An Acceptable Day… …Much Better Than The Past Few… …So I Ain’t Gonna Knock-It, Fo SHO.

Yes, My Peeps.

Yes, Today Was Acceptable.

Yes, Today Was Better Than The Previous Day.

Yes, Today Was Much Better Than The Days Prior To The Previous.

Everybody Got That?!



So What Else Can I Say?


Good Question, Kids.




I Can Say I Really Do Have Some Great Friends.

I May Not See Any Of Them Like I’d Like To…

…But They’re Still Great.

And I’m Very Lucky To Have Them.

Friends Are In Short Supply These Days, In Case You Hadn’t Heard.

I Think Congress Is Trying To Enact A Law Banning Them In Some States.

Don’t Quote Me On That…

…But I’ve Heard Rumors…

…Just Sayin’.


As I Sit Here At My Desk…

…I’ve Got Some “Crap-Tastic” Tunage Goin’.

Some That, As Music, Is Barely Passable.


…As An Instant “Smile-Generator” It’s Totally WONDERFUL!

Why Is It WONDERFUL, You Ask?!

Because, It Reminds Me Of Those Times When My Friends And I Were Constantly Together.

Everyone Has/Had Those Days.


…Perhaps Not Everyone.

Perhaps Most Everyone.

That’s A Safer Compromise…

…So I’ll Roll With It.


Perhaps It’s Easy To Tell I’m In A Better Mood, Today?

I Think So.

Don’t You?!



I Even Made Sure To Let A Friend Know I Was Doing Better, Simply Because I Knew It Would Make HIS Day Better.

And It Did.

He Told Me So.

I Trust The Man With My Life, So I’m Confident He Was Being Honest.

And That Just Made MY Day That Much The Better.

Odd How That Works Out, Ain’t It?!



Not Really.

It’s Pretty Easy To Figure-Out.

Life Is Cyclical.

I Feel Better.

My Friend, Who Was Likely A Bit Down At Work, Then Felt Better Knowing I Was Better.

And I Felt Even Better Knowing He Was A Bit Better.


…But, I LOVE IT.

Wouldn’t Have It Any Other Way.

Would You?!



You’re Pretty Cool, My Peeps.

I Love That About You.

And I Sincerely Want To Say THANK YOU.

THANK YOU For All The Kind Words While I Was In The Dastardly Dumps Of It All.

I Honestly, Truly Felt HORRID.

I Didn’t Want To Move, Let Alone Do Anything.

But, All I Kept Thinking About Were My Friends.

How I Missed Them.

How I Wanted To Be With Them.

How I NEEDED To Be With Them.

How I Was Going To Do Whatever I Had To Do To Make That Happen.


…I Felt Absolutely Awful Thinking I’d Caused Them Grief And Anguish Because I Was Really Too Sickly To Be Out-In-Public.


…The Very Next Day…

…No One Was Pissed At Me.

No One Harbored Any Ill Will Or Malice.

They Just Wanted To Know How I Was.

If I Were Doing Okay.

If Things Were Better In Any Way.

And They Made Sure To Tell Me It Wasn’t Me That Sunk Their Evening.

I Wasn’t Even Part Of The Downer.

Yeah, It Sucked That I Was Sick…

…But That Wasn’t Why They Were So Down.

Between Knowing My Friends Were Okie The Dokie…

…And Knowing I Wasn’t The Root Of Their Issues…

…And Getting That Goddamn Medication Out Of My System…

…Yesterday Became A Touch Better.

And Today Was Better Than Yesterday.


I’m Still Not 100%.

I’m More Like 86.73251%.

But THAT Is A VERY Acceptable Percentage.

I Know People Who, On Their Best Days, Barely Scratch The 50% Mark.

So I’m Doing Alright.

At Least, For Now.

So I Ain’t Gonna Knock-It, Fo SHO.


L8r On, My Peeps.

Take Care…

…And Be Good…

…Ya Know…

If You Can.