"You Jivin' Me, Turkey?"

Obstacles Are Those Frightful Things You See When You Take Your Eyes Off Of Your Goal.”

Henry_ford_1919 (via Wikipedia)

…And He Couldn’t Have Been Any More Correct, My Peeps.

I’ve Been Thinking About This Quote For THREE DAYS, And I Just Wasn’t Sure How Best To Use It.

Eventually, I Decided Upon This Bloggin’ing.

Honestly, I Think I Spend The Bulk Of My Time Waaaaaaay Tooooooo Focused On The Obstacles, And Totally Neglect My Ultimate Goal.


He That Can Have Patience Can Have What He Will.”

Benjamin Franklin (via mountaingenealogy.blogspot.com)

…And I’m Trying, My Peeps.

I Really REALLY Am Trying.

I Know, I Know…

…Patience, 007, Patience.

I’m Still Holding Onto This Damned Decent Mood Kick Thingy I’ve Been Riding.

Things Continue To Go My Way.

It’s Wild, To Say The Least.

I’m Sincerely Not Used To Feeling Like This, Especially For A Long’ish…

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