Sheesh… DAMMIT, ALBERT! Grrrrrrrr… :(

Albert Pujols signing with Angels for 10 years and at least $250 million

(Part Of The Article) By Aaron Gleeman – Dec 8, 2011, 10:01 AM EST —

Last night the buzz coming from the winter meetings was that Albert Pujols wasn’t anywhere near making a decision, but either that was wrong or things changed dramatically overnight.

Tim Brown of Yahoo! Sports reports that Pujols has agreed to sign with the Angels, getting a 10-year contract worth between $250 million and $260 million.

Wow. It didn’t take Jerry Dipoto long to make a huge splash as general manager.

Until now Alex Rodriguez was the only player in baseball history to secure a contract in excess of $200 million and according to Brown the massive deal also includes a full no-trade clause, which was something the Marlins reportedly were never willing to give Pujols.

Making that sort of investment in a 32-year-old first baseman is obviously tremendously risky and it’s tough to blame the Cardinals for not wanting to commit $25 million per season through age 41, but certainly Angels fans aren’t focusing on 2021 right now. … —

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Albert Pujols is Headed to The Angels 😦


What a Lovely Slap-In-The-FACE, eh!?!?!

I Mean…

NO, I Can’t Blame Albert for Making That Deal…

…but It Really Does Make Me VERY Sad.

He Wanted What “HE FELT He Was Worth…

…and The Angels (apparently) Felt He Was Totally Worth It, also.

It WAS NOT The Money That Swayed Him…

…It WAS The Number Of YEARS…

…AND The “No-Trade-Clause” That Did it.

Sheesh, I Tell You…


Anyone Got Any Tylenol???!?!?!!!?!




And a Fifth-Of-TEQUILA To Wash Them Down With???


So... Is This "Goodbye St. Louis" ??? ??? Yep... It Is. Thank Jeebus The Cardinals Have Lance Berkman to Take-Over at 1st-Base.


Here’s A Wild (but real) HEADLINE — “Marlins May Have Offered Albert Pujols 9 years, $225 million” —

Report: Marlins may have offered Albert Pujols 9 years, $225 million

(And Now… (Parts of THE Report)

by Joe CapozziThe Palm Beach Post–

If the Marlins don’t get naming rights for their ballpark, maybe they can end up calling it The House that Pujols Built?

Buried in a Yahoo! column about Justin Verlander’s MVP chances was this paragraph:

“The Miami Marlins aren’t messing around,” wrote columnist Tim Brown. “Their standing offer to Albert Pujols is believed to be for nine years. With a competitive average annual value (say $25 million), that’s $225 million, minimum, and that’s more than what the St. Louis Cardinals are believed to have offered in the spring. Is it possible that two weeks into November Pujols could already have what will be his best offer?”

I have no idea if that figure is correct. If it is, the Marlins could end up paying Pujols more than they contributed to the building of the new ballpark ($155 million), as first pointed out by @FishatBat on Twitter and seen by my colleague Juan Rodriguez.

Meanwhile, Marlins baseball operations president Larry Beinfest was asked last night about whether the team would pursue Prince Fielder if it can’t get Pujols.

“I think we’re going to try to show interest in a lot of things,” he said with a chuckle. … …–

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…I’ll Bite.

Blessed-Be The Random-Maybe-True-Maybe-Not-Speculation!!! !!!

Without It, Where Would We Be!?!?!?!?!?!!!!


We Wouldn’t Be Here…

…like Here Here…

…ya know…

…In The Land of Milk and Honey and SPECULATION!


You Know It.

I Know It.

Right Or Wrong…

…Like-It Or Hate-It…

…It’s Still KNOWN!

Humans Get MAJOR-LEAGUE Courses In Speculation Throughout LIFE.


— — —

As Charles Bronson Said…

“Nobody Stays On Top Forever. NOBODY!”

(The Late) Charles Bronson

So I Roll With It…


…ya know…

…That’s How We Do It!

L8r On, My Peeps.


Yeah… Well… I Ain’t Ready To Call It “A Season”… yet.

Pujols decision can wait for Cardinals

(Pieces Of The Article) By R.B. FALLSTROM, AP Sports Writer —

Albert Pujols tried to give away nothing during the celebration, tried to stay in the moment. But what a moment it was.

Getting another taste of that championship feeling surely will tip the scales in favor of the St. Louis Cardinals at least a little bit when it comes time to talk contract.

“Obviously, right now a lot of things go through my head and thinking about the whole season,” Pujols said at the podium after the Cardinals won their 11th World Series.

“Probably like two or three weeks from now, that’s when I’m really going to be sitting down and saying, ‘Wow, where we were, and now we’re the 2011 World Champions.’ It’s unbelievable.”

What remained of Friday after the Cardinals finished off the Texas Rangers in Game 7 was for savoring one of the most unlikely comebacks in major league history. Hundreds of fans peacefully roamed the downtown streets well into the night.

“Truly a dream come true,” manager Tony La Russa said. “It’s hard to really imagine it actually happened.”

On Sunday, the team will bask in adulation once again with a victory parade scheduled for late afternoon. In 2006, the team estimated between 300,000 and a half-milllion people lined the streets.

Five players remain from 2006, when the Cardinals backed into the postseason as an 83-win team and then got hot when key players got healthy. Pujols, Yadier MolinaSkip Schumaker, and Chris Carpenter and Adam Wainwright remain from that team, which also was lightly regarded.

Can’t top 2011.

“This team is unbelievable,” Carpenter said after beating the Rangers for the second time. “Most amazing team I’ve ever been a part of.”—



Yeah. I Think We’ll Take That.

Nice Way To Make It All Official.

Following Sunday’s Parade, I Suppose We’ll Have To Call It “A Season”.

It’s Going To Be A Damn Loooooooooooong, Coooooooooooooooooold, Winter.

However, I Do SOOOOOOOOO Love Spring-Time In The Midwest.

I’m Already Looking Forward To MANY MANY MANY Rounds of Mock-Drafting In Preparation For The Ole 2012 Campaign.

I Do Promise To Not Stay Away Tooooo Long, Tho.

How Would The Baseball World Function Without Me?

Parrish The Thought, Eh!?!?!