current Point.

I’m Talking About My Negative Approach To…


…99.993% Of My Recent Life?!

(((Give Or Take A % Or Two.)))

That Part Is Totally MY BAD.

It Hasn’t Always Been That Way, As You’re Well Award.

I Can BE Negative.

I Am NOT Always This “MR. NEGATIVE” Creature.


…”MR. NEGATIVE” Is All I’ve Been, Though.

It Hasn’t Mattered What It Was…

…Chances Are It PISSED ME OFF.

It’s For THAT, And Mainly That Alone, I’m Really Sorry.

I Can’t Be Sorry For What I Said.

They Were Honest Expressions Of The Moment’s Emotions.

I Can Regret Them…

…But I Can’t Truly Be Sorry For Them.

I Meant Them.


What Have I Learned From This???

Well, I Hate Exterior Drama And How It Perpetuates Itself.

I Create Enough Drama For Myself.

I’m Evidence Of That.

Ain’t That A BIG FO SHO.

: /

It’s Just Life, Kids.

I Know You Understand My Jive.

It’s Not Set.

Sometimes, I Fu*k-It-Up.

You Do It.


You Could Slow Life Down To The Millisecond, And You’d Still Find A Way To Fu*k-It-Up!


That’s How Life Works.

Goin’ Good…

…Goin’ Good…


…Goin’ Good…

…Goin’ Good…




It Never Fails.

Since I Had The Option, I Blogged During My Issues.

Smart Idea?


The Jury Is Still Out On This One, Judge(s).

BUT, I Remain Hopeful.


I Often Refer To My Blog As An Evolution.

It Is.

I’m Constantly Growing As A Blogger…

…And I Try To Learn More From BOTH My Successes AND My Failures.

Needless To Say…

(((Though I'm Going To Say It)))

…I’m Still Learning.

I’m Finding More And More Folks Seem To Care About My Work When I’m Cranking Out Quotes, Or I’m Discussing Personal Drama.

I’m Not Really Sure How To Take That.

Not YET, Anyway.

So... Are YOU Jivin Me -questionmark-

The Longer I’m Awake… …The Worse It Gets.

I Don’t Know What To Do.

The Weakness Grows Worse.

I Can Barely Move At All.

My Hands Continue To Hit The Wrong Keys.

My Legs Continue To Propel Me Into The Walls.

I Just Don’t Get It.

It’s Been Going On For 2 Days.

And It Appears To Be Getting Worse.

I Feel Useless.

I Feel Sick.

I Feel As Though My Personal Purpose Isn’t Being Fulfilled.

I Have Work To Do.

I Have Writings To Write.

I Have Bloggin’ings To Blog.

I’m Supposed To Be Spending Time With A Friend, Which…


…Is Falling Further And Further Away From Me.

I Can’t Drive.


…I Can Barely Walk.

My Hands Continue To Jerk Away.

They Have A Tremble To Them Unlike Anything I’ve Ever Existed.


…I Am NOT Going To The Doctor.

I Know This Is A Temporary Thing.

I Hope This Is A Temporary Thing.

If It’s Not…

…My Days As A Blogger May Be Over.

You Wouldn’t Believe How Long It Took Me To Type This Up.

With Only Just Using A 2-Finger-yping…

…Playing Hunt-And-Peck Just Isn’t Cutting It.

It’s Killing Me.

I Haven’t Played Hunt-And-Peck Since, Forever.

Something I Haven’t Done Since The Mid-1990s.

I Hate This.

I Wanna Be Normal, Again.

I Wanna Feel Healthy.

I Want Full-Range Of Motion, Again.

This Is Bullshit.

This Link Will Tell You What’s Up.

The Rest Is All On Me.


Right Now.

What I’ll Do Next Is Anyone’s Guess.

I Just Wanna Walk Again.

I Just Wanna Feel Again.

I Just Wanna Use My Goddamn Hands Like A Normal Person.

No Jerking.

No Twitching.

No Major Mistakes.

No Flippin’ Nothin’!!!

I Just Wanna Be The Me I Always Way.

I May Have Hated That Person…

…But At Least He, In Some Way, FUNCTIONED.

I Shall Digress For Now.

My 2 Fingers Are Tired.

I Need A Nap.


…They Need A Rest.

Until Then…

So... Are YOU Jivin Me -questionmark-


This Totally Sucks.

I Have Wide-Spread Weakness Throughout My Entire Body.

It Took Me Forever Just To Type This Far.

It”s Killing Me.

I Want To Write So Badly.

And Yet, I’m Finding It To Be Difficult.

I’m Moving Around Like I’m Some Sort Of Old Man.

And I Know I’m Not Old.

My Hands Twitch.

As Do My Legs.

My Eyes Don’t Focus.

But The Biggest Issue Is My Hands.

They’re Basically Useless.

It’s Taken Maybe 20 Minutes To Type This Much.

It’s Insane.

I Was Doddery Last night.

It’s Worse Today.

So I Apologize To Y’all, My Peeps.

Unlesss This Clears Up And Does So Quickly…

…I Won’t Be Accomplishing Much Of Anything Today.

This F-in’ Sucks.

It Limited Me Yesterday…

…It’s Killing Me Today.

30 Minutes Now.

I’m Typing With 2 Fingers…

…Which As You Know Isn’t Worth Much Of Anything In The Blogging World.

I Just Wish I Knew What Was Wrong With Me.

It’s Not Just The Left-Side…

…Nor The Right-Side.

It’s The Whole Body.

Twitching Twitching Twitching.

Jerk. Jerk. Jerk.


So, If I Don’t Put-Out Much Material Today…


…Then You Know Why.

It’s Like I Have Parkinson’s Or Something.

I Know It Runs In The Family…

…But Still.

I Was FINE Friday.

But Then Saturday Came…

…I Can Barely Move.

Or, At Least, Move With An Sort Of “Normal” Type Of Movement.

It’s 7AM Now.

I Awoke At 6AM.

I’ve Been Working Since.

Here’s My Progress.


I Know, Right!?!

I Should Have Had 2 Posts Out By Now.

Still, I Continue To Work O This One.

Silly Hands And All.

Very Silly Hands.

I Simply Don’t Know What’s Wrong With Me.

Please, Do, Accept My Apologies, My Peeps.

I Just Don’t Understand It.

Do Strokes Affect Both Sides At The Same Time?

Good God I Hope Not.

Then Again, Dear God I Hope So.

At Least A Stroke Would Explain What’s Up.

Otherwise, I’m Saddled With A Mystery.

I Promise To Work More As My Body Improves.

I Don’t Know That It Well…

…But I’m Hopeful.

At This Point, Hopeful Is The Most I Can Muster.

I Don’t Feel Sick.

I Don’t Feel Bad.

I’m Just Wobbly.

I’m Weak.

I Don’t Have The Control Of My Hands.

At Least, Not All Of Them.

I Just Don’t Get It.

… … …




PLEASE Please PLEASE Let Me Know?

… … …

I’m Confused.

I’m Angry.


Help HELP Help HELP ! ! ! !

… … … … …

… … …

And Now…

…I’m Leaving You With Some…


!!! !!! !!!