“So Denied. So I Lied. Are You The Now Or Never Kind? …” –EVE 6’s “HERE’S TO THE NIGHT” ((2000))

The song of my morning, My Peeps… 😉

"You Jivin' Me, Turkey?"

“…In A Day

And A Day, Love

I’m Gonna Be Gone For Good Again. …

Are You Willing To Be Had? …

Are You Cool With Just Tonight? …”

“…Here’s A Toast

To All Those

Who Hear Me All Too Well. …”


We Felt Alive. …

Here’s To The Tears

You Knew You’d Cry. …

Here’s To Goodbye

Tomorrow’s Gonna Come Too Soon. …”

… … …

:: ::




This Song…


byEVE 6

…Gained A Whole New Level Of Relevance With Me During The Latter Portion Of 2000, And Well Into 2001.

To ME, It Was An Anthem For The Always Coming And Always Going Military…

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